RIPT Fusion Tank Top Review

With the exception of my new, oh so comfy CK Micromodal undershirt that I’ve been testing out lately, the balance of my regularly worn undershirts haven’t been getting very much love lately.

Why’s that?

Well my friends, it seems as though every time I turn around, I’m wearing one one the 20+ (and counting) men’s slimming/shapewear undershirts I now possess.

No, I’m not ready to become a convert and wear them in place of the regular undershirts I wear.

That said, my routine of late has either had me at the gym, where I stack 2-3 compression undershirts, or out socializing with friends where I like to take the opportunity to test out the slimming undershirts (while feeling a little more svelte in the process).

If you recall the announcement back in early May, the folks over at RIPT Fusion HQ announced the release of their new RIPT Fusion Body Sculpting Tank Tops.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Well the super duper nice and very charming ladies of RIPT were kind enough to hook me up with two of the medium-sized RIPT tank tops ($54 or $58 for the big & tall).

If you’re too anxious to read the rest of this review, and just want to buy one to try it out, head on over to the Ript Fusion Website ( no longer active) or and you can order yourself one.

I’m pretty sure they are already at some retailers as well, but I don’t know which ones off hand. As soon as I find out, I’ll be sure to post that information here.

RIPT Tank Tops

The RIPT tank tops are constructed very similar to their brother – the original RIPT Fusion Body Sculpting Undershirt.

The undershirts are constructed in three parts:

  1. top/chest – a very soft 95% cotton / 5% elastane fabric blend that essentially fits and looks like any other tank top (no compression in the chest area)
  2. middle/body panel – the work-horse of the tank made from a double-layer 82% polyester / 18% elastane fabric blend. this section is cut into a hour-glass shape where the narrowest section is approximately 2.5″ narrower and is the section that smooths out your love handles and flattens the stomach area
  3. bottom/sweep – the bottom 3.5″ inches of the garment (the part that tucks into your pants) is smartly made out the same cotton blend as the top part which pretty much eliminates the dreaded roll-up effect found in many of the other slimming/compression undershirts

Now, I am very happy to report that the folks at RIPT made one very positive design change to their newest shapewear products.

The original RIPT Fusion undershirt tops and bottoms were made from 100% cotton that was not as forgiving as I would have liked.

In fact, in my review last August I made mention of it:

I think the fit could go from good to awesome if they infused a wee bit of lycra/spandex into the cotton itself. Possibly 5% or less.

That would provide for a slightly more forgiving fit in the upper area and allow people to size down even further so they can get additional slimming benefits.

Not sure if they took heed to my suggestion, or if very talented Ms. Heather Thompson had it planned, but the change from 100% cotton to the 95/5 blend goes a long way in making the top part more forgiving and more comfortable.

Note: I also heard they’ve made that same change to their full RIPT undershirts as well, but I’m not sure when or where those will be available exactly.

RIPT Fusion Tank Top Review

I’ve had the opportunity to wear the RIPT tank top on several occasions for several hours each time and I’ve been pretty pleased with tank overall as it combines comfort of a regular tank with moderate control in the mid section that helps smooth out your sides and hold in your stomach some.

It’s not the high-compression type tank top like some of the other men’s shapewear products, but it’s a great tank to wear if you’re looking for a blend of comfort and mid-section support.

Here’s a quick recap and thoughts about the new RIPT Fusion body sculpting tank top:

  1. Looks like a typical tank top on top, so folks will never know it’s a shapewear tank top unless you take off your outer shirt completely
  2. Runs true to size, but because the tank is constructed with stretch cotton (95% cotton / 5% elastane), you could try sizing down one to get more midsection support and slimming. I normally wear a medium and I’m pretty sure I could fit in a small.
  3. Support/Slimming is isolated to the midsection – starting right at the bottom of your pecs, extending down to your waist (just under your love handles). No compression or flattening for the chest
  4. Tank tops provide a moderate amount of slimming and flattening of the stomach and side area. Because you feel that support, it kinda reminds you to hold in your stomach too.
  5. The medium RIPT tank doesn’t provide as much slimming/shaping as some of the other medium tanks I’ve tried, but you might realize some added support and compression if you size down one size.
  6. If you’re looking for shapewear tank top that provides a balance between comfort and smoothing, you’ll be happy with the new RIPT Fusion body sculpting tank top


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