Sloane Men on West Texas Investors Club 9/22/15

sloane-men-on-west-texas-investors-clubFor those who love Shark Tank-esque programming, this may interest you.

Sloane Men co-founder, Mike Droessler, will be appearing on an upcoming episode of “West Texas Investors Club“.

The “Dances with Undershirt” episode airs this Tuesday, 9/22 on CNBC Prime at 7pm PST/10 pm EST.

Episode description:

“An Irish musician pitches his potentially game-changing synthesizer system for guitars.

Later, Butch and Rooster take a conflicted young entrepreneur with an undershirt business on a spiritual journey into the desert.”


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I’ve never seen this show before, but anytime an entrepreneur can get the opportunity to pitch to potential investor, no matter what kind of character they may be, it’s worth the experience.

Dances with Undershirts Preview

Images from the Show

sloane-men-undershirts-west-texas-investors-club-mike sloane-men-undershirts-west-texas-investors-club-mike-2 sloane-men-undershirts-west-texas-investors-club-mike-3

Other Sloane Men Updates

The company mentioned a few recent improvements they made to the product, including:

  1. Moving to better quality suppliers
  2. Change in fabric blend to 95/5 Siro MicroModal / Spandex
  3. Weight 145-150 gsm
  4. Stitch type has been improved for a more seamless look
  5. Made some slight tweaks on length, v-neck depth, etc.
  6. Shortened the sleeves so customers can wear them with a polo shirt (no sleeve sprouts)

I’ll be curious to see what happens to Mike, but no matter what happens, it’l be a good experience for him.

Anyone ever see this show? What do you think about it?


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