Sporting My Ab-Tastic Ardyss Abdomen Mens Tank Top at 24-Hour Fitness

Ardyss Abdomen Tank TopI was introduced to the Ardyss Abdomen Men’s Tank Top ($60) back in February of this year when I received the following email:

Hi Tug,

Hope all is well.

Would like to know if I sent you a t-shirt would you do you review on it.

I am an independent consultant for Ardyss International and they have a T-shirt (Abdomen Shirt) for men.

This shirt is great for men with a bad back and helps slim down the tummy area.


Rules to wearing undershirts

I have a size medium – brand new, available.

Also, I see advertisements or affiliates on your site. Do you offer advertisement? If so, what is the cost.

Here is my website if you would like to take a look.

Thank you for your time.


Ardyss Abdomen Mens Tank Top

BH promptly sent me a sample. I tried on the product briefly and provided some initial feedback to BH:

I did try on the abdomen shirt today and have to say that it definitely has a lot of support in the mid/upper ab area.

good flattening on the chest too.

didn’t see a measurable change in my lower ab/love handle area, but so far there hasn’t been any one shapewear shirt that has really made a significant change in that area on me.

while I have slight love handles, I’m generally on the more slender side (wearing a medium size).

I will say that while the top does seem to offer good ab support and flattening in the chest, candidly, it’s a pretty strange looking tank top.

It looks more like ladies lingerie with the transparent fabric up top.

Since I hadn’t really given the product my full utmost attention, I decided to wear it to the gym a couple times this past week.

After a little bit more thoughtful consideration, I emailed BH back with this additional feedback:

hey bh,

I wore (and am currently wearing) the ardyss men’s abdomen tank top today.

Decided to sport it when I went to the gym and have now been wearing it for the last 3-4 hours.

I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I will say that the shirt performs pretty darn good in supporting my entire midsection.

in fact, it’s possible that it does a better job in holding in my mid-section than many of the more expensive slimming undershirts I’ve tried so far. 

that said, there are a couple of areas I wasn’t as pleased with.

the not so good

the first, was trying to get the shirt on – it’s practically impossible to put on over your head.

in fact, I actually couldn’t get it on that way, so I decided to step into it, and pull it up which worked much better.

I looked silly doing it, but oh well, I was by myself. haven’t taken it off yet, so I guess we’ll see.

the bigger issue from my point of view is the way the undershirt looks.

the mesh top looks totally silly when I put it on with my nipples and my chest hair showing through.

maybe it wouldn’t look so bad if my chest was shaved, but still, it’s pretty awful looking and I’m even embarrassed wearing it in front of my wife.

there is no way I would wear this thing if there was any chance someone else would see me wear it.

still though, the undershirt does provide some very good support and I would likely wear it again from time to time when I’m looking for some extra midsection support/slimming. good marks on performance, poor marks on style.

I’ll be sharing the same basic information above with my readers soon.

thanks again for sending me a sample!


Now that I’ve had a little more time to think about the pros and cons of the Ardyss Tank and have answered some reader’s questions about it as well, here are my thoughts about the product:

Great Midsection Support

Front of Ardyss Abdomen Tank TopOut of all the men’s slimming/shapewear undershirts and tanks I’ve tried to date, I’d have to say that it seems as though the Ardyss Abdomen Men’s tank top provides the greatest amount of midsection support and holds in my stomach and love handles better then many of the others.

Because it provided that level of support, I quite enjoyed wearing it to the gym as my base layer (under two other shirts) on two occasions.

In fact, because the support is so good, I’ll likely wear it to the gym on a regular basis.

Hard to Put On / Take Off

Because the tank is constructed to support the midsection/abs and there is a double-layer of fabric in front and double-layer criss-crossed on back, it is nearly impossible to put on over your head.

Your best bet in getting this guy on is stepping into it and pulling it up. Do the opposite to get it off.

I had flashes of Mrs. Tug putting on her tops and dresses as I put it on – thankfully for me (and her) I was by myself.

Construction / Fabric

The tank is well constructed and made with a 72% Polyamide / 28% Elastane (polyester/spandex) mesh fabric.

The fabric is a little itchy, and there’s an annoying Back of Ardyss Abdomen Tank Toplittle care tag on the inner side of the tank that scratches my side some, but because the midsection support is really good, I can look past those two nuances.

Poor Styling

Styling and design of this tank is pretty bad. Not that it isn’t cut like a regular tank, because it is.

The tank has a see-through mesh coupled with the reinforced fabric placement.

Additionally, the saw-tooth type stitching really don’t combine well in making a fashionable or typical looking tank top.

My chest hair and nipples showed through the top and it just looked odd to me.

Personally speaking, this is not a tank you’d want to be visible.

But, as a base support layer it does it’s job pretty well.


If your focus is on finding a tank top that has a lot of midsection support, it wouldn’t hurt to have one of these.

Though, you may not want to be seen in it.

Where To Buy

Update Jan 2019

One version of this item can be purchased on Amazon (link), though I’m not sure if it’s 100% the same as the one in this article.

Another place you can purchase it is on the Ardyss website (link).


Sweat Proof Undershirts

6 thoughts on “Sporting My Ab-Tastic Ardyss Abdomen Mens Tank Top at 24-Hour Fitness”

    • hey baba, i’ve just updated the article with a couple of new links where you can buy the ardyss abdo men slimming tank top.

      one of the sites is amazon, but i’m not 100% sure if the ardyss abdo men tank on amazon is the same as the one i write about in the above article.

      please re-visit the article and scroll to the bottom — you’ll find the links there.

      good luck!

  1. Hello Tug,

    I work in catering and I am on my feet 75% of the day. I get some severe lower back pain. I am seeking a shirt that can be warn under my dress shirt and suit. Due to all the wedding that I manage I cannot be wearing a visible back brace. Do you have any suggestions of products that would provide good lower back and abdominal support?


    • heya brett! good to hear from you buddy and thanks for posting your comment.

      you know, i wouldn’t suggest slimming undershirts to help with back support. while the companies who sell these products use marketing claims to say they provide some back support, in all of my testing, i haven’t really ‘experienced’ that particular characteristic. of course someone could argue that with compression at the mid-section you essentially get back support, but i think that’s stretching the truth a little.

      if you’re looking for back support, i’d recommend either:
      1. a posture undershirt like the ones from intellikin or alignmed. these pull your shoulders back and as a result will help lessen the burden on your lower back
      2. an athletic shirt that offers some posture features, like the adidas techfit powerweb shirt
      3. maybe some support underwear that have a large top waistband. primarily designed to reduce love handles, but they will also provide some lower back support. products like this include manshape, 2(x)ist form, george-brand bodysculpt trunks (uk), or even the products from lumbarwear.

      hope the above information helps. let me know what you decide to try out and what you think of it!

  2. what size do you get if you are a male 195-200lbs 36 inch waist and wanting to loose another 8-10 lbs and want the ab shirt to fit snug

    • hey steve, i have a size medium ardyss abdomen and it fits me pretty well. i float between 175-180, stand around 5’9″ tall and wear 34″ waist pants.

      saying that, i think your best bet is to purchase a size large – or check their sizing charts – usually based off your chest size though.

      it’s a weird looking tank, but i wear my ardyss to the gym every time i go. in fact, i’ve worn mine so much it’s starting to wear out! i need to get myself another one post-haste!


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