Reader Review: Alfani Stretch Undershirt Snaps Its Way into Tug’s Top 5 List

Macy's Alfani Stretch Undershirt (T-Shirt)

11/29/11 Update: Ugh, looks like these have been discontinued again. See comments section below for more information

The review below comes from a reader who I’ve been exchanging emails with since early December. He originally wrote me with the note below, and after several exchanges, he decided to pick up a pack of Alfani Stretch undershirts and I coerced him into writing a review!  Here’s his original email:

This message is in regards to the following post:
Ask Tug: In Search of the JCPenny Stafford 95% Cotton 5% Spandex Undershirt

I found this thread while searching the internet for the aforementioned style of shirt. Previously I had purchased several of this style of shirt from Target, Champion brand. This was easily 4 or 5 years ago. Now, embarassingly over due, I have gone on the hunt to replace these shirts.

Target no longer carries these shirts by Champion in neither stores in SW Ohio nor online as far as I can tell. Also, I was in JCPenny on 12/09/10 to only find that the J Ferrar are being discontinued at JCP as well. I did find the Stafford version that you mentioned but the 2 pack was $20 for two shirts. I may have to bite the bullet for them because I cannot seem to find this style shirt any where else for less. When you wear the shirts daily, the bill racks up fast.

Any way, I wanted to follow up on your post and also look for some more suggestions on where to find the greatest thing that goes under dress shirts and sweat shirts.


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Thanks for all your work Tug,

Alfani Undershirt Review (95% cotton, 5% spandex)

by “J Hoadley”

Hello Tug, I wanted to follow up with you regarding your recommendation of the Alfani 95/5 stretch V collar undershirt. I was looking for a new brand to replace the my current, worn out, and discontinued supply of white stretch undershirts. I came to you for some suggestions because I was having a hard time finding shirts that were not 100% cotton.

The first and only 95/5 shirt I had experience with, other than the one I am describing below was a large sized shirt made by Champion and it was sold in Target stores. I assumed this shirt would always be sold there, so I bought six and never looked for them again. When I purchased them it was approximately 2005 and I am just now replacing them. They are very stained and overdue for the trash but still hard to give up. Even five and a half years old, they remain comfortable and hold their shape fairly well. I even went against the care instructions and bleached them a few times. When I asked in Target if the shirts were available, I was told they were discontinued. I believe Champion has a similar shirt on the market but I have only seen them on the internet at a drasticly increased price.

I went to Macy’s per your suggestion and bought a pack of the previously mentioned shirt to see how they would compare to those undershirts I had been wearing for the last 5 years. Being 5’10 and a fluctuating 180 -185 lbs fairly decent athletic build, I went with the large size due to the measurements suggested by Alfani.

The shirt seems fairly light weight, definitely not bulky and is not see through. It fits slightly snug around the arms and comfortable across the chest when you first put it on. With a length of 29″ at my height the shirt extends well below the waist line.

Here are the Pros and Cons based upon my experience with the shirt.

Product Details:

  • Style/Nane: Alfani T Shirts (aka: Alfani Stretch – that’s what is shown on the inner label)
  • Retail Price: $19.98 (2-Pack)
  • Fabric: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Size/Collar: Medium & Large, V-Neck
  • Tagless
  • Product Description: Moves with you. With a cotton and spandex blend, these Alfani T shirts are made for the guy on the go.

The Good

  • The shirt does not appear to be too thin or heavy in thickness.
  • At recommended size for measurements, the shirt fits comfortably.
  • The stretch allows for a comfortable non-restrictive fit.
  • The price is very affordable, about $10 or so for a two pack.

The Not-So-Good

  • The ridge that goes around the collar is 1″ wide and thicker than I am used to in a T-shirt.
  • The 29″ length tends to bunch up around the waist line of pants.
  • The collar seems to show some of the wrinkling that all cotton shirts present.

The Verdict

Overall I like the shirt, I wear them under dress shirts, 3 button polo’s, and sweaters. On many occasions I end up wearing them to bed. They don’t seem to get too loose or tangled while I sleep. I like a snug shirt and I would recommend the Alfani shirt but if you like the shirt snug, try both the large and medium to determine how snug you want it. After washing the shirts a few times, the did shrink a bit and fit quite nicely even as the day progresses.

If I were to choose between the Champion and the Alfani shirt, I would stick with the Champion.

Product Photos

Tug’s Thoughts:

First off, thanks out to J Hoadley for taking the time to write the review!

It’s been a long time coming, but finally I’ve found a new undershirt worthy of being in my Top 5 Fav’s list.

That’s right, Macy’s Alfani Stretch undershirt is the lucky recipient of this hard-to-obtain elite status, and it does so by offering a great combination of fit, feel, function, and affordability.

As I sit here in my black Alfani Stretch v-neck medium sized undershirt, I’m surprisingly pleased with how the shirt fits and feels right out of the package. Its soft 95% cotton/5% spandex fabric breathes well, hugs the body, and lays nice without feeling constricting. Combine that with good overall fit, ample length and a great price tag ($8.22 per undershirt) and you have yourself a very nice undershirt that get’s a well deserved spot in my top 5 list.

If I were to point out one negative, I’d say the v-neck is not deep enough.  A proper v-neck should be designed with about a 6.5″ – 7″ front drop.

Notwithstanding, the folks who manage the private label product development men’s clothing products at Macy’s should be proud of themselves for making a really nice undershirt with a good value. Now they just need to make the v-neck deeper and I’ll be one happy camper.


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9 thoughts on “Reader Review: Alfani Stretch Undershirt Snaps Its Way into Tug’s Top 5 List”

  1. I bought a two pack of the V neck shirts-while I agree overall that it is a nice shirt, the “V” does not do the job, it is way too short, and cannot be worn with an open collar, only good if I wear a tie. I am disapointed.

    • hey mike, thanks for stopping back by and for sharing that info about the v-neck showing through. yeah, if you look at the front drop measurements of 4.5″ and 5″, that’ll give you an indication that the v-neck will show.

      generally speaking, i haven’t found very many deeper v-neck shirts with exception to a few. for a v-neck not to show with one button undone, it has to be somewhere over 7″.

      in taking a quick look at my undershirt measurements workbook as well as a couple others, here are some v-neck front drop measurements on undershirts that have a deeper v-neck design (size medium or large):
      coolclothing usa coolmax – 7.25″
      jcp stafford essentials – 6.25″
      sweatshield undershirts – 6.5″
      munsingwear – 7.5″
      hawkchurch & tyne – 7.25″
      silverback apparel – 6.375″
      retro fit – 7″

  2. I bought a two pack last night. I downsized from my usual large to a medium because I pulled them out of the packaging at the store and the large looked like the sleeves may still be a little long for what I wanted. After the first wash I feel like it’s possibly a home run. Nice snug fit, feels like a second skin. Now I just need to see how durable they are and if they stay this comfortable after multiple washes. On the first day of wear, I’m loving the undershirt.

    • Okay, so after having a chance to wear the undershirts for a while I must say I love them. I bought another 2 pack within a month of buying the first 2 pack. I thought that would be enough if I mixed in my usual undershirts. The problem is that after wearing the Alfanis for a while, my usual undershirts all feel like they are bunching up. So I’ve bought yet another 2 pack of the Alfanis. That gives me a total of 6 of these undershirts now. I absolutely love them. With golf shirts fitting more snug these days, a snug undershirt is a must and the Alfanis are superb!

  3. I got my first order of Alfani stretch crew neck just under a year ago, and made a second a few months after that. These shirts were perfect for the first few months. They fit snug, but not too constricting. The collar was tight to the neck, and just high enough without looking too much like a turtle neck.

    However, they’ve seemed to get a bit stretched out over time. The shirts don’t fit as tight as they initially did, and the collars aren’t as firm. They’re sort of stretched out, and they don’t lay flat against my neck anymore.

    I’m hesitant to keep buying them, but out of the box, they really are the perfect fit for what I’m looking for. Honestly, I’m being a little dramatic since it’s unrealistic to expect shirts to not change at all. And they’re still really good shirts, even after the going through a bit of wear.

    This may not be your area of expertise, but what’s the best way to wash shirts like these (95/5 cotton/spandex)? I’ve been using the gentle cycle in the washer, and high heat when drying. Would this cause the loss of shape?

  4. Hey I had a quick question about this shirt. I currently have the jockey mock neck undershirts and although I like the tight neck, I feel as though it sits too high on my neck (almost as high as a turtle neck). Would you recommend this shirt or any others that stay fit around the neck? preferably with some spandex so that the “shirt moves with you”


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