Slimming Undershirt Suggestions For Love Handles

Here’s a quick exchange I had with a reader who was asking if there was a particular slimming undershirt that handled the dreaded love-handle issue well.

Hey Tug, I have those pesky love handles that will NOT go away.

What is the best undershirt to hide them? Cost effective?

Love Handle Smushing Slimming Undershirt Recommendation #1

Hey Craig,

Good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

Hands down, the undershirts with the most midsection (love handle) compression/slimming that I’ve tried so far are the cotton concealer items from Underworks.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

The inner layer is made from a strong polyester designed for slimming. There’s an outer layer that allows the product to look much more like a normal undershirt.

Here’s a link: 

Their price is around $35 which is a very reasonable price for a good performing slimming/shapewear undershirt.

I’m certain the purchase won’t disappoint you. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Then, as I was scanning through my email and realized another reader had a really good suggestion:

Love Handle Shaping Undershirt Recommendation #2

You might want to check out this slimming undershirt. The Bali Flawless 8014 tank 8012 T– concealed shaping layer designs with 95% cotton cover sort of like 2(x)ist 4527 at $45.

Pix at outlet website at $29/suggested retail $40.

Marketed towards women so loose at chest 21% spandex with tighter 30% spandex layer at waist. Therefore, the sizing is tricky…I went with tank in Medium.

Although it’s a slimming undershirt for women, the Bali is actually a really good suggestion because of that very fact.

Despite being designed for a woman’s shape, the smaller/tighter midsection is sure to help focus some slimming/shaping concentration in the love handle area.

I personally struggle with having some love handles.

While I know the ultimate solution is simply eating better and regular exercise, I haven’t been able to ever rid myself of these pesky things!

Meanwhile, I recently saw on the news that Courteney Cox uses an anti-aging treatment called Ulthera to keep her neck in shape — hmmm — I wonder if it works on love handles?

Do you have any men’s shapewear suggestions? Let me know in the comment box.


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