Sloane Men Launches Made in USA Invisible Siro MicroModal Undershirt

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Newcomer Sloane Men ( is looking to change the MicroModal undershirt status-quo, and challenge the incumbents with their line of body-tone colored Made in the USA undershirts.

The Product

A quick excerpt from some product information provided to me by one of the co-founders of the company:

As you know, the majority of the men’s undershirts available in store are white and show through a typical light colored button up dress shirt.

Whether it be the tell tale sign of the sleeves or v-neck line, or the crew neck peeping through the top, or a wife-beater blatantly showing thru, there currently is no solution on the market that solves this problem.

Most people would agree this looks tacky leaving most men in corporate America frustrated with their undershirt options.

Women on the other hand have known for decades that the only way to achieve a seamless, un-noticeable look under a white top is to wear a skin colored bra or tank top. Victoria Secret’s best sellers!

Our product is the first men’s undershirt on the market that is made to match the color of the wearer’s skin rather than the outer-shirt itself…..thus appearing invisible.

We are starting off with V-necks in 3 different skin colors to test the market (we will also offer white for the traditionalists, though this shirt will NOT be called or considered an Invisible Undershirt).

The Invisible Undershirt offers superior fit, material, technology, and comfort compared to the majority of undershirts currently on the market.

Our target consumer will be the 28 year old modern professional.



Product Info

  • Manufacturer: Sloane Men (
  • Price: $34
  • Fabric Blend: 93% Siro MicroModal / 7% Spandex
  • Colors: Sand, Scotch, Smoke (Invisible line) & White
  • Styles: V-Neck
  • Manufactured: USA
  • More info / Measurements: Available in my Undershirt Resource Workbook (Along with 150+ other undershirts)


While the idea behind offering an “invisible undershirt” is not a new one, the folks at Sloane Men are looking to differentiate themselves by offering different color undershirts to match that of three major different body tone colors.

This is something I haven’t seen yet.

In addition, they’re one of the first undershirt companies to state they use the premium spun Siro MicroModal.

For those who haven’t heard about it before, Siro is a type of fabric fabrication technology where the yarn is double spun (tighter & stronger). 

It is newer to the industry and definitely not widely available.

It is less likely to pill than traditional MicroModal, and it’s said to have a more luxurious feel.

Their $34 price point is close to the other MicroModal undershirts currently on the market, so you’re not going choose this undershirt product based on price alone.

But, if you’re a fan of the silky feel and longer stay-tucked design of MicroModal-Spandex blended undershirts, and either subscribe to body-toned color options or like the fact that you’re buying a made in the USA undershirt, you’ll find a good fitting and feeling undershirt in Sloane Men.

I’ve had my Sloane Men undershirts since around January and can say the following:

  • Fit and feel is very comparable to other MicroModal/Spandex undershirts currently available
  • Neck opening is a bit wider and lower than others, but it’s by design to ensure the undershirt collar line is not visible
  • Collar trim is a full 1″ wide and looks pretty nice
  • Offering three skin-tone color options definitely sets Sloane Men apart from other companies that just offer a single neutral color. I think this alone will attract certain market segments and those folks will likely become loyal to the new brand
  • I can’t see myself converting over to exclusively wearing body-colored undershirts because I prefer the traditional white/grey/black color options. But on occasion, when there’s a need based on my outfit, I’d surely consider it.
  • These being made in the USA is BIG PLUS in my book!  As far as I know, there are no other undershirt makers offering a MicroModal/Spandex blended undershirt that is actually made here in America. Kudos Sloane Men!

Any Questions?

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