Skin Colored Long Sleeve Undershirts For Scrubs

Looking for skin colored long sleeve undershirts to wear under your scrubs? Here are my top recommendations.

Here’s a question that inspired this article:

Hi Tug,

Do you know any long sleeve undershirts with a flesh tone range?

I have tattoos on my arms, and instead of wearing a white, black, or other color long sleeve undershirt, I thought a skin tone undershirt would conceal them better.

I found some skin colored undershirts on your site, but none of them were long sleeve.


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Can you help?

Thanks, George

Long Sleeve Undershirts for Scrubs

Hi George,

Good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

There are plenty of brands making long sleeve undershirts for scrubs, or rather, to wear under your scrubs. However, I could not find any that offer flesh toned (tan, brown, beige, nude).

That said, there are a couple of underwear brands making nude/tan colored undershirts, offered in a long sleeve option.

ALBERT KREUZ underwear

I mentioned this brand many years ago, slightly poking fun at their use of the term invisible undershirt.

My position on flesh-tone men’s undershirts has changed over the years. Initially, I recommended wearing heather grey or light grey undershirts instead of skin tone colored undershirts.

Although I still prefer to wear light or heather grey undershirts moreso than tan undershirts, if I wear a white dress shirt that has some transparency to it, I will wear a tan undershirt.

Albert Kruez offers a nude/skin color long sleeve undershirt called Hamburg.

Albert Kruez light flesh tone long sleeve undershirt

More info:

Unbranded on eBay

A seller on eBay is selling this beige long sleeve undershirt, made from a blend of polyamide (nylon) & spandex.

Mens nude colored long sleeve undershirt

More info: | Seller: best_buymall_2014

L’Homme Invisible Long Sleeve Undershirt

L’Homme Invisible also offers a nude long sleeve men’s undershirt, as part of their skin color invisible underwear collection.

lhomme invisible nude color mens long sleeve undershirt

More info:


Check out Aliexpress for long sleeve undershirts. When searching, use terms like “skin color”, nude, beige, etc.

I found a brand called MANVIEW that used to sell a product called Ultrathin transparent Polymide Sexy Men’s Long Sleeve Undershirt. They offered that product in multiple colors, including a color they called “skin”.

Start your search fairly broad, such as: mens long sleeve undershirt. Then filter your search down from there.

More info:

Other Ideas

Here are two hacks that would give you the same look.

Nude/Tan Arm Sleeves

Depending on your particular use-case, these body colored arm sleeves may work for you.

Arm Sleeves that cover tattoos. Use instead of long sleeve undershirts

Just wear them on your arms with your favorite under-scrub undershirt, and it will look like you’re wearing a skin colored undershirt.

Dye Your Long Sleeve Undershirt Body Color

Find an undershirt in a dye-friendly fabric (cotton, nylon, viscose/rayon/bamboo) and dye it yourself at home.

You can check out this article from Gentleman’s Gazette, that has a “how to make a skin-colored shirt yourself” section.

Undershirts You Can Dye at Home

Check out these long sleeve undershirts, that are made with dye-friendly fabrics.

RibbedTee Execwear CoolNylon G2

Fabric: Nylon | More info: website

RibbedTee CoolNylon Long Sleeve Undershirt. Wear under Scrubs

Hanes long sleeve ComfortSoft t-shirt

Fabric: White is 100% cotton | More info: amazon

Hanes long sleeve t-shirt

East German undershirt

Fabric: 100% cotton, off white | More info: website

East German long sleeve crew neck undershirt

Do A Search: Long Sleeve Undershirts for Scrubs

Alternatively, do a search on Google or DuckDuckGo for “long sleeve undershirt for scrubs”, find a white one you like in a dye-friendly fabric, then dye it at home

Hope the above information helps!

Let me know if you have any other questions (:


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