Tommy John Quietly Enters Target Stores With $8.50 Sleek FX Undershirt Line

Sleek FX undershirts from TJE - Available at select Target stores.
Sleek FX undershirts from TJE – Available at select Target stores.

Underwear maker Tommy John (TJ Enterprises) quietly launched a new line of lower-cost undershirts at Target recently, under the Sleek FX brand.

In doing a little research, it appears the company registered the Sleek FX trademark, along with several others, including InvisiGrip, Quick Draw, and EFG. Likewise, it registered two other trademarks related to “tailored stretch” and “stay tucked” technology around May of 2011.

Sleek FX Brand Products

All trademarks, however, broadly describe the products this way:

Athletic & Dancers’ Apparel

  • Ankle socks, Anklets, Antiperspirant socks
  • Apparel for dancers, namely, tee shirts, sweatshirts, pants, leggings, shorts and jackets
  • Athletic apparel, namely, shirts, pants, jackets, footwear, hats and caps, athletic uniforms

Children’s Line

  • Briefs
  • Children’s and infant’s apparel, namely, jumpers, overall sleepwear, pajamas, rompers and one-piece garments
  • Chidlren’s and infants’ apparel treated with fire and heat retardants, namely, jumpers, overall sleepwear, pajamas, rompers and one-piece garments

Sleek FX – Miscellaneous?

  • Compression garments for athletic or other non-medical use, namely, t-shirts for everyday wear
  • Disposable underwear
  • Gloves for apparel
  • Jackets and socks

(This category also includes: Jeans, Leggings, namely, pants that are partially jeans and partially leggings. Weird combo, byt the way, right?)

Sleek FX Underwear Categories

  • Knitted underwear, Ladies’ underwear, Long underwear
  • Men’s dress socks, Men’s socks, Men’s underwear
  • Non-slip socks
  • Perspiration absorbent underwear clothing
  • Scientific and technological apparel, namely, shirts, pants, jackets, footwear, hats and caps, uniforms

T-Shirts, Socks & Stockings

  • Short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts
  • Slipper socks, Socks, Socks and stockings
  • Swimsuits
  • T-shirts, T-shirts for adult men and women.

Various Warming Underwear

  • Thermal socks, Thermal underwear
  • Thongs
  • Underwear, namely, boy shorts
  • Women’s underwear
  • Woven or knitted underwear

Therefore, it looks as though TJE is diversifying its scope of business with Sleek FX. Instead of just focusing on the original underwear line, it’s going after a wide array of clothing items,

Next, I did a little further digging. I found that Dana Fried from the Delphic Group has been a board member of TJE since it’s inception. In other words, it’s Dana who helped them get connected with overseas manufacturing and financing to help the brand grow.

TJE Undershirts: Quality Review

Sleek FX undershirts are made with a 95% cotton, 5% spandex blend.

The product description contains words such as trim, soft, and very long. Priced at $16.99 for a 2-pack.

At this lower price point, TJE is looking to compete in a different price-range than it normally does. Considering the company’s original micromodal/lycra undershirts retail for around $36-$38, this range will hit lower price ranges.

It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out at Target. In particular, whether or not a 95/5 product at that price point can last there.

As far as I could tell, the only other 95/5 product at Target except for Sleek FX was the Hanes ComfortFlex undershirts. They were priced at $13.99 for a 2-pack. Compared to TJEs, they come cheaper.

Furthermore, I did a little recon at several Target stores in the Los Angeles area over the last couple of days. First, I was unable to locate Sleek FX products.

Nonetheless, persistence pays off. In the end, I found them at Target Store a little further out (pictured above and below).

Sleek FX cotton spandex packaging - back

Sleek FX cotton spandex packaging – backFor your reference, the Target item number for the Sleek FX medium crew is 040010054.

In summary, I picked up a pack of medium v-neck (upc 8 16049 01089 0) and crew neck (upc 8 16049 01085 2).

The items show the product website as However, as of this writing, there is no website at that URL, just a parked page.

I’ll be wearing them soon. Keep an eye out for a product review before the end of the year.

Finally, here’s a map of the Target Stores where you can find Sleek FX:

View Sleek FX – Target Stores Retail Locations in a full-screen map

35 thoughts on “Tommy John Quietly Enters Target Stores With $8.50 Sleek FX Undershirt Line”

  1. You could tried “Tristan” t-shirt. Basically the same fit and material. Good quality for a lower price since it’s in Canadian dollar.

    • gilles, thanks for sharing that information about tristan.

      can you point me to a page where they are selling the tristan undershirt/t-shirt you’re referring to?

      i’d be interested in learning more about it.

      • hey gilles, maybe i’m missing something, but the only “t-shirt” tristan has on their website is a 95/5 v-neck t-shirt, but it retails for $29.50 usd.

        plus, it looks like it’s more designed like a t-shirt and not a true undershirt.

        how is a $29.50 usd priced t-shirt similar to sleek fx?

      • 29.95 is in canadian dollar.It’s the price i pay in Quebec.There is a sale right now on t-shirt.Maybe not a true undershirt my bad,sorry.

  2. Doesn’t Tommy John have big man sizes? I haven’t been able to locate them anywhere. I wear a 2x (52″) and have only seen up to 47″. Would love to try them out if I can find them in my aize. Hope to hear from you.

    • hey john!

      yes, tommy john does carry size 2xl in many of their items. they say that 2xl fitx 49″ – 52″ chest.

      you can find out more information about their available and in-stock items on their website

  3. My husband LOVES these shirts and desperatly needs more where can we purchase them at?? I can’t find them at Target anymore :(

    • I’ve seen similar looking shirts at Nordstrom Rack, also under the Tommy John label. They are a bit more expensive though(~$23 for a pair). I’ve also found a good substitute at Nordstrom itself under their house brand. Those are a bit thicker and have a slightly higher V, but have that same good stretch and are a bit cheaper ($40 for a 4 pack).

    • hey jennifer, that’s great advice from al — hopefully you can find some of the lesser expensive cotton/spandex tommy john undershirts at nordstrom rack.

      though if you can’t, and if you’re up to getting you hubby a really awesome christmas present, you might want to take a look a the tommy john cool cotton undershirts. they’re not cheap, but if your man loves those 95/5 sleekfx undershirts so much, he’d probably never stop thanking you if you bought him the really high end tommy johns (:

      they’re available online, or in some department stores too.

  4. Earler today, I spotted an almost identical package at TJ-MAXX. The only difference being that they were actually branded “Tommy John” Cotton Stretch. TJ MAXX offered the two-packs for $16.99, so I grabbed a few. I’ve never owned the expensive version, but these are everything I imagine the Micro Modal to be: super soft, thin, super-stretchy material. Label says 95% cotton, 5% spandex. They’re cut very long and can be comfortably pulled to completely cover trunks.

    White V-Neck, LG, bar code 816049017882, product number 2215CS

    • yo michael! happy holidays buddy (:

      interesting info about tj cotton stretch being at tj-maxx. that’s a clearance store, so maybe they are clearing out the 95/5 undershirts they were selling on qvc and originally $18.47, but on clearance for $14.12 plus shipping and handling.

      the expensive version is their micromodal / spandex undershirt. pretty soft with a similar (if not exact same) cut.

      appreciate the info you provided – this will allow other folks to call tjmaxx ahead of time and see if they are carrying them!

      happy new year! thanks for stopping by.

  5. I was not aware the Target carried the launch of Tommy John underware. I recently just start wearing them and they are the BEST EVER! I tried contacting a few Target store to see if I could find the Sleek FX undershirts 8.50 package but have not found them. Are they still available and if so where can I find them??

    • hey leon, as far as i saw, target was not carrying the micromodal/spandex tj lines. they were carrying the lower-priced “sleek fx” 95/5 (cotton/spandex) items for a short while and there’s no indication of whether or not they’ll be carrying it again.

      i too have some tj underwear and have to say they are pretty comfy. that said, i still fall back to my evolve-brand boxer briefs as my current favorite fitting underwear. second is a toss-up between tj and the new jky underwear from jockey, with jky having a price advantage, and tj having a slight feel advantage.

      i am by no means in perfect shape, but i’m not in terrible shape either. i have some love handles and a slight lower stomach, and what i find with many styles of underwear is that they either fit too tight in the waist or upfront – if you know what i mean. so they either make me look heavier by forcing a muffin top (if that’s what you call it on us guys) or they make my testes sweat.

      the evolve boxer briefs seem to fit me the best/most comfortable, and they don’t make my lower components sweat any more (or any less) than any other underwear i wear. one of these days i’m going to find that perfect underwear/boxer brief too – just mark my words.

      back to tj underwear – if the ones you like are the micromodal/spandex blend, then you’ll likely have to keep buying them where you got your current pair. if you have the 95/5, i’m not sure what to tell you.

  6. Tug,
    Picked up a 2pack of non-Target Tommy John 95cotton/5%spandex undershirts @ Marshall’s yesterday clearanced for $13. I think their everyday price is/was $16.99 or 17.99. Can’t wait to try them out. I seem to recall that they were selling the modal ones, but not sure. Maybe I saw them at Nordstroms.

    • that’s cool cliff. the 95/5 from tj is pretty good – it does feel silkier than other 95/5 undershirts i’ve tried, but it’s pretty long and the armholes are a little big for my physique.

      regardless, for $8.50 per shirt, it’s good overall value. hope you like them!

  7. After falling in love with the “second skin” TJ shirts a few years ago, I patiently wait for them to go on sale (which never happens). When I saw them on QVC this week at 2 for $18, I snatched 10 of them. Too good to be true. These are branded Tommy John, but seem to be the Sleek FX shirts you’re talking about. Tried it on and it seems to fit well, but doesn’t have the same high-end feel of the more expensive modal shirts. My question is, are these a worthy alternative? The price is a helluva lot better and I can’t wear standard-definition shirts. What have you heard, have you wore them? Thanks!

    • hey mkaz! wow, i guess i’m outta the loop! didn’t know that tj had gone on qvc, but i just took a few minutes to check out the offering online.

      so it looks like the company did indeed take the sleek fx product (a 95% cotton / 5% spandex blend), put a “tommy john” label on it, and decided to sell a two-pack of them on qvc for $18.47.

      the same product with the “sleek fx” brand is/was selling at target for $16.99 for a two-pack recently. i visited two targets today (looking for the new evolve shapewear products) and saw some remaining sleek fx stock on clearance.

      now, i’ve come to know the “tommy john” brand to be the micromodal/lycra (spandex) line of products, but i take no issue with them putting out a 95/5 blend version of their product line at the value price of $9.23/each. lots of companies do this very same thing, but they usually do it under a different brand identity.

      take for instance the evolve brand at target. it’s really a 2(x)ist product, rebranded. spanx does the same thing with their assets brand. most of the time it’s a different product not available in the higher-end line, but sometimes, it’s the same product with a different label.

      now i’ve tried the sleek fx product, and generally speaking i think it’s a good product. it feels great on the skin and fits pretty good. that said, i think it’s cut way too long for me, the arm holes are a bit big, and the v-neck opening is a bit too generous for my taste. granted the product will shrink about 5% after washing, so maybe that 5% will make a difference. i’ll have to wash mine to see for sure. i assume the tommy john 95/5 version is the same as sleek fx, so if that is the case, that’s how i’d rate the 95/5 (cotton/spandex) tommy john sold on qvc.

      to your question of whether or not these are a worthy alternative to the micromodal/lycra version of tommy john, well, it’s kinda hard to compare micromodal to cotton, but if you compare a $38 price point to a $8.50 – $9.23/each price point, i think i’d opt for the less expensive cotton/lycra version due to economics alone.

      personally, while i like the feel of micromodal, it usually doesn’t breathe as well as cotton, and it tends to pill – whereas cotton does not.

      for what it’s worth, there are a whole lot of companies nowadays making non-standard-definition undershirts, including all these 95/5 undershirt products. even hanes is getting in on the action with their new comfortblend slim-cut undershirts.

      thanks so much for stopping by and sharing the info about the tommy john qvc product!!

      let me know if you have any other questions

  8. I just found these in a central NJ target and a)no v-necks were left in my size and b) it was already in the clearance rack! What is with 95/5 undershirts being so rare and being discontinued so quickly??

    • hey al, thanks for stopping by and getting me the skinny on the sleek fx items. interesting that they were discontinued – i’ll have to check with the owner of tommy john to see what he has to say – and just to confirm that target is discontinuing them.

      by chance did you see the article that i just posted today about the kohls 96/4 apt 9 cotton spandex undershirts? a reader suggested they are pretty good replacement for the no longer made target merona undershirts.

      wanna know why undershirts get discontinued? this is what i think:

      • Thanks for the quick reply! <2 month on the shelves from release to clearance must be some kind of record…

        I'll definitely look into the apt 9 undershirts as they have seem to have the elusive gray 95/5 v-neck I've never found anywhere else (I feel it doesn't show through as much under a white shirt). Thanks for the info.

      • hey al, let me know what you think about the apt 9 undershirts. funny thing – i’m going to be doing an article about heather grey/grey undershirts shortly. you’re right, they do show through less than white, and i have a picture to prove it.

        by the way, i asked the founder of tommy john about the clearance/discontinuation of sleek fx at target, and this is what he had to say:

        Hi Tug,
        Thanks for reaching out. As far as we know, we are not being discontinued. Sleek FX is a new vendor for Target and going through the typical store test process all new vendors go through; which often involves clearance pricing during holiday to give Target certain analytics.
        We fully expect to be available in 2012 as Target realizes that our Sleek FX brand is a solution focused brand that provides a highly differentiated fit and function compared to what they’ve offered in the past. It also gives the customer a new undershirt option to complement the trend in more fitted and tailored dress shirts we are seeing in the men’s category.

    • i called a target based here in socal who was carrying sleek fx and still has a few left. the person i spoke to said there are clearance stickers on the sleek fx products, so i guess it’s true about target discontinuing them.

      still gonna reach out to the owner of tommy john to see if i can get any other info.

  9. well do. i have, too, found hanes packaging to be confusing, just like you mentio. they make a lot of tee shirts but i despise the fit (to be more specific), the fact that they appear to be blending their cotton with cheaper materials, and the shrinkage more than anything. i am avg shaped buy but they are too boxy for me. You can’t beat their price though; especially in this economy.

    my experience with cotton poly blend tee’s is they tend to be warmer than cotton and wick instead of breathe like you mentioned in earlier articles on this site. i also prefer some lycra stretch in my tees. sleek fx is the lightest weight cotton stretch i’ve found at this price point at target. mine shrunk down considerable after the 1st wash so i suspect thats why they are longer initially; but i didn’t measure dimensions. no time for that. i leave that up to the experts like you.

    Also, 2xist Evolve brand makes a lightweight teeshirt at Target but only in tank tops, which i wear to the pool as its more fitted. i also like the C9 performance shirts for working out that i bought at target.

    I read that many clothing brands are dumbing down their cotton products with polyester because its cheaper than cotton fabric. appears hanes is maybe doing that now, too? i think cotton is much cooler to wear than poly/cotton blends, personally but that’s just me.

    Dan the Man

    • thanks for the additional information on the sleek fx shrinkage. i’ll be doing a wash test soon, so i’ll know for sure.

      as for the cotton/poly undershirts – my experience with them has been totally different. i have a bunch of 50/50 undershirts including american apparel, bdg (urban outfitters), hanes 50/50, uniqlo cool, and retro fit. the ones listed here all breathe very well, and in some instances better than many 100% cotton and 95% cotton/5% spandex undershirts i have. the poly and slightly looser knit allows them to stretch great without wearing warm.

      on the wicking side, if you have too much polyester you’ll get more sweat-through and that isn’t so good for people who sweat alot. but with a more even blend like 60/40 or 50/50, you get a little bit of a balance of wicking/drying faster with absorbing. still though, poly or nylon is not good for heavy sweaters – but then, for those folks, they usually sweat through cotton and modal too.

      for people that don’t sweat very much, like me, you can experiment with different fabric blends pretty safely. for example, i can pretty much wear any blend, including 100% polyester or nylon without any problem. it kinda all depends on the weather and what i’m wearing too. now that it’s cooler, i’m kinda digging the uniqlo heattech undershirts.

      as for the dumbing down of cotton products with a synthetic like poly – that (conspiracy theory?) never occurred to me, but it’s not too far fetched of an idea. although, if that were the case, then you’d likely see folks like hanes and fruit of the loom putting poly-blended undershirts in place of their main product lines because they’d get massive savings that way. but, that’s not happening. their main products are still 100% cotton – although the quality of the cotton isn’t that soft.

      good stuff dan the man. thanks for your contributions.

  10. I just picked some of their vnecks up at Target here in Phoenix after reading this post. they only had one left in my size.

    For Target undershirts, they are the best I have found. I despise hands and all boxy shirts. Compared to the Tommy John micro modals, they are not as luxurious or soft but they still have the same fit. you have to follow the care instructions for their modal tops or they will pill, from my experience. i made that mistake too but all modals seem to pill that i’ve tried.

    Anyway, I really like the Sleek FX brand as a nice cool option for a cotton stretch at a great price.

    • “daniel mann”? “dan the man”? is my comment spam filter not working, or is your name really dan mann. that’s totally cool!

      i think you meant you despise “hanes” and all boxy shirts. i appreciate your opinion, but saying that you despise hanes is pretty strong.

      hanes offers a great overall value. while their undershirts aren’t always the most comfortable or best fitting, their value is hard to question. in this economy, many people can’t afford higher-priced undershirts, so the folks at hanes and fruit of the loom are providing a tremendous product offering for those who don’t have the budget.

      also, when i was at target picking up these sleek fx undershirts, i ran into what seemed like a newer hanes 50/50 (cotton/polyester) undershirt product – and let me tell you – it’s pretty darn nice – and very possibly might be going on my top 5 list. it fits close to the body, stretches nicely, very comfortable, and has a good length. i need to do multiple wear and wash tests to be sure, but it’s the most promising undershirt from hanes that i’ve seen in a while.

      you might want to keep an open mind my friend dan-the-man :)

  11. The real question will be, how they launder and stand up to use. My TJ shirts have discolored and pilled-however I just received three shirts from coolclothingusa (per your suggestion)and I am happy with them after a couple of wash and wearings.

    By the way, the best underware (shorts) are from SLIX!

    • hey michael, thanks for stopping by and posting your comment. which coolclothingusa undershirts did you purchase?

      although it feels great on the skin, one unfortunate characteristic of micromodal is that it pills. in fact, every micromodal undershirt i have has pilled — and some more than others. the only way to minimize the amount of pilling that occurs on a micromodal undershirt (or any other garment) is to wash it inside out or in a laundry bag. for this reason, i think micromodal undershirts, as they exist today, won’t be on the market for the long-haul at their current price point. i mean, who wants to worry about how to care for an undershirt that cost over $30? not me. i want to wear it and throw it in the laundry without worrying about it. i’m ok with special care for shirts, pants, and suits, but not undershirts.

      i haven’t experienced the discoloration issue to any great extent – so that’s pretty unfortunate.

      i suspect the sleek fx undershirt will hold up better to washing than the tj micromodal because it’s made out of cotton/lycra. i don’t want to say cotton is stronger than micromodal, but it doesn’t pill.

      now that i’ve had my sleek fx undershirts for several days and had time to wear it, i’ve had time to formulate some initial thoughts. my full review will come soon, but for now, here’s some initial feedback:

      1. feel – awesome. i’ll give the sleek fx an a+ for feel. the 95% cotton/5% spandex blend is very soft and a little lighter than other 95/5 undershirts i’ve tried. overall, i like the feel of this 95/5 over others.
      2. fit – generally speaking the undershirt has an ok fit. i like the close body fit – and it’s not too tight.
      3. length – not so good. ridiculously long. laying flat, this medium sized undershirt is an ample 30.5″ long, but because it’s made with spandex, it easily stretch down to my thighs. it’s just too long.
      4. larger arm holes – i’m an average size guy, but the arm holes and upper torso design seems like it was designed for more muscular “v” shaped guys (big chest, small waist). if you’ve got this type of build, i think you’ll like the cut. for me, they are too big and in a resting position like i am now, there’s a bunch of bunching in the armpit area. although, i didn’t notice this much when wearing it.
      5. way too big v-neck opening – too wide and too deep. maybe in a resting, laying flat position it’s ok, but when wearing it, it opens up a lot. i don’t mind deeper v-necks because you can open up a couple buttons on your outer shirt and your undershirt won’t show, but i think the sleek fx cut, combined with the highly stretchy fabric, makes for a slightly too wide/deep neck opening.

      maybe if i sized down to a small, the fit would be better.

      thanks for the comments on slix underwear too!

  12. I’ll have to check these out the next time I am at Target. Still searching for a worthy 95/5 replacement for the Fruit of the Loom’s Active Collection under shirts.

    • it’s kinda funny how they make the “them” guy photo look pretty shabby. not only are they putting the guy in a box-cut undershirt that is at least one or two sizes too big for him, they also put him in some way baggy boxer shorts. a pretty unfair comparison if you ask me.

      but it does illustrate the benefit of wearing closer, properly fitting undershirts and underwear. i will tell you though (shhh, don’t tell anyone), that I wear form fitting boxer-briefs during the day, and change out to loose fitting boxer/boxer-briefs for my sleepwear. gives the “boys” a chance to breathe and relax *smile*.

      oh, and i never wear white underwear any more – ever. i was really interested in buying these sleek fx underwear to try them out, but they didn’t offer them in black or grey so i just could bring myself to buy something i knew i’d never wear moving forward.


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