Where Can I Find Short Sleeve V-Neck Silk Undershirts?

Here’s a really good question from one of our readers who is in search of a short sleeve v-neck silk undershirt:

Hi Tug! We are looking for a silk undershirt that is short-sleeved and v-necked but are having the most difficult time. Any advice?

Short Sleeve V-Neck Silk Undershirts

Silk undershirts are pretty tough to come by.

It’s even more difficult to track down a short-sleeved v-neck silk undershirt.

This is the only company I could find that offered a short-sleeved silk v-neck shirt that could possibly work as an undershirt:

New Zealand Nature

A New Zealand Website does offer a Unisex Silk V-neck t-shirt that could possibly double as an undershirt, but it’s only available in black.

They also have some white silk tank tops there too.

More Info: nznature.co.nz

Other Silk Undershirts

Here are some other companies that offer silk shirts/undershirts, but they do not offer v-necks:

  1. Zimmerli – They have a Silk DeLuxe undershirt, however, is only available in crew neck or tank top style. They also make a long sleeve silk shirt
  2. MaryGreen offers a Silk Knit Tee Shirt (mansilk.com no longer active) in various colors, however, they don’t offer any in v-neck
  3. Lastly, the Men’s Warehouse (link) does sell a man’s silk crew shirt (available in various colors) that may also double as an undershirt, but again, it’s only available in crew neck.

I hope the information above helps you out.

You may also want to check out some Modal undershirts as some of them have a very silk-like feel.

For example, Zimmerli has a line called Pureness that is made out of a Micromodal and Lycra blend (available in short sleeve, v-neck) that has a similar sheen and luster as silk that you may want to consider.

Folks, Please let me know if you’ve ever come across any really outstanding silk undershirts, especially any companies that offer short-sleeved v-necks, so we can share that information with this reader and the rest of the rapidly growing UndershirtGuy.com Community!

Thanks for reading!


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