Is RibbedTee Closing For Good?

News just in. An email from the RibbedTee founders is starting to go out to tens of thousands of customers announcing their closure.

RibbedTee closing?

Email from RibbedTee


Mike here from RibbedTee.

We wanted to let you know that we’re starting the process to wind down the business, with a goal of ceasing operations no later than December 31, 2020.

If you’d like to stock up before our inventory is all sold out, please visit our online store as soon as possible, as this message is going out to tens of thousands of people.

Why Are You Closing?

While there are many reasons, the biggest reason is that I would like to pursue other interests, and I can’t do that effectively while continuing to operate RibbedTee.


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What About Selling RibbedTee?

We have been approached by some who’ve expressed an interest in purchasing RibbedTee. If we were to sell, we want to make sure we find the right home for a brand we’ve spent the last 12+ years building.

So far, we haven’t found the right entity, that has the proper vision and respect for our products or our customers. We’ll continue to keep an open mind and explore any serious inquiries.

Will the Products Be Gone Forever?

Well, forever is a long time, so it’s hard to say that our products won’t ever be available for purchase again. While our products won’t be available under the RibbedTee brand, there is a remote chance our products will resurface under a new brand, under new ownership. Stay tuned.

Why Is There Still A Product Wait List?

If we get acquired or if our products re-emerge under a new brand, we will notify everyone on our product wait list of the good news!

I Have More Questions. Who Can I Contact?

As always, you can reach us through our contact page, and we’ll be happy to assist you. For business inquiries, you can contact me at [email protected].

Thank you for all the support you’ve provided over the years, and for being part of the RibbedTee family.

Mike, Founder | Kim, Co-founder


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3 thoughts on “Is RibbedTee Closing For Good?”

  1. I suppose like so many businesses they perhaps also have not been able to sustain the challenges businesses have faced this year. It’s unfortunately.

    I wondered about Ejis undershirts also as I haven’t sen them active on their social media platforms for months.

    • heya chris, yeah it’s truly unfortunate. i guess we’ll see what happens.

      regarding ejis — good timing on your question. been meaning to contact them so i just emailed them to get an update.

      will let you know if i hear back from them.


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