How To Find Semi See-Through Sheer Undershirts

Are you looking for an undershirt that is partially see-through (sheer)?

Hi Tug,

I do not want a white undershirt.

Looking to buy a quite fitting non-white under shirt which will SHOW OFF MY NIPPLES.

Would prefer a V-neck undershirt which will tug deep over my underwear plastic band.

Which brands should I consider?


Sweat Proof Undershirts


– Ong
Black sheer transparent t-shirt for men
Transparent Short Sleeve T-shirt from Hipster Wardrobe

See-Through Undershirts (Sheer Undershirts)

Heya Ong,

Good to hear from you buddy and thanks for sending in your email!

The only longer, semi-transparent t-shirts/undershirts that I know of that come in non-white colors are:

  1. L’Homme Invisible has a large selection of sheer t-shirts (undershirts)
  2. Hipstore Wardrobe on AliExpress sells men’s transparent t-shirts (undershirts) in white, black, blue, and beige/nude (called flesh color)
  3. WIDYZON YJ Store on AliExpress sells men’s sheer transparent t-shirts (undershirts) in white, red, purple, & black
  4. RibbedTee offers a Retro Fit line in 50/50 poly/cotton (white) and Tri-blend (heather grey) that are semi-sheer

Be sure to scour sites like eBay, AliExpress, and Amazon, and search for keywords like:

  • sheer
  • mesh
  • transparent

If you’re looking for t-shirts that are even more see-through, search for terms like fishnet.

If you can’t find a sheer or transparent t-shirt in the color that you like, find a white sheer t-shirt, then dye it the color you want at home using Rit Dye.

I just used black Rit Dye to color one of my white semi-sheer undershirts, so I could use it as my night/sleep undershirt. It turned out pretty good. Looks a little like an eggplant color — or at least that’s what my wife says (:

Hope the information above helps! Keep me posted and let me know what you buy and what you think of it.

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3 thoughts on “How To Find Semi See-Through Sheer Undershirts”

  1. Hi
    My partner is allergic to his work uniform and needs a very thin t shirt that won’t add warmth. Also thin trousers for the same reason to go under his tactical pants. He can’t wear an alternate uniform and is suffering major reactions from sweating in the heat from the dye.
    Can you please recommend a solution. I’m googling a lot, however a lot seem to be thermals which will cook him.
    Thank you

  2. The nylon undershirts from Players also are quite thin and available in several colors. If you get the right size it might check the boxes.

    I tried a couple because they were lightweight, and if anything consider their slight transparency a bit of a downside. You can definitely see somewhat through them.

    Note: They are quite affordable but one I got had a defect. However, customer service seems to be friendly and doing a good job replacing it.


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