Robert Owen Luxury Undershirts from the UK

Here’s a new UK-based undershirt manufacturer, offering a luxury undershirt collection.


Firstly, thanks for your blog. I’ve learned so much from your research and insight.

I love the way you stay true to your cause. I expect you’ve enlightened many, like me, along the way.

We’ve just launched a new luxury undershirt brand in the UK called Robert Owen.

Our summer collection has the Oxford undershirt, which is super-soft, tailored to fit and made from bamboo fabric.

If you think your readers would be interested, I’d be more than happy to send you a press pack.

I know you are a one off Tug, but I’ve got to ask this question. Is there anyone as knowledgeable as you on this side of the Atlantic covering the UK market?

If there is I’ve not found them yet. It would be good to get a pointer if you are in touch with anyone in the UK.

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

Let me know if you would like more info.

Oxford Undershirt Details

  • Oxford Product Page: link
  • Price: £32.00 ($41.20 USD)
  • Fabric: 95% rayon made from bamboo and 5% elastane
  • Fabric Weight: 170 grams per square meter
  • Colors: White, Ivory
  • Collar Style: V-Neck
  • Double panels under the arm to absorb perspiration and protect shirts
  • A pocket between the double panels allows sweat pads to be discreetly fitted if required
  • Shipping is FREE but it’s only available in the UK (for now)
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I may be wrong, but I interpreted their shipping policy is that they are currently only shipping to to UK addresses, and offering that for no charge. Though, you may want to check with the company to make sure.

Note: If you live outside the UK, but want to order from Robert Owen, you can try signing up for a mail forwarding service like Forward2me, Borderlinx, UK Postbox, Skypax, or

There are probably others, and if you know of any that you use, please tell me about them in the comments section below.

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