Shock-Resistant Undershirts

Although not for everyday wear, shock-resistant undershirts and clothing have become an important protective gear component for many athletic sports and military personnel. In fact, virtually all members of the NFL and many of the NHL team wear the shock-resistant products from technology leader, Zoombang.

I came across this product not too long ago reading an article about how thankful Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Dwayne Roloson was of a “padded undershirt” he was wearing. Thought it was interesting technology, so decided to share more info about it here.

Zoombang is a viscoelastic polymer, and is soft and fluid-fluid like when at rest. It kind of reminds me of a clay-like substance or the gel-based ice packs we have in our freezer at Tug HQ.  Under impact, the Zoombang polymer stiffens and locks to a solid like state to provide maximum protection. Check out Zoombang’s technology page for more information.

On the sports side, the company offers products for football, hockey, baseball, basketball, lacross, and even bull riding! In addition, they have protective gear for figure skating, hunting, auto racing, and karting.

For the military, they offer protective gloves, knee pads, and the ever-so-important ballistic chest pad (absorbing shock from bullets).

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Rules to wearing undershirts

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Sweat Proof Undershirts

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