Slix Underwear Relauch

Roughly 4 years ago I was introduced to Slix, a new innerwear brand at the time that was offering some undershirt options as well as a performance underwear boxer brief.

I hadn’t heard of many updates about the brand until mid last year, when the VP of Business Development from Coville dropped by my site to comment on an article.

We exchanged a couple emails, and I discovered that Coville had just recently acquired the Slix brand from founder Greg Hall:

Some info about Coville – we are a vertical manufacturer of fabrics and apparel for first layer products – performance, basic & protective.

However, the most exciting part of our business these days is Coville Brands. Just established this year, Coville Brands is a portfolio of three, relatively new apparel brands: Rock Face – – (thermal underwear targeted at mid-tier and mass retail); Junction Threadworks – – (thermal underwear for mid-tier, better and specialty retail); and a brand you’ve heard about: Slix – We acquired Slix from Greg Hall in May 2013.

Slix is an exciting opportunity for us. The most successful product has been the Closer boxer brief and we will be greatly expanding the offering in bottoms. But we feel there is a large potential for us in tops.


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The brand’s consumer is the young, active, professional man (think Wall Street banker, tech entrepreneurs, etc.) who values high comfort and luxury feel. My current design objective is to develop the best-value v-neck for this consumer – luxurious hand, stay-tucked tails, close fit (not tight but not baggy either), a vee that falls between the first and second buttons of a dress shirt with no visible lines.

Slix Closer Boxer Brief. $26
Slix Closer Boxer Brief. $26

They took the Slix website off-line while they were re-tooling the line, and I just got word they have officially relaunched the site.

I asked the VP for some details about the product updates, and he shared the following:

Consumers will find the Closer boxer brief that they loved from the past. Updates include:

Fit improvement. The sizing is now more true-to-fit. With some light-compression underwear brands, the consumer must buy a size up for the proper fit – and this was the case with the previous Slix product. That has been corrected.

We also improved the breathability of the pouch fabric. It is a more open (but not too open!) stretch mesh with both enhanced wicking and anti-odor technologies. The benefits are a less humid environment for the package which translates to more comfort and freshness throughout the day.

Expanded color selection. We’ve added two colors: Classic Navy and Grey – both with contrasting Black waistband (attached is a pic of the Grey.)

Expanded size selection. The Closer is now available in sizes Small thru 4XL. A third of the men in the US now wear sizes considered to be Big & Tall.

Finally, one of the changes we are most proud of is that we were able to make this product in North America [Mexico]. Previously, the product was made in China.

We will continue to offer the Slix Replenishment Program. We are finding that subscription clothing services are gaining in popularity – especially with men and especially with items they don’t need or want to “shop” for – like underwear.

We are in development to add variations on the Closer such as trunks, briefs and even long underwear. We are also developing the undershirt that you and I discussed last year.

Thanks for your interest in Slix.

Slix Products

  • Slix Closer Boxer Brief – Colors: White, Black, Grey, Classic Navy. Sizes: S-4XL. Fabric: 81% Polyester / 19% Spandex. Price: $26
  • Slix Movers (Socks) – Colors: Charcoal, Brown, Navy, Khaki. Sizes: S-XL. Fabric: 87% Nylon / 13% Elastane. Price: $20/pair
  • Six-Packs – Get a discount when you order in bulk. Closer Boxer Briefs $21.50. Socks: $16.50
  • Replenishment Program – Get new Slix each month, automatically

I’ll be checking out the products soon and will let everyone know what I think!


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14 thoughts on “Slix Underwear Relauch”

    • heya ron, good to hear from you buddy!

      yes, you can still buy slix underwear and undershirts on, and probably on ebay.

      i’m not sure if the parent company (coville) is still producing them, but there are still some available for purchase online at the sites above.

  1. Still wearing Slixx, I still believe that they are the best. Just got a couple of shirts from Mr. Davis, their gray is a little darker than I would like, but I have subscribed to their every other month program.

    • heya michael! thanks for your thoughts about slix underwear and glad to hear you just picked up some grey undershirts from mr. davis.

      question, why did you pick grey over the tone color? i ask because mr. davis is known moreso for the tone color than the others, so just curious as to your decision to buy grey.

      don’t get me wrong, i like grey undershirts over tone/nude/body-color ones, but i wanted to hear your point of view on it.

      oh, btw — mr. davis just launched a kickstarter campaign for their new underwear. you may want to check that out too.

      • Never really thought about nude color. I had read that gray was better under light colored dress shirts. Like I said I think that Mr. Davis is a little too dark, but I wanted to try anyway

      • got it! yes, grey is a perfect color to wear in an undershirt under lighter dress shirts.

        so is nude for the same reason, but i’m not a big fan of that color.

        i prefer grey/heather grey because they look more masculine and of course are more versatile (:

  2. Been loving SAXX for a year or two. Wish they were cheaper but you get what you pay for:)
    After reading this thread I am going to order:
    Weldon Silver
    And I am thinking of pledging for a couple of Mr. Davis underwear.

  3. The under shirt were great! The shorts were a little on the big side. I see they dropped the shirts. Well so goes the fashion industry!

    • stay tuned pat! the slix relaunch just happened and i know the folks at coville are planning the undershirts.

      i’m sure that they’ll let me know when they plan to launch the undershirts, and as soon as they do, i’ll announce it on my site.

  4. I have been wearing SLIX since they first came out on the market, having heard about them on another blog, “golfblogger.” They are all I currently wear, and glad that they are back, since I consider them the best. I had been in contact with the founder regarding the “v” neck undershirt, but they never came out with one. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
    Mike Iser

    • heya michael! good to hear from you buddy. great endorsement for slix closer boxer briefs.

      with the company moving the production from china to mexico, there’s a chance the new closer boxer briefs are a hair different than their original ones, but hopefully they are equally as comfortable or better.

      i’ve seen this before when manufacturers change suppliers. probably a result of things like:
      1. yarn getting sourced from different suppliers
      2. knitting variances
      3. fabric finishing differences
      4. different elastic suppliers
      5. etc.

      anyway, i get the feeling the folks at coville pay attention to those kind of details, so i’m expecting that the new closer boxer brief to be pretty good.

      the fun thing is that i still think i have one of the original closer boxer briefs somewhere in my inventory. if i do, i’ll be able to compare my unworn original ones with the new ones.


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