SHIRTLESS Undershirts Now Available In USA

Check out the SHIRTLESS Undershirt Review from my new guest writer “Crew”.

Makers of the lightweight, undetectable, and super soft Pima cotton undershirts, Israel-based SHIRTLESS has partnered up to bring their products to the United States.

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I learned about SHIRTLESS when company co-founder Iris posted a comment on my site. Here’s a bit on the back-story of SHIRTLESS Undershirts:

SHIRTLESS was conceived by Dudi Schwartz, a law professor who was frustrated with wearing those thick and bulky undershirts that were always coming untucked. He collaborated with fashion designer Iris Zveibil, who was instrumental in creating a sleek, ergonomic silhouette to ensure SHIRTLESS undershirts remained highly undetectable when worn.

At approximately half the weight of a typical undershirt – you’ll barely notice you even wearing one. You’ll feel you’re GOING SHIRTLESS!

SHIRTLESS Undershirts – Features

  • USA Website:
  • International Website:
  • Price: $22
  • Fabric: 100% Pima Cotton
  • Styles: Deep V-Neck, Crew Neck
  • Color: White
  • Description: The ultimate, undetectable, unnoticeable undershirt! So thin and lightweight, you’ll forget you’re wearing an undershirt!
  • Other features: Extra deep v-neck, Unnoticeable even with two buttons of your outer shirt unbuttoned, ultra light fabric, Anatomic design – Raglan Sleeves. Seamless shoulder

SHIRTLESS Undershirts – Photos




Rules to wearing undershirts

I received my samples back in October and have to give these guys some kudos for making an undershirt that exactly matches their marketing points.

The fit is generous and n0n-fitted, so my recommendation would be to size down for a closer fit. I normally wear size Medium undershirts, and my size Small SHIRTLESS undershirt fits pretty good.

Very lightweight, but not see-through. So guys looking for an undershirt that could also double as a t-shirt, would likely be pretty happy with this product.

I’m going to see if I can get the help of a reader to do a full review.

The company has offered a free sample to the first person willing to try out the undershirt and write a review for

Any takers?



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9 thoughts on “SHIRTLESS Undershirts Now Available In USA”

    • hey seryozha — dunno, but it’s only been about 2 weeks since i wrote the article. let’s check with rob (:

      heya rob — did get the shirtless undershirt yet? when were you planning to write up the review?

      • Thanks. I actually decided to give them a try and just waiting for them to come in. One thing that set me aback a bit Is they are actually made by ribbed tee? Nothing against ribbed tee personally, it just seemed a bit shady.

      • heya seryozha! thanks for the update. keep us posted!

        actually, shirtless undershirts are not made by ribbedtee. they are made by shirtless, a company based in israel (, founded by dudi schwartz and iris zveibil.

        the founders of shirtless were looking for representation and product distribution in the united states, and got connected to ribbedtee. per the about page on, ribbedtee designs llc is operating the website, and acting as a north american distributor for the shirtless undershirt product.

        fwiw: i see this kind of distribution partnership / diversification stuff all the time. for example, the makers of kleinert’s undershirts, resells/distributes underworks compression shirts. klimadeodorant resells/distributes other complimentary products in addition to their own. and firm51 in the uk, is a reseller of usa-made underworks compression shirts – though they don’t make it known that it’s an underworks product.

        anyway, let us know what you think of the undershirt after you’ve had a chance to give it a test drive!

      • heya larry. thanks for responding. rob was first to offer, so i’ll be forwarding his information over to shirtless usa.

        if that doesn’t work out, i’ll keep you as the back-up reviewer (:

    • heya rob, great to hear! i’ll forward your information over to the folks at shirtless usa and have them get in contact with you for your free sample.

      once you get it and try it out, let me know what you think. for the review, you can check out my undershirt reviews section and see the format i generally stick to. if you just follow that format, i think it’ll make for a great review.

      are you going for the deep v-neck or crew neck?


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