Remove Antiperspirant Residue with Polident Hack

If you’re looking for another possible way to remove antiperspirant residue (underarm stains) from your shirt, check out this possible hack using Polident.

Here’s Jen with a Solution!


I read your article and wanted to comment that I tested the new Polident trend [to try and remove antiperspirant residue from underarm].


I did 1 tab to some warm water and let it soak, accidentally for 30 mins meant to leave it for 10.

Then, I rinsed and still saw some stain so i tried some vinegar too and rinsed.


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After drying overnight, it seems to possibly have worked.

I think my next step to remove underarm stains will be to test the Polident alone with a better solution.

The original article I had read from an Aussie site mentioned 3 tabs to 1 cup warm water in a spray bottle and scrub with a brush. It also suggested adding more tabs for better cleaning.

Also, I’ve added some before and after pictures of the test on the left armpit / right sleeve.

I have a white bathroom with florescent lights in it. So, it’s kind of hard to tell whether the solution has worked or not.

But, it does look slightly whiter than the original stain on the other armpit. Or, at least it may have dissolved some of the deodorant wax / aluminum antiperspirant buildup.

The stains have been set in over years. I tried removing them by applying baking soda paste, lemon, soap, bleach, and some other solutions with no luck.

So, if the next test fully removes them, I’ll consider it a miracle!

Just wanted to add this to your list as a possible solution, and thanks for the info!



Remove Antiperspirant Residue: Before and After

Some before and after photos of using polident on the underarm stains.

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