Silk Undershirts. Where To Find Them.

Back at the beginning of July, a reader wrote in asking about where they could find short-sleeve v-neck silk undershirts. You can find that article here.

Today, reader EKC was kind enough to let us know about the men’s silk undershirts from

They offer the following types of silk tees/undershirts:

  1. Raglan Short Sleeve Crewneck Tee – comes in white and black
  2. Filament Short Sleeve V-neck undershirt – 100% filament silk. comes in white and black
  3. Men’s silk tank top – comes in black, gray, navy, white

Thanks for the information EKC! 

We really appreciate it.

Silk Underwear & Undershirts for Men

As of 2020, is no more. If you’re looking for any remaining items, check out eBay.

Here are some alternative brands making silk undershirts for men. Some also make silk underwear.

Men’s Silk Undershirts on Amazon

Metway – Silk men’s tank tops, underwear, and silk long johns

Terramar – Thermasilk long sleeve crew neck (like a long john top)

Fashion Silk – Silk thermal underwear

F.P. – Sheep milk silk crew neck t-shirt

Paradise Silk – Silk tank top for men, silk long johns

Here’s a link to a search on Amazon for silk undershirts for men.

Silk Underwear for Men on Amazon

Linasilk – men’s silk knitted boxers

Fishers Finery – boxers (silk)

TexereSilk – silk boxers

Intimo – silk boxers

Oscar Rossa – silk boxers

Royal Silk – boxers

Tony & Candice, Noble Mount, Up2date Fashion, Winday, NEIKU, and some others. 

Here’s a link to a search on Amazon for silk underwear for men.

4 thoughts on “Silk Undershirts. Where To Find Them.”

  1. Wintersilks is no longer in business. Although some of their silk products are available at Appleseeds, they are currently limited to women.

      • hey nina – there are some wintersilks brand products on ebay, so you may want to check there for any remaining men’s silk undershirts.

        outside of that, and if you’re looking for alternative brands that sell silk underwear & undershirts for men, check out this article again. i just updated it with some brands that sell male silk underclothing.

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