RIPT FUSION – A New Compression “Undershirt on Steroids”

Here’s what Heather has to say about why she created this new Men’s undershirt:

“Men today care about their appearance and their health, but are unwilling to compromise comfort,” states creator Heather Thomson, “That’s why I have fused fashion and function in the creation of a new version of the classic men’s undershirt that provides unique benefits without sacrificing comfort.”

Heather previously served as the creative force behind P. Diddy’s Sean John clothing label where she mastered her understanding of what appeals to the most sophisticated and discriminating men.

RIPT Fusion Overview

The compression characteristics and shirt design of RIPT FUSION are similar to that of Yummie Tummie, in that they use a dual fabric technology where the mid panel of the undershirt is made from 79% Polyester, 21% Spandex and the chest and sweep of the shirt are made from 100% lightweight cotton.

This new men’s compression undershirt is bound to give Equmen, Sculptees, Firm51, and others a run for their money. I really like the concept behind Heather’s design because conceptually it will not only give you the comfort in the places where it matters the most (torso/chest and arms), it gives you the compression where it’s needed most (around your waist and love handle area).


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I also like the fact that the sweep (the bottom of the undershirt) is made of cotton and not the polyester/spandex blend because I think it will keep the undershirt from rolling up like some other compression undershirts I’ve tried.

ript fusion men's slimming undershirt before and after

Not too long ago I checked out the Yummie Tummie website, reading up on Heather, and I was asking myself why she hadn’t designed a men’s shapewear / compression undershirt yet — man, I ought to be a psychic.

Here’s some information about Ript Fusion Website from their website:

RIPT FUSION is a body-sculpting undershirt designed to support your core, shave inches off your belly and enhance your posture. Immediately, you will look and feel better in your clothes with a heightened sense of core consciousness.

Styles: Short Sleeve Crew, Short Sleeve V-Neck
Price: $58

RIPT Fusion Product Details

  • Classic men’s undershirt
  • Designed to physiologically shape your body while visibly improving your physique.
  • Body-sculpting undershirt designed to support your core
  • Soft cotton fabric, tricot tummy panel
  • US Utility and Design Patents Pending
  • Slick fabric won’t cling to clothes
  • Panel firmly shapes and smoothes bust line to hips
  • Moisture-wicking, keeps you feeling cool and dry
  • Elongated design, won’t roll up
  • Ageless for comfort
  • Perfect for layering
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Body Panel: 79% Polyester, 21% Spandex
  • Style MK1002 – Short Sleeve Crew
  • Style MK1003 – Short Sleeve V-Neck

I guess this is the year of men’s shapewear. I’ve heard for some time that Spanx was coming out with a men’s compression undershirt as well, and based on some of the articles I’ve been reading lately, that announcement is imminent.

I’ll reach out to the company to see if they might be willing to give yours truly a sample RIPT FUSION to review! Stay tuned.


I heard back from the folks at RIPT FUSION and they agreed to send me a sample to try out and review here! This is going to be Awesome! As soon as I receive it, I’ll snap some pictures and post them here. Stay Tuned.

Update 2:

Still anxiously awaiting my sample. Exchanged emails with Heather’s PR person and was told that I should be getting my sample by early next week. Although, the person did mention that the RIPT Fusion was getting TONs of interest (so it sounds like initial sales could be going really well). 

By the way, I think Heather should put a hypen in the name like this “RIP-T” so we know the name is pronounced “rip tee” and not like “ripped” or “ript”. Hmm, I wonder if people will get RIPT (rip tee) mixed up with RibbedTee??

Update 3:

Got word from their PR folks yesterday that the sample is on it’s way. So, I should be getting it any day! Get ready for my upcoming review :)

Update 4:

Ugh, still haven’t received my RIPT Fusion. Oh man, where’s the love? Hmm, maybe they sent it via Pony Express. In the meantime, I was checking out RIPT Fusion’s Facebook & Twitter pages and found some pretty interesting stuff.  Check them out!


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20 thoughts on “RIPT FUSION – A New Compression “Undershirt on Steroids””

  1. Hey Tug,

    I was looking at getting one of these shirts and was wondering how the compression was on the under arms. I recently lost 40lbs and I don’t have issues with my chest not being flat, but rather I have an issue of skin bulging under my armpits on my side. Do you have any suggestions for a different compression shirt if this is not a good choice?

    Thanks in advance!

    • hey alex! thanks for stopping by my site and posting your question. congrats on loosing the 40lbs! that’s terrific buddy!!

      the ript fusion slimming top doesn’t have compression fabric in the top section or underarm area – that part is made from a 95/5 (cotton/spandex) blend.

      if you need compression in the underarm area, you might have to stay away from muscle & tank compression tops since they might make the underarm bulging even more pronounced/obvious/visible.

      most any other compression undershirt should work, but it’s hard to tell which one would be the most effective. but one thought i have is that if you think a tight (one size smaller than you normally wear) 95/5 undershirt would work some to control/smooth your underarm area, then you could pretty much be safe with spanx for men (any), equmen (more athletic style), gc2, underworks, etc. of course for around $12 you could try the evolve-brand shapewear available at target – might be an inexpensive way to see if that kind of shaping product would work for you.

      i just got a new dual-compression (chest/waist) gc2 in the mail today. i haven’t yet tried it out, but it looks like a pretty nice compression/smoothing top.

      hey, would you do me a huge favor?? can you make sure to come back here and keep me posted? tell me what you try, and how you like it. would really appreciate it buddy!

      • hey alex, not sure i’m going to get to a review on the gc2 anytime soon, but the dual compression tank is pretty good. i’m not sure i’m totally sold on the fabric blend, but it does hold my shit in pretty well.

        i also got a new original gc2 compression tank in size medium, but i thought it fit a bit too tight in the arm hole area, and more tight than my original gc2 which i like very much.

        just a note – to put them on, i had to step into them vs. putting them on like a normal t-shirt. some of these tighter compression tops are not easy to put on or take off for sure!!

  2. Ript Fusion’s size chart indicates a 36-inch waist is size XXL. Is that the measurement without compression or with compression? If it’s without compression, many many men shouldn’t even think of consider buying a Ript Fusion shirt. This is the first time I’ve heard of a 36-inch waist characterized as extra, extra large — large or extra large perhaps but not extra, extra large.

    • hi sjc, the ript fusion size chart on their site is a little misleading and i’ve heard they are going to update it. i suggest ordering the same size ript fusion as you normally would wear in an undershirt. you’ll also see that same recommendation on other sites where you can buy ript fusion. you’ll get a good fit and moderate to good compression in the mid section. thanks for stopping by the site!

  3. Just received my new RIP’T order. I usually wear a size medium, in my Sport Dress Shirts. But this past year, I’ve been forced to buy a couple of larges. Ugh! The love handles, beer belly, etc. had gotten out of control. But now, I’m back into my great collection of Calvin Klein Sport Dress Shirts, size medium. Any guy who is out there in the competitve business world, knows the importance of appearance. I’ve got my confidence/appearance back. Thanks to the RIP’T gals, Heather & Sherry

  4. Hey international shoppers! Just heard from the RIP’T staff that they just entered into a partnership with to offer the line of RIP’T fusion undershirts to international customers. People in UK, Australia, Canada, and other international locations will be able to order RIP’T from starting later next week. For those interested in pre-ordering, just send an email to [email protected] with information on which RIP’T you’re interested in. Now that’s big news!

  5. What’s the difference(if any) with the Riptfusion shirt or the UnderArmour shirts? aren’t they the same material and design?

    • Hey Buffed Bro – There are a few key differences between UnderArmour and men’s slimming shirts like RIP’T Fusion, but they are similar in concept (compression). UnderArmour shirts are generally made out of a super thin polyester/lycra/spandex blend that does offer compression but they tend to focus their features on wicking performance. Plus, they usually are not designed in a way where there are varying levels of compression in different parts of the shirts

      Contrast that with men’s slimming undershirts like RIP’T Fusion which are made more to concentrate compression/slimming effects in specific areas of the undershirts (like around the mid-section). Plus, from what I’ve seen so far, the fabrics used in men’s slimming undershirts look and feel a little more like fitted undershirts than the slick/smooth fabrics used in UnderArmour shirts.

      More specifically, the design of the RIP’T fusion men’s undershirt seems to focus on compressing the mid-section (love handles & stomach) more than the chest and arm area, where other men’s slimming undershirts provide compression and slimming in those areas in addition to the midsection.

      I’ll have more information about RIP’T fusion as soon as I get my sample, so stay tuned!

  6. im about to press the “buy” on the website and order it but im soooooooo waiting for you to post photos with before and after. i want this shirt sooooooo badly but its all hype and words no REAL photo statments. so im hoping YOU undershirtguy can have a review soon plus its a little steep to pay almost $70 ! for this shirt ( that includes the 10 shipping) for that price they should send 2x shirts. after all its just cotton.

    Keep us posted PLEASE :)

    • Roman, I am anxiously waiting for my RIPT Fusion and will report back here on the site the minute they arrive! The folks at RIPT Fusion (RF) said that I should be receiving it early this week, but I still have not gotten confirmation that they sent it, so that makes me a little skeptical on whether or not I’ll really be getting it in the next couple of days. But, be rest assured that as soon as I get it, I’ll be snapping pictures and wearing it for a couple of days so I can report back here with my initial thoughts and then provide a full comprehensive undershirt review, like I have with other slimming undershirts.

      I absolutely PROMISE to keep everyone here posted!

  7. If Heather Thomson can do for men, what she has done with YT for women, count me in. I’m a good looking dude past forty, but my stomach and love handles need some compression.


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