Puritan Undershirts & Tie Dye Question

Here’s a fun little exchange with a woman looking to find a replacement for Puritan Undershirts.


I have a question, so I thought I better ask the expert.

I used to buy 100% cotton Puritan undershirts from Walmart for tie dyeing. They have an excellent fit, are soft, and retain the dye well. When I purchase other undershirts, they are generally too long or are made of coarse cotton.

Do you know of a comparable type of undershirt that is of a short length, is soft, and is 100% cotton?

Thanks for any help you can give!


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heya linda,

good to hear from you and thanks for your question! 

if you’re looking for a suitable alternative for puritan undershirts, you may want to look at t-shirt “blanks” instead of undershirts. most manufacturers are making undershirts longer these days (to help them stay tucked), so it’ll be hard to find any that are shorter.

check out the “blanks” section of this page:


my recommendation would be to check out next level apparel first, then maybe startee apparel. both companies should allow you to buy a small amount (under 10) for a few bucks a piece — maybe a tad more.

hope that info helps!

Do You Have Any Recommendations?

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2 thoughts on “Puritan Undershirts & Tie Dye Question”

    • heya chris! good to see you again (:

      yeah, for real-cheap short white t-shirts, i think the best bet is to find the t-shirt blanks like i mentioned in the article.

      though, for those looking for other short t-shirts, the places i normally recommend are:
      1. asos
      2. express cotton/spandex
      3. h&m t-shirts
      4. shortwear.com has a special bella/canvas tee shirt specifically tailored/shortened

      also, there is a site called the modest man, that has style and fashion tips for shorter men. maybe the blogger that runs that site would have some recommendations as well.


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