Sole Socks: The Un-Sock (Kickstarter)

For those of you who prefer to go sock-less, but can’t stand the idea of stinking up your shoes or taking off your shoes to reeking (badly smelling) feet, Sole Socks might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Sole-Socks are the simple sock alternative.

In place of wearing traditional socks, we have developed a terry cloth insole that is placed directly into the foot bed of any shoe.

This insole absorbs any moisture and odor that comes from the foot throughout the day, on top of all that, they are machine washable.




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Why Sole Socks?

Sole-Socks were created for those that love that no sock look.

The only issue with wearing no socks is that when your feet sweat inside your shoe the sweat and moisture have no place to go except into your shoe.

If you go sockless often your shoes will begin to smell.

So with Sole-Socks the terry cloth will absorb the moisture from your feet instead of your shoe doing the job.

When you want to clean the Sole-Socks, just throw them in the washer, because they are terry cloth they will wash and become clean much like our cloths do.

If you’ve ever tried to wash an insole from your shoe the smell always lingers just a bit.

How Are Sole Socks Different From Other Insoles?

I asked this question to the folks at Sole Socks, and the key differentiation is that Sole Socks are washable and made with materials that don’t retain odors like some other insoles made with other materials


Sole Socks Kickstarter Video

These guys blew through their $4,500 goal pretty quick. With 21 days to go, they’ve already raised $18,593.

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