Semi See-Through Sheer Undershirt?

Are you looking for an undershirt that is partially see-through (sheer)?

Hi Tug,

I do not want a white undershirt.

I want to buy a quite fitting non-white under shirt which will SHOW OFF MY NIPPLES.

I want a V under shirt which will tug deep over my underwear plastic band.

Which brands should I consider?


American Apparel Semi-Sheer V-Neck T-Shirt
American Apparel Semi-Sheer V-Neck T-Shirt

See-Through Undershirts (Sheer Undershirts)

heya ong,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for sending in your email!

so, the only longer, semi-transparent t-shirts/undershirts that i know of that come in non-white colors are:

  1. american apparel has some men’s see thru t-shirts, but only one v-neck style
  2. urban outfitters has some looser weave t-shirts, but you’ll have to take a closer look at their various options to see what is as see through as you like
  3. h&m offers a semi see-through triblend t-shirt that’s available in black
  4. epic sports offers a burn-out tee in black, that they say is a little sheer
  5. ribbedtee offers a retro fit line in 50/50 poly/cotton (white) and triblend (heather grey) that are semi-sheer

if you can’t find what you’re looking for in one of the above items, i’d recommend focusing on finding a white sheer t-shirt, then dye it the color you want at home using rit dye.

i just used black rit dye to color one of my white semi-sheer undershirts, so i could use it as my night/sleep undershirt, and it turned out pretty good. looks a little like an eggplant color — or at least that’s what my wife says (:

hope the information above helps! keep me posted and let me know what you buy and what you think of it.

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