Skin Tone UnderFit Undershirt

News just in from my pals over at UnderFit about the launch of their skin tone undershirt (aka invisible undershirt).

Hey Tug,

We just got our skin tone shirts on our site and wanted to drop ya a line.

Unlike the Sloane Men skin tone offerings, we designed one tone that works really well for skin tones ranging from Caucasian to Indian to Hispanic to African American.

I call it One Tone for All Mankind.

It is up on the site if ya wanna check it out.


Rules to wearing undershirts


UnderFit One Tone Undershirts

  • Website (link)
  • Color: Neutral (tan/beige/tone)
  • Price: $25 (for one); bulk pricing also available – as low as $22.50/each
  • Fabric: 95% ProModal / 5% Lyrcra 
  • Styles: V-Neck
  • Sizes: S-2XL

UnderFit One Tone Undershirt Photos


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