Rapsew Global Apparel Sourcing Launches on Indiegogo

The folks that launched Wrapsew in 2015 are back, and are looking to relaunch their global apparel sourcing platform as Rapsew.

When we started Rapsew back in 2014 we had so many potential buyers and suppliers coming to our website and had great success with leads!

But unfortunately, due to the website issues, we had to shut it down for a while.

Now, we are looking to re-launch and notify all our users who originally supported us.

We have a buyer database of over 100,000 small and large apparel businesses as well as suppliers.

Indiegogo (link)

What is Rapsew?

Rapsew is Global fashion sourcing marketplace connecting buyers who are looking for one of a kind apparel creations with professional and passionate apparel suppliers.

They Need Your Help

Based on their Indiegogo campaign page, there appears to be a waiting list filled with thousands of potential buyers and suppliers who want to use the platform, but are currently unable to.


Because the Rapsew website needs to have a major overhaul, in order for it to become more automated and user-friendly.

Right now 80% of development is done. 

Once the funding goal of $5,000 is reached, Rapsew says they’ll work day & night to re-launch the platform within 30 days. 

Then, they will invite in all potential buyers.

A Campaign Guarantee

The campaign creators are stating that they will refund campaign donations if they don’t achieve $100,000 worth of projects in a 3-month period, after the platform relaunches.

Rapsew will be a membership based service, similar to sites like MakersRow.com.

Here are the contribution options & levels:

  • $5 – 6 months of access to the site
  • $10 – 1 year of access
  • $20 – Lifetime access
  • $100 – Personalized introductions to industry contacts

The Team

The Rapsew founding team is comprised of:

  • Anton Siribaddana – Web Designer
  • Dona Jayasinghe – Fashion Designer
  • Nurhadi Mawulana – Development / UEX

Rapsew founding team

Indiegogo (link)


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