Robinul Reduces Excessive Head and Face Sweat

This information about Robinul comes courtesy of a reader named Raj. Raj came across my How To Manage Head & Face Sweat Article from last year.

Initially, he posted it as a comment in the above article.

But since he was helpful, I decided to turn it into a full-fledged article.

How Robinul Helps with Excessive Sweating

Here is what Raj wrote:

Hi Tug,

I am a doctor and I’ve had lifelong issue with excessive sweating.

I finally went ahead and did ETS surgery in 2011 since I had embarrassing facial sweating when seeing patients in office.

However, now I have even worse compensatory hyperhidrosis on chest, abdomen, back, and legs. I feel that I should never have done the surgery.

I have facial and scalp sweating when I eat (gustatory hyperhidrosis).

The issue is preventing me from going to social events like dinners etc.

Overall, I feel miserable.

Hence, I have ordered the Sutran undershirts and I want to see how they work.

The reason I am posting here is that I discovered an option for gustatory or any kind of facial oversweating. It is called topical glycopyrrollate (the drug Robinul).

  • Robinul has been available as tablets for a long time, but it has severe side effects of dry mouth etc.
  • However, topical application is very effective and has virtually no side effects.
  • When applied once per day, it will block about 70-80% of the sweating .
  • The only problem is that it is not available in regular pharmacies.
  • People will have to get it from a compounding pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription. (It is packed in a 1 or 2% glycopyrrolate roll-on bottle ).

Hope this helps the folks with the gustatory or facial hyperhidrosis issue.

Finally, I’m not sure if it works in armpit sweating. I’ve never tried.

Also, it’s not practical for use on general chest, back or lower leg sweating.  It’s too expensive and hard to use. It comes in a small roll-on bottle for the entire body.

Users might also have side effects of Robinul absorbed from skin into blood.

– Raj

Topical Glycopyrrolate

I could not find too much on Robinul. However, I did find some articles and product solutions related to topical glycopyrrolate.

On the US National Library of Medicine, I found two articles related to this medicine:

  1. Efficacy and safety of topical glycopyrrolate in patients with facial hyperhidrosis (link)
  2. Topical glycopyrrolate reduces axillary hyperhidrosis (link)

Specifically, an interesting piece of information that I found on topical glycopyrrolate was this:

Glycopyrrolate applied topically can penetrate the skin to block the nerve signals that stimulate the sweat glands, and therefore, resulting in a reduction of sweat secretion.

If you notice, it says it blocks the nerve signals, not the sweat glands.

By the way, it sounds similar to what Qbrexza (Glycopyrronium) does.

After a bit of research, I was able to find one similar product online.

Still nothing about Robinul.

BiosenseClinical Glycopyrrolate Topical Spray

how topical glycopyrrolate robinul works

BiosenseClinical Glycopyrrolate Topical Spray

  • This is the website.
  • Available volume: 15ml
  • Strengths: 0.5% and 1%
  • Price for each strength:
    • $19.50 (0.5%)
    • $29.50 (1%)

Topical Robinul

Furthermore, if you’d like to learn more about topical Robinul, please consult your doctor.

4 thoughts on “Robinul Reduces Excessive Head and Face Sweat”

  1. I have suffered from cranial hyperhidrosis that has increased as I have aged.

    I finally found a dermatologist in Toronto, Ontario who prescribed glycopyrrolate topical available through a pharmacy located in Toronto. I receive them as pads at 2.5% strength.

    This medication has been life changing for me.

    I have golfed in hot, humid weather and have not experienced symptoms of hyperhidrosis. I read reviews on this pharmacy and they appear to ship worldwide.

    The cost is $42.99 for a jar of 30 pads. I have just submitted my first prescription to. Y insurance carrier to see if it would be covered, not sure why I didn’t do this a year ago.

    The name of the pharmacy is Central Medical Pharmacy, 311 Sherbourne St., Toronto, Ontario M5A 3Y1, tel.414 960-7768., web:

    I always order online and the service is quick and shipping costs reasonable.

    I hope this I formation is helpful to someone as I know only too well how embarrassing etc. This condition is and how difficult it is to find help.

    • heya sue, thanks for that information.

      so glad to hear that you found topical glycopyrrolate in that strength, and glad to hear it’s working well for you!

      looks like that online pharmacy also has:
      topical glycopyrrolate 3% @ 47.99
      topical glycopyrrolate 3.5% @ 52.99

      i looked on their website (which is pretty horrible from a shopping/usability pov), and it looks like you can place an order without a prescription.

      that leaves me a little confused. do you need a prescription to buy the topical glycopyrrolate from them?

      there is a note in checkout that says the following: “For your safety, some medication purchases may require the pharmacist to contact you before the sale is completed.”

      but, a pharmacist can’t issue you a prescription, so i’m wondering how one goes about ordering that product if they don’t have a prescription.

      any ideas?

      also, how long does the sweat-blocking effect of one pad last for you? i’m curious as to how long 30 pads would last for someone.

    • Does it help stop sweating the groin area and butt? And does it keep you dry all day I’m your pants instead of sweating through my pants making it uncomfortable

      • heya zack, i’m not sure if this particular product (topical robinul or topical glycopyrrolate) should be used on the groin or butt area.

        that said, i have used 7-day antiperspirant wipes in those areas from time to time, and they work pretty well.

        you can find a list of 7-day or more long lasting antiperspirants (including wipes) on my sweat management article:

        let me know if you have any questions!

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