Slim Away Review: The REAL Truth About this As Seen On TV “Get Slim Instantly” Product

Yes, I actually bought one, if you can believe it. While it’s fresh in my mind, and while I’m wearing it post workout, I wanted to do a quick Slim Away Review after having used the ‘Belt’ for nearly a month.

About a month ago, Mrs. Tug and I were at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and while we were waiting at the checkout line, I looked up, and there it was. The Slim Away “As Seen on TV” product!

After seeing a Slim Away commercial back in December of last year, I was compelled to share my thoughts — which were mostly perceived as being negative.

If you peruse the comments, you’ll see that some folks gave me some shit for forming an opinion on a product that I had not yet tried.  In my defense, I felt I created a informed opinion, based on my experience.

So there we were at BBB — the Slim Away calling my name. I decided to buy one for me, and one for the Mrs. (not that she needs any slimming, of course!) because she wanted to try it as well.

Total bill, $19.98 + tax ($9.99 each).


Made in USA Underwear

Now that we’ve had our belts for about 4 weeks, and I’ve had the chance to wear mine to the gym about 16 times, I can now speak from first-hand experience.

Here’s What Slim Away Does Do

Makes You Sweat

The Slim Away seals in body heat under the belt and makes you sweat a lot in that area.

Frankly, I kind of like this type of characteristic (focused sweating), especially around an area that I feel I could lose some inches in.

But, it’s not the only product that will do that. Heck, if you wrap your mid-section with saran wrap, it’ll do the same thing. I know, I’ve tried that before.

Do a google search for “waist trimmer belt”, and you’ll see a bunch of other products that’ll do the same thing

Lose Water Weight

The Slim Away helps you lose water weight. Well, yeah — of course it will.

Any product that “seals in body heat” that results in concentrated sweating will do that too. The wife and I had a Formostar at one point a few years ago, and that did the exact same thing.

Has wearing the Slim Away helped me temporarily lose water weight?? Probably.

Did it make a long-term or noticeable difference on me after four weeks of use? Nope.

Here’s What It Does NOT Do

No Back Support

At least for me, the Slim Away does not provide back support.

It’s a big wide rubber belt that wraps around your mid-section, so it does prohibit bending a bit, but I wouldn’t compare it to the actual back support you get from products like the Posture Shirt

Does Not Make You Look Slim

It does not make you look slim instantly.

For larger people, it might help a little in that area. But, the big problem here is that the belt has zippers, causing bulges in the zipper area, and those will show through – unless you have a PhD in figuring out how to position the belt so that it doesn’t.

I have photos below to illustrate.

Does Not Fit Under 34″ Waistline

It does not fit waistlines under 34″.   I wear a 34″ pant waist most of the time, and I personally use the 5th (smallest) zipper closure myself.

My lovely wife is small/petite, having a waistline in the mid twenties, and the Slim Away Belt does not fit her at all.

It’s unwearable

Not That Comfortable

The Slim Away does not feel comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.

One issue I found is that since the belt wraps around my midsection about 1.5 times, the inner part that sits against my skin at the end has a zipper on it, which comes in contact with my skin, irritates it, and feels uncomfortable.

I can easily tolerate it during a workout, but wearing it under my clothes for an entire day – not something I would want to do

Slim Away Photos

Slim Away packaging front
Slim Away packaging back

Wearing belt by itself Wearing Slim Away by itself Wearing Slim Away under one shirt Wearing Slim Away belt under one shirt (a Fros-T actually) Wearing Slim Away under one shirt Another shot of the Slim Away belt zipper showing through

Wearing Slim Away Under Two Shirts Slim Away belt zipper showing through under two shirts.

Final Thoughts

  • Since it can help you lose water weight, and likely make you feel better about yourself in the process – giving you more confidence, it’s probably worth the $10. Gaining confidence is pretty priceless actually.
  • If you’re looking to lose temporary water weight, the Slim Away could do that under the right circumstances. But, so could a bunch of other products
  • If you’re under a 34″ waist, don’t bother buying it
  • If you want a product to help your posture, do more research and find something designed for that purpose
  • Wanna look more slim?? Go buy some slimming products. Women, check out Spanx (or Assets by Spanx). Guys, start here with my Slimming & Compression Undershirts article. There’s a lot to choose from

Still Want To Buy Slim Away?

If you’re still interested in buying a Slim Away belt, you can buy it on Amazon.


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5 thoughts on “Slim Away Review: The REAL Truth About this As Seen On TV “Get Slim Instantly” Product”

  1. I wear one or two T shirts under the belt to absorb excessive sweat. I wear it during the day and at night.
    I have seen results with diet and exercise. It helps but definitely need exercise, diet and fluids.

    • thanks reg for the feedback. yeah, i wore mine at the gym until i wore it out (:

      definitely helps burn water weight, though any neoprene belt or sweat-gear would likely give you a similar result of losing water weight quickly.

  2. They say it fits waists from 22 in-50, but I am about a 32 waist and the Slim Away belt was very loose when I first put it on. Strangely, when I cut of three of the 5 zippers- mainly to eliminate the excessive bulk, and I tried it back on, it felt a bit tighter and not as loose when I zipped it on the last zipper. That was a nice surprise. I will definitely take Danielle’s suggestion of adding an extra zippers, I have three, lol. The weight I am losing is because of my healthy food choices, but this is an extra boost in the midsection area….not bad.

  3. I just bought this item three days ago. The first day after wearing it for 8 hours and checking waist, I had lost about three inches. Now on the the smallest zipper. Day three loss but still fits. I am going to remove the last zipper cause it does hurt your side after long use and I am going to sew it on to add a smaller zipper. Why not sure looks easy, only has one row of stitching on it and I need it to be smaller. I also found that the zipper on the side that well hurt after long wearing, I fold the end out and away from the body. The outer wrap holds the fold down. Redneck fix I guess. Thanks for all the in put.

  4. I recently purchased the slim away belt to try and see if it was really going to slim me down. I was told by other users that it worked but just wearing the belt for a week I found it was uncomfortable wearing the belt with the zipper rubbing against my skin while wearing it at work. I also found it was difficult to consume food and drink because my somache was compressed by the belt. I agree with this article that it’s good for the self confidence loosing the water weight for a little bit but long term it’s better to learn proper exercising habbits to loose weight in a healthy manner.


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