SHIRTLESS Undershirt Review. The Good & The Bad

The following SHIRTLESS undershirt review was written by my new guest blogger “Crew”. He was provided with a complimentary undershirt from the company.

Nothing catches my attention more then when Tug, sends out an email to his readers about new light-weight undershirt products that enter the market.

I am a northern born and bred dude living in the hot, humid south. The work gods have deemed it necessary that I wear dress shirts and suits to work. So needless to say, I suffer four months out of the year. I’m on a constant pursuit for the latest and greatest break-throughs in undergarments that will give me more comfort.

Enter the new SHIRTLESS Undershirt product conceived and developed by a man named Dudi Schwartz that suffered the same plight as me.

As a reader of the, I was recently given the opportunity to receive a free sample of a size-large crew neck SHIRTLESS Undershirt.

SHIRTLESS Undershirt Photos (Click to Enlarge)

shirtless crew neck undershirt: laying flat
shirtless undershirt zero-waste packing: using left over fabric
SHIRTLESS pouch/packaging
shirtless crew neck undershirt

After receiving it and giving it a try, here are my comments:


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SHIRTLESS Undershirts: The Good Things

Shipping Speed

The package arrived quickly in the mail – within a couple days. That is a pretty reliable indicator that future paying customers will be pleased with the turn-around time in which they receive their paid products from this company.

Shipping Grade = A+

The Packaging

Very unique baggy made of the same or similar material as the shirt with a draw string and product information imprinted in black. Won’t make a hill-of beans difference in whether you like the shirt, but the presentation is very professional and cool.

Grade = A+


Shirt washes well in the laundry and seemed to hold up just fine. Note: I always air dry my premium undershirts to allow them to last longer. Then when they are fully dried, I tumble dry them on medium heat for a short duration with a softener sheet to increase softness. I did just that with this shirt and all looked to be fine.

Grade = A+

Undershirt Weight

The shirt is incredibly light weight. For the first time, I could actually truly agree that it is the type of shirt you forget you are wearing. Its much more light-weight than the current RibbedTee product I am wearing.

Grade = A+


Almost virtually nothing. I tested the crew-neck product, and wore it with a typical dress shirt buttoned up without a tie, merely a sliver of it showed up. Sometimes not at all.

Grade = A-

Miscellaneous Fitting Elements

The shirt is forgiving, and is slightly oversized. Most guys (including this writer) appreciate that. So if you get this shirt and you are borderline on the size chart, consider going a size down.

The length of the shirt was just right because it tucked in and stayed in well. But it was not so long that you had too much material stuffed into your pants.

Other products I have tried have a problem with the armpit of the shirt riding up, and cutting into your skin and that makes for an uncomfortable day. Not this shirt. Not a problem at all.

Grade = A

The Not So Good


The price might be just a bit much for a major part of this companies shopping demographic. At $22/shirt, it is something that I would have to shop for only from time to time when I could afford it.

But if you want quality, then I suppose you have to pay the price for it. As cool as the packaging is, perhaps the company could minimalize on that to save consumers a buck or two.

Grade = B


The shirt is not see-through, which is amazing considering how light weight it is. But I respectfully disagree with Tug on its versatility as doubling as a t-shirt. My reason is the look of the seam and stitching around the collar.

It just seemed to me like it looked like something intended to be an undergarment. One man’s opinion.

Grade = C

Sweat Absorbency

I do not know how absorbent the shirt is. Its awfully thin. Fortunately, I do not sweat very much. You may have to test that aspect out with another reader.

Grade = N/A

Final Thoughts

Many thanks to Tug and the folks at SHIRTLESS for the opportunity to try out and own one of these fine shirts.

The creators of this shirt have definitely put in a lot of thought and effort and it shows. Well done. It’s the best light-weight undershirt I have tried.

It will definitely have a permanent place at the top of my undershirt drawer because it will be the first one I look for when I get ready for work. Despite the price point, I strongly suggest that everyone go out and pick up one up if you desire the level of comfort this product can deliver.

Overall grade = A

“Crew” from Charleston, S.C.

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