Spanx for Men Launches Zoned Performance Undershirt Line & Cotton Comfort Underwear

Man, for a second there I thought I had my head in the ground when I thought I had missed the launch of the new Spanx for Men Compression products. Thankfully, they only just launched yesterday, so I don’t feel as bad. I was catching up on my reading this morning and came across this article (was on where the author, Andy Wergedal, posted the following information about the new line:

Starting this fall, Spanks for Men will have a full line of manderwear. The Spanks Cotton Compression Undershirts which were launched last February were so popular that now they’re launching two more lines of men’s shapewear, including the Zoned Performance undershirts, tank, crew neck, and V-neck shirta in black and white; and the Cotton Comfort brief and boxer brief bottoms, available in September. All can be found at Neiman Marcus and on“Men love our cotton compression shirts and were asking for underwear to match,” says Spanx founder Sara Blakely. We wanted to give them the really comfortable underwear with benefits and actually created an innovative 3D mesh pouch that gives guys plenty of stay-cool breathing room. This season we’re also introducing the Zoned Performance undershirt, a physique-improving, seamless wicking undershirt with targeted compression zones that will transform the torso and chest.” Shirts are priced around $58.

I quickly headed over to and found that the new Zoned Performance, physique improving undershirt line (crew neck & v-neck: $78 retail, and tanks: $75 retail) were indeed available for purchase!  This new line is different from the Cotton Compression line in that it’s made from 92% nylon/8% spandex and looks like it could be a fantastic compression undershirt to wear during sporting activities, like working out, etc.  Being made mostly out of cotton, its Cotton Compression brother line was more a regular undershirt replacement than an active-wear garment, but the new Zoned Performance compression undershirt line looks really exciting and I can’t wait to try them out and report back here!

I emailed my friends over at Spanx HQ to see if I could learn a little more about the new line, and they sent over the following info:

  • For seamless, maximum shaping and an instant transformation, he’ll love the SPANX Zoned Performance Crew Neck ($78), V-Neck ($78), and Tank ($75) in sizes S-XXL and colors white and black:
  • Designed to perform every time, powerful targeted zoned compression and seamless design keep posture, love handles, and guts checked.
  • Don’t sweat it! Shirts feature Breatheasy™, moisture-wicking cooling zones through underarms and back.
  • Lumbar support zone improves posture.
  • Athletic design allows for maximum mobility.

As I get more information filtering in about the new line of compression undershirts and the underwear, I’ll report it here! In the meantime, take a look at the gallery of pictures of the new product lines below!

8/29/10 – Update: Got more information from Spanx HQ about their Spanx4Men product lines. Two main additions: 1) more details about the pricing for new underwear line, 2) found out that S4M Cotton Compression undershirts will be available in heather grey soon too!


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The SPANX Comfort Cotton Underwear is available in two classic styles, the Brief ($38) and Boxer Brief ($48) in sizes S-XXL and colors white, black and grey. Trunk fans stay tuned – coming next spring!

  • Innovative 3D pouch designed for comfort and support.
  • Breatheasy™ mesh around pouch keeps groin cool.
  • Compression cotton hugs body and keeps its shape.
  • Comfortable elastic waistband won’t dig in.
  • The boxer brief features an anti-chafe design.

The best-selling SPANX Cotton Compression Undershirt is available in three staple styles: Crew Neck ($58), V-Neck ($58), and Tank ($55) in sizes S-XXL and colors white, black and new for fall heather grey launching in September.


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3 thoughts on “Spanx for Men Launches Zoned Performance Undershirt Line & Cotton Comfort Underwear”

  1. hey steve, well i’m happy to say that as i sit here writing this comment, i am wearing my new spanx 4 men zoned performance black v-neck compression undershirt. the super fantastic folks at spanx sent me a care package and were generous enough to send me each style in white and black.

    the new zone performance line from spanx are nothing like their brother line (the spanx for men cotton compression undershirts) because these are made with performance/wicking fabric (nylon & spandex) and they have a much smaller, more athletic cut/design.

    if i were to compare, i’d say the new zoned performance line of compression undershirts from spanx for men (s4m) were similar in size and appearance as the equmen line. i’ll take some photos for everyone soon.

    these puppies a quite a bit more difficult to put on than the cotton compression line, but they are extremely comfortable after you get them on.

    chest flattening is really good, quite a bit better than the s4m cotton compression line, but very similar to other synthetic blend athletic compression undershirts like equmen. it might flatten a hair bit better though.

    posture support. well, my shoulders seem to sit back slightly when i have my arms in the resting position down next to my sides, so i’d say zoned performance line does noticeably pull my shoulders back and help me sit and stand a bit more upright. i would compare them favorably to how equmen pulls the shoulders back.

    i wouldn’t say it offers more lumbar support than any other compression undershirt – if you really want lower back support, you should look for other products that focus their support in that area.

    i’ll provide more feedback in my upcoming review, but overall the new line of zoned performance compression undershirt from spanx for men doesn’t disappoint.

    also, since this product is a whopping $20 less than the equmen line, i have a feeling that the spanx for men zoned performance line will likely start to chip away at equmen’s market share.

  2. hey steve – i haven’t had a chance to try it out and formulate my thoughts yet. i should be getting to that soon, so check back over the next couple of weeks or subscribe to my rss feed so you’re notified each time i post a new article!

  3. How is the back support on the Zoned Performance Spanx?

    What would you suggest as the best undershirt for maximum back/posture support, and as a secondary quality belly flattening?

    So far I’ve noticed Equmen claims to have great posture enhancing effects, but I’m not sure if other brands might be better.

    Thanks for your advice!


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