Short Undershirts That Don’t Need To Be Tucked

Do you know of where to find short undershirts that don’t need to be tucked?

Although I don’t get this question very often, I thought it would be good to post a new article about the topic of undershirts that don’t need to be tucked. Maybe we can find some additional information for this reader from other sources.

Here’s the question:

Hey Tug!

I need help with the following:

I’ve been buying Hanes ComfortSoft undershirts for a few years now (and I bought whatever they were called before that… probably going back 15 years). I’ve noticed that the past few times I’ve bought a new 6-pack (roughly every 9 months), the undershirt is a little bit longer though the sleeves are more or less the same length.

I’ve had to tuck in my undershirts for the past few months because they are often longer than my t-shirts or collard shirts. I looked all over your blog and couldn’t find anything regarding undershirts that don’t need to be tucked in.

So my question is, do you know of a brand makes a basic crew neck white undershirt, but isn’t necessarily “tuckable” length?

I see some good options in your measurement workbook, but I’d have to buy them online and couldn’t see them ahead of time.



hey will,

good to hear from you and thanks for being part of my inner circle!

if you can believe this, there aren’t many undershirts designed with shorter length. mostly that’s because undershirts are generally tucked in.

the one possibility i can think of off hand is to buy an undershirt designed for shorter men, but the only resource i know of off hand that carries such a product is jimmy au in beverly hills, ca.

the other option is to have your undershirts of choice shortened. that’s easily done at your local dry cleaner, seamstress, tailor. you can also check craigslist.

may i ask why you don’t like to tuck your undershirts in? do they feel too bulky?

Why This Reader Doesn’t Like to Tuck in His Undershirts

Thanks for your response. The undershirts I buy are generally cheap and bulkiness has never been an issue.

When I’m outside, I sweat a lot more if the undershirt is tucked in. If it’s left out, the whole back/spine area can ventilate easily, especially when it’s warm and humid most of the year.

I might try the dry cleaners.

A Final Thought

From my experience, some t-shirts are cut shorter than undershirts. So one option would be to seek out lightweight white t-shirts in place of a traditional undershirt.

Hint: Take a look at measurement “H” above. That is how to measure the overall length of a shirt/t-shirt/undershirt typically, and is how I measure every undershirt. If you want to check out the measurements of around 150 undershirts, check out my Undershirt Measurements Workbook.

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  1. +1! I have the exact same needs of an undershirt as the original asker for the the exact same reasons. Great to know I am not the only one. :)


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