Protect Your Privates From TSA

San Francisco-based online clothing retailer Betabrand has just announced their new “Privates” underwear pilot program kicking off this January.  Yep, this specialty underwear ($60/pair) will hide your “junk” (or lady privates) from the new TSA body scanner x-ray machines.

Betabrand Privates Underwear - Proposed Designs

Although there isn’t much detail about what the underwear is made of, my guess is that they might be designed with a similar metallic print that the “tsa friendly” undershirts are made with.

Here’s the information Betabrand has shared on their website:

Privates Underwear: A Betabrand Community Project ($60 Join Privates Alpha)

Only 50 intrepid travelers can join the Privates Alpha Group. Click the red “Join Privates Alpha” button to join this elite group of test-pilots.

The $60 Privates Alpha Group gets you:


Rules to wearing undershirts

–A special prototype pair of Privates Underwear to test-pilot. (January)

–One pair of production underwear when the Privates take flight. (February)

–The fame and satisfaction that comes with test-piloting a product into existence.

You know, if they’re comfortable, I’d probably buy a pair and wear them when I travel. What about you?


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