Is Rounderbum Body Shaming Men?

A Rounderbum marketing agency recently sent me a pitch about the Rounderbum Shapewear products.

But, are they unknowingly body shaming men?


Hope you are doing well!

I am reaching out because I have a product I know the readers at would love to learn more about.

As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank TV Show, Rounderbum uses modern day technology and science to create men’s shapewear garments made for comfort, discretion, and undeniable results.

Let’s face it, we’ve all got insecurities, males and females alike.

Whether it’s lack of muscle definition, a flat booty or shortage of volume in other places, no one is perfect. And it’s totally okay to admit it!

Rounderbum men’s shapewear offers a variety of options help men look and feel confident, masculine and bold in their every day lives.

Rounderbum package enhancing underwear before and after
Rounderbum package enhancing underwear before and after

What Might Hold Men Back?

Embarrassment. We’ve all felt it and swallowing your pride is hard for anyone.

Purchasing a product that enhances your body isn’t the norm for men but it’s time we change that give men the confidence they deserve to feel every day.

Whether your heading to work, a football game or date night, Rounderbum is ideal for any event that life brings on.

Rounderbum offers five effective technologies for men.

I’ve included more information below and would love to send you a sample so you can experience the results for yourself.

Looking forward to hearing back so and please reach out if you have any questions.

All the best.

No One Is Perfect

The phrase “no one is perfect” got me wondering. Is Rounderbum knowingly or unknowingly body shaming men?

I definitely agree that we all have certain insecurities. 

Being completely honest, I have my fair share of them. Weight, having slightly puffy nipples, and a lack of overall body image confidence being three of them.

I was fairly heavy when I was young, and received my fair share of fat-shaming.

Throughout my life I’ve struggled with my weight. Although people may not look at me now and think of me as overweight, I can’t help but think that I still am.

Instead of pretending I don’t have a weight or body image hang-up, I’ve decided to own it. 

Meaning, I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% confident with my body no matter how in shape I may get. And, I accept that.

That said, is saying that “no one is perfect” helping or hurting people’s inherit and real insecurities?

What is perfect anyway? In my opinion, it’s an un-achievable myth.

Rounderbum Marketing

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against men’s shapewear products. I’ve written about them for years.

I’ve also worn nearly 100 different types shapewear for men products, and do admit some of them definitely boost my confidence when wearing them.

But, should Rounderbum be associating a flatter stomach, the appearance of a larger penis, or a rounder more plump “bum” with some abstract idea of perfection?

Or, does that just make the problem worse?

Fuck Being Politically Correct

I’m no snowflake, and I pretty much loathe any extreme views of the need for political correctness.

That said, I don’t support the idea of brands aligning certain imagery or messaging in a way the implies consumers are sub-standard if they don’t meet certain implied standards presented by the brand.

This is not about being over sensitive, it’s about calling brands out so they can be more aware of what they are doing.

Am I suggesting that brands stop using slender, fit, and subjectively attractive individuals in their marketing and product photos?

No, I am not.

But I do think that brands should be as inclusive as possible, while maintaining what they believe are their core values.

A Message To Rounderbum

Men with low body fat, defined abs, large dicks, and plump round butts are no better than those of us without.

We don’t need look a certain way in order to be great versions of ourselves.

I’m sure your men’s shapewear is good, and does help many feel more confident. Heck, I’d probably even enjoy wearing some of it.

But please reconsider some of your messaging, so that it doesn’t imply we can’t be our own version of perfect without it.

4 thoughts on “Is Rounderbum Body Shaming Men?”

  1. I’m a woman, and I just don’t get the fake package thing. I have similar confusion about gel bras which fake a big rack.

    If you’re trans, or have had a mastectomy or other cancer surgery or an accident/military damage, I can see wanting to add something prosthetic to give you a similar look to the one you expect to see when you look down. And although I don’t wear shape wear, I can understand the appeal of a garment which makes you look your best.

    But when it comes to adding in something that isn’t there, and it’s not about one of the aforementioned goals (trans/surgery)… I have small boobs, and I always just thought, what if you’re wearing a fake boob bra, and you meet someone, and go to get intimate with that person; surely when it’s time to take your clothes off, you’re going to be feeling less confident than ever?

    And not for nothing, but the other person is probably going to be pretty confused too! (Though I think you’d have to be a real bastard of a person to bring it up).

    Seems to me that you might as well just go with what you’ve got. If you want to wear a shirt that pulls your gut in or some undies that lift your butt, and that makes you feel extra confident, then go for it. That seems like it’s fundamentally not that different than say, a great pair of jeans that really flatter your ass. But I’d rather not strap on an extra body part which I suddenly have to explain the disappearance of.

    As for the gent who experienced the loss of his testicles due to cancer…look, I’ve not been there, and so I won’t pretend to know how it feels; it would be disingenuous of me to suggest otherwise.

    From a female perspective, I can’t see minding about the absence of some balls; maybe visually it would take a moment to get used to, but then doesn’t every new partner’s body represent a (fun!) new learning curve?

    And any guy who wants to be an asshole about it is shooting themselves in the foot, because they’re not immune from having the same thing happen to them in the future. I’m guessing that the concern for some gents is maybe that, if you haven’t told someone what your situation is, some nosy people may just assume that the lack of definition in that area is due to a smaller penis?

    If that’s the case, then look at it this way: when that lucky lady gets down there, it’s kind of like a nice surprise; like, it’s ALL package! :D

  2. tug, I have never said this over the internet or to my closest friends! I had testicle cancer when I was 31, and had to have both testicles removed!!

    I had testicle implants inserted during the operation, and they were good, for looks only! but after 2-4 months I started to have med. problems with the implants. so had them removed. so I saw one day of forming or enhancing underwear.

    so I purchased some bikini underwear and wore them with pride, but under or in your speedo, the forms were made from a sponge-like material! so after swimming with the form showing underwear, I had to wring out my underwear or on the beach the would drip for ever!!!!

    so now in my early 60’s I just wear board shorts non-stop at the beach and go from there!


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