Searching For Colored Ribbed Tank Tops?

Good success story here that I wanted to share.

Reader looking for a replacement for his American Apparel ribbed tank tops:


Help me Undi-One! I used to buy American Apparel ribbed tanks as they were the best ribbed tanks IMO for fit and quality. They had a great weight, stretch and COLORS (damn you Mack Weldon…).

Can you give me some suggestions?

I tried the Hanes no tag 3 pack and they were garbage, too thin and terrible fit.


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I am a San Francisco so it’s never warm nor cold here – so I prefer a thicker quality weight of shirt, I am fit, so I like the shirty not to be baggy, and as all men know: White is a liability. 1-2 white tanks good to go but the other 10-12 should be in colors, black, blue, grey, red, etc.

Thanks man!


Ribbed Tank Tops (in Colors)

Heya Brad,

I was visiting a couple sites and thought of you/your question.

You should check out Pro5 and Pro Club. They both have tank top offerings that may be worth looking at.

Pro Club

They have outerwear tanks, and inside wear tanks. This is their wholesale site, but you can probably find a reseller site pretty easily too.



Several colors, 3-pack for $12

Pro5 Navy Ribbed Tank Top
Pro5 Navy Ribbed Tank Top


Hope the information helps! let me know what you wind up buying. ok?

Brad Finds Happiness


These Pro5 tanks are awesome!

My only complaint is that they shrink quite a bit, but the quality and feel are off the charts!

Super super value! Much better than paying for the American Apparel prices! Thanks man!!

Can’t thank you enough – I bought five (5) 3-packs in assorted colors!

I used to be so set on American Apparel due to their quality, but these are just as nice an 1/3rd the cost!



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