Slimming Undershirts for Big Guys Recommendations

If you’re in search of information related to slimming undershirts for big guys, you’ve come to the right place.

You’d think that there would be lots of shapewear undershirt options for bigger guys. Unfortunately, most of the ones I’ve come across are available only up to size 2XL.

J’s Having Problem Finding Compression Undershirts

I was happy when this reader got in touch with me to ask about where he could get a bigger men’s compression shirt.

Hello Tug,

You have a pretty great website and I think I read half of it. :-) But, the more I read the more I am confused.

I am 6’1″ 294 lbs but carry my weight like most large women (my butt, hips, and thighs).

I have good fitting pants and can deal with that, but my spare tire and gut are a problem.

The first step is to not be so fat so I have dropped like 50lbs. As things are going slower now, I would like to feel a little better in some of my new clothes (I wear dress clothes 5 days a week for work).

It seems that my hip and thigh areas lost most of the weight. So, again the frustration is with my gut.

I looked through many many articles on your website. It appears that all men’s compression shirts are way to expensive to wear every day if they fit my needs (my cotton shirts are like $3/each, so $50 each seemed crazy).

Then I ran into this article;

I thought this is it…the BEST men’s slimming body shaper for around $15.

As you probably know, they are hard or impossible to find in the US. This fit my budget and at least worth a try.

Do you know how I can get these shirts (nobody seems to be willing to ship to US) and/or another good shirt for holding in the gut that I can wear as a replacement undershirt for less than $20.

Thank you in advance for your help and your great website.


Slimming Undershirts for Big Guys: My Recommendation

Hey J!

slimming undershirts for big guys
Core Form Crew Neck T-Shirt

Sorry for the delayed response, but things have been really busy for me over here at hq!

Congrats on losing the 50lbs – that’s a great accomplishment.

Asada is in the UK, and they don’t ship to the U.S.

If you’re looking to pick-up one of those men’s compression shirt, my recommendation would be to find a service in the UK where you can ship your Asada order to.

Then, have them forwarded the shipment to you here in the states.

The real problem is that since you’re a bigger guy, you couldn’t buy Asada anyway because they don’t offer your size.

Frankly, it’ll be hard for you to find an inexpensive men’s compression shirt in your size.

I do know that Rochester Big & Tall and Destination XL carry a slimming shirt called Coreform, which is offered in larger sizes.

Coreform is the same product as RipT Fusion, but rebranded.

Also, I’m pretty certain that Underworks, Insta Slim, and GC2 offer larger sizes as well.

None of them are going to be as inexpensive as Asada for sure, but at $15.90, plus getting the product over here to the states, you’d likely find yourself paying $20-$30 out-of-pocket.

With that, you’re not going to find yourself paying too much more with these other slimming undershirts for big guys I’ve mentioned here.

Hope the above helps some. Again, sorry for the delayed response.

The summer has been really hectic for me!

5 thoughts on “Slimming Undershirts for Big Guys Recommendations”

    • heya ken!

      most compression/shaping/slimming undershirts can be used both at the gym or for dailywear.

      the most notable players in this space are underworks and spanx for men — check them out!

  1. hey Tug, first id like to say i love your site here just discovered it tonight. i have just recently started working out and trying to get my sh*t together again after having serious bouts with depression due to a few tragic events a few years back. during this time i just let myself go and all the muscle i had has now turned into fat the most annoying part would be in the chest area that being said, can you recommend something that would compress that area really good? want something that will hold the man boobs down while running on treadmill so people will stop staring at me

    thank you in advance

    Chef Rick

    • hey chef, thanks for stopping by the site and posting your question! since you’re looking for a chest compressor undershirt that will perform well at the gym, i’d recommend you focus on purchasing ones that are made from a moisture-wicking fabric like polyester or nylon.

      the spanx zoned performance and equmen lines are great performing technical compression undershirts, but at the same time so are the products from underworks, instaslim, gc2, and ardyss. to be really honest, i don’t think you’d be disappointed with any of the ones i’ve mentioned, or you might want to check out the products listed on they have a selection of slimming undershirts from the brands listed above, and one or two more.

      remember, focus on the ones made from poly or nylon first, since you want to wear them to the gym. also, if you’re not sure which to choose, i’d recommend going from least expensive up.


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