Slim Away Belt. Come On, Really? As Seen On TV Scam?

Just had to post a quick comment here about the Slim Away Belt commercial I keep seeing.  In the process, I also hope to help consumers who would otherwise be duped into buying this wacky contraption.

Update: Check out my Slim Away Review
Slim Away packaging front
The Slim Away Belt (As Seen on TV). There’s no way this thing works.

Although I’ve never personally tried the Slim Away Belt, I’ve tried nearly every slimming undershirt on the market, and I used to wear those crazy rubber slimming tube belts when I was a chunky little kid. So, I’d consider myself a bit of a consumer expert when it comes to slimming products.

I’ve gotta tell you, there’s very little chance that this product will live up to any expectations you may have after watching this product’s outrageous marketing claims.

Also, look at that crazy wrap-around belt design with a bunch of different zipper-ridden sizing positions. Is there anyway that belt won’t show through your outer clothes? Not a chance. Oh, well maybe if you wear a heavy sweater like the folks in the commercial.

Here are some other claims shown in the product video:

  • Evapo-wrap fabric: Seals in body heat
  • Elevates perspiration
  • Shed water weight faster

Guess what? If you wear any rubberized contraption around your midsection, it’ll likely help you shed water weight — mostly when you workout. If you really want to shed water weight, pick up one of those  plastic sweat suits.

If you really want to appear thinner temporarily, don’t waste your money on the Slim Away Belt. Instead, check out a Slimming Undershirt or Compression Shirt instead. I guarantee you will be 1,000,000% happier with a slimming undershirt than you will with the Slim Away Belt.

Consider yourself informed (and warned). A friendly public service announcement from your neighborhood undershirt guy.

If you’ve tried the Slim Away Belt, tell me what you think of it in the comments section below.

If you want to learn more about slimming undershirt products or have a question, post it below and I’ll answer it.

32 thoughts on “Slim Away Belt. Come On, Really? As Seen On TV Scam?”

  1. I bought slim away today and its on the very last zipper hopefully it will work for me. I need to lose my pooch from 2 babies.

    • good luck jamie! my guess is that it’ll help you shed some excess water weight, but i’m not sure if it’ll help you lose weight permanently.

      keep me posted though, i’d love to hear how things work out for you!

  2. Just bought one and will try it. But I must say I don’t feel too excited about it.

    I should of opened the box in the store. I would of realized that it is similar but not as quite good as a normal Weight Belt.

    1. The zippers stick out and show under everything. WB has Velcro and you can pull it as snug as you want and the Velcro sticks very well without coming loose so you don’t see anything under your clothes.

    2.I got the smallest they have and im using the last zipper and the belt is still too big.

    3. It is the same material as WB (so I am sure it does the same thing as a weight belt) which means you cannot just sit around in it for it to work. I had to work out hard and ride my bike for hours to sweat enough to loose weight and make a difference.

    4. It costs almost twice as much as WB.

    So overall review..don’t by it. Go to your nearest wal-mart and buy a weight belt you can get one for about five bucks.

    Since I bought is I will use it to see if there is seriously anything dif. and if there is I will come back.

    • right on paris! thanks for sharing. i’m going to keep wearing mine during working out to see if helps reduce my love handles. so far though, i haven’t noticed anything permanent.

  3. I just started Slim Away in july 29 but it does look like my sides and stomach aee shrinkin im also only eatin twice a day I have no complaints yet!!!

  4. I just bought the slim away belt today at Walmart for 10 dollars.

    I immediately went home to put it on and hit the gym at my apartment. From what I can see so far it’s working because when I come inside after workout and took it off it was soaked and sweat was even dripping down.

    While I was wearing it in the gym although there’s no way to tell if it really works till I get on the scale tonight.

    I’ve currently hit a weight plateau at 206 pounds, I started at 265.

    • good stuff martin!!!

      keep in mind that with products like this, it will help you lose water weight quickly, but that is not permanent weight loss.

      that said, anything that can help keep you mentally motivated to stay in shape or lose weight is a good thing!!

      keep up the great work…i’m here for you buddy!!!

      i’m actually at the gym (24 hour fitness) right now doing some cardio!

    • good to hear michelle! keep me posted on how it goes with your slim away belt.

      i’m not super excited about the product, but that does not mean it won’t work for some people.

  5. I purchased the Slimaway on Sunday, it arrived today. I put it on and zipper broke in less than 5 minutes!

    The teeth just popped right off. $28.00 down the drain in less that 5 minutes.

    Don’t get sucked into this scam. I can return it for a full refund if I pay shipping a handling and waste my time to repack it and take it to the Post office or FedEx.

    I thinks that’s worth more than the $28.00. What a major scam!!!!

    • hey keith, i’m really sorry to hear about the defective slim away belt you received. are you sure you have to do all those things to return/replace a defective item?

      it’s hard to believe they’d make you jump through hoops to return the item if you didn’t like it – after all – it’s kind of a gimmicky product.

      but for the company to make you pay for returning and replacing an item that broke 5 minutes after you got the product and tried it on, well, that’s just bad business in my mind.

      did you call and ask if that really was the case? if it was, they suck.

  6. I tried a slim belt a few years ago when I was 22 and even just wearing it around the house while cleaning I would sweat like crazy.

    After wearing it almost daily for a few weeks my husband said he could tell a difference with my waist and that it looked thinner, especially on the sides.

    It wasn’t uncomfortable as long as you don’t try to squeeze into a zipper section that’s too tight for you (which I sometimes did). I also noticed that improved my posture which in turn helped my back which usually hurts from a bulging disk.

    Unlike the people in the commercial I would never wear it if I was going because it did not look good under thin t-shirts or tight ones. Also, the thought of dripping sweat below the waist is somewhat disgusting in a social arena. I restricted my wear to only inside the house where I would use a medicine ball to work out

    Eventually the belt “died” when the black latex on the inside began peeling away after a few months of use. I’m not sure how long most people use it but I would wear it almost every day.

    I think everyone is different and while I could tell a difference with inches, I don’t think it made a big difference weight wise.

    • hey tiffany! thanks for stopping by and posting your thoughts about the slim away belt! i really appreciate it.

      i too wore something similar to this when i was a kid, and found the inch reduction to be temporary.

      belts like this seem to be most effective to help shed excess water weight, but from everything i have read todate, and personally experienced, the water weight/inch loss seems to be non-permanent.

      the only definitive way to permanently lose weight is with a proper diet and exercise — or some from of fat removal like liposuction.

      but, thanks so much for sharing your personal experience. i hope your inch loss is permanent!

  7. I purchase the item. Its sayed that its design for men and women. Well it is to big for me. Men and women should have the own slim away belt. Due the difference in the waste line/size

  8. I saw your report on insta slim undershirt. However it didn’t mention anything about the belt. What’s your thoughts on the belt along with the shirt?

  9. Hi undershirt guy. Although I’m only 17 I’ve had some back problems accompanied with weight issues for a couple years.

    And of course being a bigger girl, bigger breasts just worsen the back problem.

    I originally bought the slim away to help strengthen my back without being fully overcompensated in a back brace(going into the paramedic career).

    But I was actually more pleasantly surprised. I had a stronger back and the thing made me sweat like crazy. Although gross, it helps to lose the weight

    • hey daphne! thanks for stopping by and posting your feedback on the slim away belt.

      you know, i can truly appreciate how it might help with posture support and i’m super happy to hear that it’s also helped you loose some weight.

      i really didn’t mean to sound to cynical with what i wrote about the slim away belt, but generally speaking, i feel i have a pretty good handle on what these products will and won’t do.

      so, that said, if you’re looking for some really awesome posture support – check out the “posture shirt” from evidence-based apparel. it’s a little expensive, but i’ll tell you for sure that it will perform well. do you want me to email the company and see if we can get you a posture shirt for a discount?

      i’m no fitness expert, but i assume the weight loss was (or will be) more water weight loss – which can come back quickly if you don’t change your activity level or your eating habits.

      when i was a young tug, i was overweight and wore rubber exercise belts to conceal my flab and those too helped expunge water weight. with my own personal experience, the weight loss was temporary. once i changed my eating habits and exercise regime, the weight loss became more permanent.

      i hope this information helps in some way. thanks so much for stopping by and posting your thoughts!!! i really appreciate it.

  10. My you are thin skinned.

    First you say “Although I’ve never personally tried the Slim Away Belt …:

    And then you say “I’ve gotta tell you, there’s very little chance that this product will live up to any expectations you may have after watching this product’s outrageous marketing claims.”

    If you find a company’s claims in question, at least identify them before labeling them with a word like ‘outrageous’, especially after admitting you’ve never tried the product.

    If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. If you disrespect a product with words that someone else finds insulting and untrue, expect to be chastised.

    Now that I’m on my 3rd day of using the slim-away, I find there are previously unreported problems.

    – The belt expands with use. At first I thought “I couldn’t have lost so many inches after only a few days use” and then after checking the length against the second belt, I found it to be a full 5″ longer. If this trend continues, I would expect the belt width to constantly reduce with the covered area being diminished or the material possibly breaking from fatigue.

    – There is no perspiration buildup as with latex products which would at least indicate water-weight loss. I attribute this to the porosity and tension of the belt being close to that of normal undergarments since it is about as comfortable to wear as normal garments. This indicates to me there will be no sustained weight loss from the belt alone such as with non-porous belts which hold in the perspiration.

    – My weight loss or 4.0 lbs. hasn’t changed after 3 days with the same eating habits. A four lb. loss in a day is not uncommon for me and was apparently coincidental.

    – The belt does offer some back relief. I am a 70 year old emphysemic with sciatica, arthritis and diabetis. I Find it difficult getting up from an easy chair and the belt does appear to ease this situation somewhat.

    • hey harley, thanks for taking the time to provide more details on your actual experiences with the slim away belt. i definitely believe the information you have provided will help others in making a purchase decision.

      my friend, i’m not thinned skinned at all. frankly, i’m pretty sure your observations of the belt’s performance further supports my original position. i am 100% confident that a slimming/shaping undershirt would far out perform the slim away belt.

      in addition, i took some time looking on the internet for other real reviews of the product (not the fake ones that saturate the top google positions), and most of them confirm that the belt’s performance does not live up to the claims made on the television commercial. i don’t need to outline all the claims here, people can easily visit the product’s website and see them.

      if it really bothers or offends you so much that i can make an informed decision based on my extensive experience with men’s shapewear, then that is your right. this is a public forum for people to express their opinions, even and especially if they differ from mine.

      may i ask one simple question? does the slim away belt really live up to the company’s marketing claims that you saw and drove you to purchase it? in other words, are you glad you made the investment?

      if you’re looking for a product to help you with your posture or back relief, i would recommend the posture undershirt, equmen, or possibly the support underwear from ManShape or something similar.

      if you’re looking for a fully functional men’s slimming undershirt that will make you appear slimmer, you can visit my men’s shapewear category and view all my reviews.

      if you’re looking for a product that will help you quickly loose water weight, i can’t help you there.

      i do appreciate you taking the time here though, because at the end of the day, the goal is to help others.

  11. Hey Tug,

    You’re not the expert you pretend to be. I found nothing you said to be true.

    – The zippers are invisible through my clothing.
    – I lost 4 pounds the first day (from 320 to 316 – ate normally)
    – The belt does not show through my shirts
    – the belt does not ride up
    – the belt is not uncomfortable

    The easiest job in the world is being a critic. This guy admits he never tried it so he invents the bad press.

    He should go get a job doing something he’s suited for . . . like counting eggs.

    • harley, i appreciate your point of view, so thanks for stopping by and commenting, but there’s absolutely no need to be rude to me personally.

      did i say anything negative about you? nope, i just expressed my opinion about a product – on my blog – which i have every right to do.

      i give people information, based on my observations and experiences (as any writer does), whether they are directly with the product or not.

      whether you accept it or not, i am well versed on men’s shapewear and i still stand by my position that wearing a slimming undershirt would be far better, more comfortable, less revealing, and better performing, than wearing the slim away belt.

      if it worked for you and if you’re happy with the product, congrats. thanks again for stopping by!

    • I use the slim away belt to I lost 2 inches in one month buying it I paid 9 and so change but I love the belt I sleep with mine on at night I wouldn’t bought the belt if it wasn’t for u thanks

      • i didnt just lose the two pounds by just wearing the belt i had to workout n eat rigjt so really i dont think the belt help that much.
        Thank you I love your website If I wanna buy something new I come to your website first….. once again. thank you

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