PSA: Phone Scam – Fake Sprint Call from Caller ID 888-211-4727

Take note, Sprint will not call you using the number 888-211-4727

This is a Public Service Announcement regarding calls from 888-211-4727.

Was driving back from an appointment today when I received a phone call with the caller id of 888-211-4727.

I answered and a recorded voice said it was a security call from “Sprint”.

The recording explained that there was some fraud alert on my account. Then, it instructed me to enter my account security PIN to resolve the issue.

Of course I DID NOT enter my PIN.

Coincidentally, my mobile service provider is Sprint,  so I was curious.

I called the number back, and sure enough, it was Sprint Customer Service.

Since I’ve worked in the telecommunications/voip world before, I know Caller ID can be spoofed (faked). So I secretly gave the scammers a small little kudos for being creative and sending Sprint’s actual Customer Service telephone number into my Caller ID when they called me.

At least they aren’t totally stupid.

I spoke with a Sprint Customer Service agent and confirmed they had not tried to contact me (no duh).

Did a little research on the internet when I got back to my trusty personal computer, and found many others who reported the same issue on (search for 888-211-4727).

Friendly advice: Never give out ANY personal/private or security information to anyone WHO CALLS YOU.

When in doubt, call them back.

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  1. I received a message to call 888-211-4727 because Sprint is now T-Mobile they will send me a free SIM card to enjoy a “better network experience”. They will send this SIM card to my home for free with instructions. Of course I didn’t call.

    • heya nick, as i mentioned to bob in a different comment/reply — that may actually be a legitimate message from sprint / t-mobile.

      but, just to be safe, you should either contact them through the sprint app on your phone or visit a local sprint or t-mobile store. it might be worth finding out if that offer for a t-mobile sim is legit.

      it’s very possible that switching to a t-mobile sim in your area could give you better mobile/data coverage. the folks at the local t-mobile store switched my sprint sim to a t-mobile sim and my coverage is so much better.

      good luck and keep me posted (:

    • That’s a legit text, they’re not asking you for any info via text and you have to actually call Sprint to get it

  2. I called Sprint using *2. Got message of long wait time and would I like to get a callback. I opted For the call back.

    5 mins later “T MOBILE EXPERT” shows on my caller ID. I answered thinking Sprint/TMobile was calling back.

    First thing she asked was for my security pin or answer to security question. I gave it to her because I wasn’t suspicious, at that point. What got me suspicious, was she was taking a long time to give me answers and didn’t seem to know any tech/phone jargon usually heard from phone techs.

    What really got me suspicious was she told Me that he supervisor needed to talk to me to make sure she fixed my issue. She transferred my call. A man with deep accent in a LOUD noisy location said he was just checking to make sure everything was fine and he would be transferring me back to the original lady. I was like, huh.??

    At the same moment the lady was calling back saying she will Continue to help me. That’s when I googled the number and saw this Article and numerous other complaints about this number.

    I immediately changed my pin and security info. I then called Sprint/T-Mobile again held on forever and finally got someone. However my joy was short lived. The guy had the same very thick accents as the “supervisor” I’d spoken to earlier and he asked for My pin right away. Then he said while I research your account, I want you to Relax and get your favorite cup Of tea. I will Take care of everything for You.

    WTH!? This is before I said why I was calling. Since I hung up I have been getting texts asking me to Complete Sprint survey – if I recommend sprint to friends and texts about AT&T.

    I don’t know what the heck is going with Sprint/TMobile and the security of this customers service number. It’s unbelievable that this was reported back in 2011 and these scammers are still able To use this number to defraud and steal in 2020,

      • Just received a text message to call this number to receive a new SIM card for your phone since Sprint is using T mobile. Beware

      • heya bob, that actually might be legitimate.

        i recently moved to an area where sprint coverage was not that good, but t-mobile’s coverage was. knowing sprint was part of t-mobile, i called the local t-mobile store and asked them what my options were.

        they told me they could put a t-mobile sim in my phone for free — so i went in the store, they replaced my sprint sim with a t-mobile sim, and sure enough, my coverage was world’s better.

        so, maybe they (sprint or t-mobile) know that the t-mobile coverage is better in certain areas and could be texting those customers.

        best way to know for sure is to call/visit sprint or t-mobile and ask. if you want to call them, use the sprint app on your phone to call them so you know you’re calling them directly.

  3. I’m one of the sales rep from sprint. When we’re doing an outbound call, and we say we are from Sprint, ask us what the serial number of the phone is. If it’s a legit call from us, we can provide you the imei/serial number of the current device you’re using. We are the ones you were talking to whenever you guys want to add a line, duhh .. 1-800-777-4681. That’s 1800-sprint-1 gets?

  4. Just got a recorded call from 920 888 2324 claiming to be Sprint. We have locked your account, press 2 to talk to a representative.

  5. I got a call from that number just now and didn’t think it was a scam at all. I’m trying to switch from Straighttalk to Boost Mobile, but for some reason, it didn’t work completely, so I was expecting some form of contact (probably how they got me). Then a few minutes into the call, I heard something strange, a second voice on the line that sounded a lot like the first, as if the guy was talking to himself. It sounded fishy, but I had already given the person my new phone’s IMEI number and my account PIN, so once the call was over, I IMMEDIATELY went to Straighttalk and changed my PIN. Hoping that was enough.

    I’m glad this was here. Thanks for the information.

  6. If you know you paid your bill, that you have another company as provider, and that you can find information in the internet or go to the nearest provider office: why go through all the trouble of answering a phone call? why give information? Tug’s information is very clear and helpful!!

    Do as you wish, give your information to a stranger! Oh did i say a company never calls and ask for your information? Fraud is surrounding us, scammers and hackers. Be thankful that someone gives you a tip. These calls are a scam period! Sophisticated devices can be used to swipe off your money even from your bank account. Yes, MONEY is what they are looking for! Thanks Tug for your information!

  7. I bet Sprint’s database was hacked. I got a call saying my Sprint account would be suspended. I’m with Boost Mobile though. The website it linked me to looked legit but I didnt double check the website address before it was gone. I called Boost Mobile and informed them of this new scam.

    • I to received a call today stating that my Sprint account had been suspended. It asked about talking to customer service to press “2” – I did so and it rang about 10 times – I hung up. I put the number in search and found this website. So apparently it is a scam – – I have been with Sprint 19 years this month (May) and couldn’t figure out why my account would be suspended.

  8. My Dad and I are working on switching our phones to Sprint, so receiving a call from this number and having a woman constantly asking me for the Verizon account number seemed suspicious. My Dad and I were in the same room, and since I don’t keep up with the account stuff for our phones, I simply directed them to him. I was put on hold and decided to google the number. I immediately saw this article and had us shut the call down. As I type this I remember that I was asked for the pin number into the Verizon account, which now basically confirms my suspicions of this almost going a lot worse. Thank you for this, it saved my family and I a lot of trouble!

    • I received a call today telling me that someone was trying to open a new verizon acct. with my SSN. I called the number back and it was Sprint customer service. I put my phone number in anyway and it didn’t recognize my number. What does Sprint have to do with my Verizon acct? I guess it doesnt matter anyways because I have no idea what my pin number is. I am glad I let this call go to voicemail. I googled the number that called me and wound up here. Thanks for the tip.

  9. SCAM

    thanks for this info – it is a sprint number but it is not sprint calling you. They have ghosted the caller id so if you call them back, you now really are talking to sprint.

  10. I just received a call from that number (spoofed). It was a robotic message offering me a $50 gift card simply for being a long time (over 24 months) Sprint customer. The problem is that I haven’t been a Sprint customer in over two decades! SCAM!

  11. I got a call from this number yesterday. Didn’t see the missed call until this morning. No voicemail was left. Called back this morning and an automated message said welcome to Sprint and if I was calling about xxx-xxx-2339 press 1, or add the number I was calling about. I pressed 1 and got another automated message, “if you are calling to make a payment” etc, then asked if I was paying with a debit/credit card, then asked for my 6 digit pin I chose when setting up my account. At that point I hung up.

    Then I got a call from this number at 8:01 this morning, on my other phone.

    Two different numbers, two different carriers. Both numbers on the do not call list. Hmmmm??

    • heya aj — yeah, this particular scam call from caller id 888-211-4727 is a little confusing because that number is a valid sprint number.

      unfortunately, it’s way too easy nowadays for caller id to be spoofed / faked, so you’re never quite sure if the call is legit or not.

      that said, any legitimate provider won’t call you, and ask you to provide sensitive data to them (like a pin, password, ssn, etc).

      what’s strange about your situation is that if you called 888-211-4727, then you were calling sprint directly.

      i’m not saying the call from that number (caller id) was actually sprint, but when you dial that number back, it is almost certain that you are calling sprint customer service.

      as far as your telephone numbers being on the do not call list, i don’t believe that has anything to do with account related calls.

      meaning, if you are a customer a sprint, and they have an account related issue to discuss with you, they can call you regardless of whether or not you are on the do not call list.

      i may be wrong, but i think that is the case.

      all the above said, instead of calling sprint back at that number, you can also:

      1. login to your sprint account online and do online chat with a representative

      2. call them from within the sprint app on your phone

      3. go into a sprint store

      hope the above helps.

    • I received a call a few minutes ago. It appeared as an “unknown caller/blocked call. I let it go to voicemail.

      The message was extremely fast, with a heavy foreign accent. I couldn’t make out 98% of the message, but at one point they said I needed to turn off my “find my phone” to complete the process. Obviously, I didn’t do as requested, and I didn’t return the call.

      The number to call 888-211-4727 appeared once the voicemail was left.

      Ironically, I have contacted Sprint some 20 times in last 4 days regarding a hardware issue that was discovered within 3 weeks of starting a new account.

  12. Thanks for this. The only problem is your headline. This is the first search result for this number and I got a call from this number, did a quick search, saw your post title “Phine scam, fake sprint call from 888-etc.

    being in a hurry I took the title as confirmation it was a scam and moved on always not answering it every time they called.

    Problem is it isn’t until you open and read your article that you say that REALLY IS SPRINT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Yep. I have Sprint and customer service had been trying to reach me for almost a week and I kept sending them to voicemail.

    I finally brought my phone into the store and complained no one had called me when the mix up was discovered.

    Just FYI titles are often all people look at and don’t open the site and read the article so possibly being aware of your wording in the future could help save dump people like me a lot of frustration.

    Thank you,

    • heya daral, thanks for that feedback.

      in search results, you should have also seen this description next to it: “Did you receive a call from “Sprint” asking you for your account PIN? It’s a scam. Read more here…”

      “asking you for your account pin” is the important part here.

      if you did not, then maybe the search engine that you were using did not properly pull the description of the article, which is used to further clarify the topic of an article.

      all the above said, in the 6.5 years this article has been live, it seems to have helped lots of people as well.

      • Hi.

        I never said it didn’t help people. I wa just letting you know that the title of the article may mislead some people (like me) into thinking that number is completely illegitimate when, in fact, it actually is Sorints Customer Service line.

        I took a screen shot but don’t see anyway to include it in the comments but no, there is nothing about asking for a PIN number in the title. All that Google shows is the headline and then the first few lines of the story from “I was driving back…” to “caller id of 888-211-4727.”

        I certainly didn’t mean any disrespect nor was I trying to be rude or say this article hasn’t helped people. Just trying to give you a friendly heads up that that title alone could, and has, cause people to think that legitimate number isn’t which I thought that’s what comment sections were for. If you only want praise maybe change it to “compliments” LOL but yeah, just a simple heads up.

  13. My phone rang and I checked the caller ID immediately. It was this number, so guess what?

    I don’t have Sprint and the number they called me on is only known by a close friends and family. I don’t give my number out to any Tom Dick or Harriet. So I knew what to do.

    I didn’t answer.

    Unbelievably, but perhaps not so much, within one minute (yes, 60 seconds), the phone rang again with the same caller ID.

    I picked up, said two words… the first reproductive, the second “off”… and hung up.

    It might not have been heard by a real person, but hey, it’s better than bottling it up.

    Don’t answer calls from this number. Do. Not.

    • slightly annoyed ~~

      Here’s to hoping the incoming calls “are being recorded for quality assurance and training” and the voicemails are actually heard.


  14. Received a call from someone saying they were Sprint and they owed me 29.00.

    Would I like that in a check or apply to current bill. I laughed and said apply it to my bill.

    They asked for my pin# i said you are in my account telling me I was over charged so you shouldn’t need that.

    I said have a good day and hung up. These people are crazy.

  15. Call the number back. The odd thing is – they had my exact account balance from Sprint when I went through their “sprint automated answering service.”

    I called Sprint immediately because I had already looked up the phone number and verified that it was bogus but it was EXTREMELY alarming that they had my exact account balance. I paid my current bill with the real spring and went back to check the fake automated message again and it had already been updated with me new balance after paying the REAL sprint.

    There seems to be some kind of security breach on Sprint’s end because they quickly swept my concerns under the rug… I’m sorry but how does someone else have access to my account balance? If they have access to that, I’m sure they have access to the other credit cards I have on file with Sprint and a miriad of other things.

    The fake rep I spoke to specifically asked for my CREDIT CARD pin to refund $26 and when I told her “fucking no” she said “you too maam” and hung up lol.

    SOOOOOOOOOO…. we’re switching from Sprint for the lack of transparency, security, and aloofness to my privacy and personal information concerns.

    10 years a customer and now we’re switching elsewhere…. oh well!

  16. You know it’s a scam and when the caller said he/she is calling from Sprint and that Sprint owes you money. I’ve been with Sprint for over 10 years and I know they’ll never admit to overcharging you…. LOL

  17. I guess this is an old scam but it’s the first time I received the call. I wondered why Sprint was calling I knew my bill was paid.

    And yeah I am a (was) a crazy ex-wife so I know how to SPOOF myself.

    A $99 Sprint rebate. Why do you need my PIN to give me a rebate? I asked the heavily accented man how do I know you are from Sprint, he said I can give you my ID, I said I can give you my ID too but that doesn’t prove anything.

    I said tell me what my address is, he put me on hold. He came back and came up with some random PO Box. I said your wrong. He said sorry ma’am have a nice day.

    I am a happy Sprint customer but I am pretty sure they don’t call giving out rebates for kicks and giggles! Thanks for the posts!

    • I just had the same call, but I’m with the smaller child company boost mobile.

      If there’s an issue or anything we don’t get a call, but a text message from boost never sprint.

      The caller, heavy accent, told me sprint customer service handles both sprint and boost, which is false.

      I never said I was with boost, only that I wasn’t with sprint. He only had my phone number and refused to confirm information on my account when I asked what our names were, address, etc.

      I told him we’ll get our “rebate” in person at our local store like we do everything else. I hung up on him protesting and I added him to the rejection list.

  18. I just received a call from this number too and got a recording saying it was Sprint and I was owed a $50 Visa gift card if.

    It gave me an option to enter my pin or speak with customer service. I looked up the number and found this page.

    Thank you for saving me the hassle! It’s very deceitful since they use the Sprint caller ID. Yikes!

  19. Just got a call from this number and hour or so ago.

    I’m currently on Verizon but am switching over to boost (which I guess is owned or partnered with boost or something) didn’t recognize the number so I sent it to voice mail.

    Was a female saying she needs my old Verizon pin (which I’m not even sure of myself lol) my Verizon account # and the last 4 of my social.

    Now the thing that makes me suspicious is the quality of the call was horrible, scratchy and I could barely understand her when she gave me the number

    5o call her back, which was a different number then the one we are talking about.

    I think I’ll just go to the boost store down the road tomorrow

  20. I just got a call from this number on my cell but didn’t answer.

    They left a voicemail and when I listened to it I realized it was Sprint calling me back regarding an issue with my current bill.

    It was even the same supervisor “Belle” with whom I’d spoken to a couple days ago.

    I’m not sure why some think this is a fake Sprint number but I can say that it is absolutely a valid number for them.

    I assume they may also call from this number for sales and that’s why some think it’s a fraudulent number.

    That’s my 2¢ and thanks for reading my post.

    • heya rudy — thanks for that info.

      for clarity, i didn’t say it was a fake number — the number is definitely a sprint number.

      but, some people are getting calls from that number, that are actually from fraudsters trying to get personal info.

      caller id can be spoofed, so what is likely happening is that the fraudsters are sending the sprint caller id to the phone, so people actually think it’s sprint calling.

    • Rudy, the OP is not claiming that it’s fake number. These scammers spoof their number to make it looks legit. It actually very easy to spoof your number or GPS location. I work for a big corporate with all employee telephone numbers starting with 665. We get so many scammers calling our office with a spoof number starting with 665. We know that these are scammers trying to get us to release our clients’ information because our caller ID always shows the number + employee name or conference room location. But when these scammers call, the caller ID only shows the number but not the employee name or conf room location.

  21. Currently on the phone with them right now. Not hanging up but continue to tell her I’m not giving her my account access as I don’t know if this is a verified sprint rep. She keeps informing me she “doesn’t know what I’m talking about” when I ask why the number they’re calling from is not on the official spring website.

    Put me on hold currently, getting assistance she says. When she returns, I’m going to tell her my account PIN is 696969

    Will update her response.

    – She got her “advisor” on the phone now.
    All I asked him was to please tell me why they called my number. He said he couldn’t until I give him account access, seems kinda odd right? I mean, I’m not asking for personal info, I merely asked for the topic of why they called. Billing issue? Device issue?

    – He claims his information is as follows
    – First Name: Mark
    – Sprint ID Number: OH699391
    – Title: Sprint Supervisor at Phillipines offshore location

    He told me to visit my nearest store and hung up on me when I continued to probe as to who he is. Refused to provide his last name and said it was against policy. lol!

    Word to the wise… If Sprint calls, just swing by your local store to figure out why. These scammers are getting better and better.

  22. Its 2017 and this scam is still going on, I’ve been called twice, of course from some with a horrible english accent, telling me someone named Jessica Owens from Texas was trying to access my account and they needed my pin to update the system so she couldnt get any info, I hung up on him and disregarded the phone call.

    The next day, i get a call from a female, same accent, this time she says I overpaid my bill last month and was due a $10 credit but in order to give me the credit she needed my pin to credit my account.

    This time I called to sprint and spoke with a rep who advised me to change my pin and password.

    I knew it was a scam cause sprint would never call you about your account. and it was the sprint 888 caller id that showed up.

    Now they call everyday and never say anything and hang up and of course you cant call back because they are using the sprint #.

    Never give out your info unless you call the company directly.

    My bill high enough, dont need them adding extra to it.

  23. Claims to be with Sprint promised a $50 credit on my next bill if I answer a 8 question survey, then he wanted my pin and last 4 of my social. No thanks

  24. I just recieved a call from this number today, September 13, 2016.

    It was a “SPRINT” representative needing information to transfer my phone number. Sprint is not my cell phone provider. I was given a different phone number to call back, 877-503-3269.

    They are actually calling me again now, five minutes after the intial call.

  25. I see this is an old thread, but I bought my phone from the sprint store. I took out the battery and there is a sticker underneath it where the DEC and HEX numbers that says ‘For information call 18882114PCS’ so i don’t think its a scamming number.

    • hey priscilla — the call is actually a scam call, the company running them just sends the sprint number to your caller id to make you think it’s sprint (:

  26. 888-211-4727
    I have repeatedly received calls from this number. The same woman has left messages claiming she is from AT & T and requesting the last four numbers of my social security number to confirm my phone number transfer. Ya right, you want the last four of my social so you can try to scam my accounts.

  27. I just got a call from the very same number and it is a scammer who is fraudulently using Sprint as their company to get Sprint customers information for fraudulent use.

  28. Nearly 4 years later, this scam is still running. Thyey called me at 9:30 on a Saturdat night, about an account that has been closed for 2 years.

  29. I have the same email for $1600 and change. It came to a work address and looked exactly like my personal Sprint bills so I thought I’d check to make sure my boss hadn’t done something I was unaware of first. Took a look at the hyperlinks (without clicking) and they looked off so I am trashing this!

    • Yes, I also got 2 of the from AT&T also today with two different amounts. I’m afraid I will eventually delete a good email in the process of deleting all these bogus ones.

      • Just received the same scam email. Subject: Your Sprint bill is now available online; sender: [email protected] Had a link to ‘pay bill now.’

        It looks perfectly legit. No broken English, weird logos, or any other tell-tale signs. I even felt the need to call Sprint to be sure no one had used my name to open an account – it was so legit looking. No damage done, luckily – just another phishing attempt. Sheesh.

  30. I got an email today saying that it was an invoice for my cellphone. I do not have a sprint account. I called the number above that was listed and they said their computers were down and I would need to call back in an hour. I’m not sure if I reached the actual Sprint or not. Many people might just pay the bill. There is way too much of this going on these day.

    This one looked pretty real, enough for me to call. Criminals are getting much more savy.

    This is all that would copy.

    Bill Period: June 10 – July 9, 2012

    Total Due by August 2 $1731.12

    Note: All online payments are made in a secure environment.

    This section contains important updates about your Sprint Services, Including Service or Rate Changes, Promotions and Offers.

    Due to the Nextel National Network shutdown on 6/30/13, any Nextel devices sold after 6/1/12 are intended to support existing customers’ migration efforts and no minimum Order Terms will apply.

    2012 Sprint. All rights reserved.

    • hey there! thanks for stopping by and posting that info about the scam emails from sprint and at&t.

      it’s kinda crazy – i’ve gotten several of those spam/scam emails too over the last few days – out of the blue. since i use sprint, it was easy to identify the fake at&t email.

      it had a subject line of: “Your AT&T wireless bill is ready to view” from: AT&T Customer Care

      i also got these other spam emails:
      subject line: “Your Bill Is Now Available”
      from: [email protected]

      subject line: “Your Sprint bill is now available online”
      from: “Sprint”

      thankfully, i know what email lists i’m subscribed to, and i easily recognized the sprint email as spam, so i just marked it is spam/junk.

      now, i also received a very alarming email (also spam), which looked like it was a legitimate email from paypal.
      subject line: You sent a payment
      from: [email protected]

      within the content of the email, it said: “You sent a payment for $324.45 USD to Anna Abbott”.

      at first, i was a bit concerned because i didn’t recall sending any money to anyone, and i immediately thought that my paypal account got hacked.

      instead of clicking on any links in the email, i just logged into my paypal account and looked for outgoing payments. when i didn’t see any payments going out, i re-checked the email and noticed the links were going to this website [ do not go to this website!!!]

      >>important: be warned. when you see emails like this, do not click any links in the email!!

      thanks again for coming by and posting your comments. hopefully we’ll help other people not get taken by these spammers/scammers!

      • I know that feeling i get mail from some lady i dont know and dont wanna know. Happens so often not really but i seen patterns

    • I know that feeling i get mail from some lady i dont know and dont wanna know. Happens so often not really but i seen patterns


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