New Power Body Sculpting Undershirt from Freshpair Offers Affordable Compression

8/31/11 Update – Product Review: Power Body Sculpt Shaping T-Shirt: Initial Thoughts

Here’s a new low-cost men’s slimming undershirt and tank line from newcomer Power Body.

I happened across this new find while visiting recently. I’ve sent a couple emails to my contacts over at Freshpair, but I can’t seem to get a precise answer on the company who is manufacturing it. I’ve scoured google pretty throughly, but the only place the Power Body undershirts are being sold [at the moment] are on Could it be a white label product? Your guess is as good as mine.

6/6/11 Update: I received word back from one of my contacts at Freshpair that the company behind Power Body is Delta Galil, a company that manufactures clothing and innerwear for several popular brands. She also forwarded the image at the bottom of the page [removed by request of Freshpair] that provides a little more information about the line. What is interesting here is the photo in the upper right is from RipT Fusion, and I could swear that I’ve seen the photos in the lower right before too.

Hmm, I’m getting more curious by the minute. I just might have to buy one and try it out.

By the photos, it kinda looks like a hybrid of the Ardyss Abdomen, RipT Fusion, and Bodymax slimming undershirts. But, if it performs well, it’ll be a great option for those looking for slimming, smoothing, and/or compression, but just can’t afford the higher prices of some of the other more well known compression undershirts.


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While we wait to find out the details, here is some information about the line:

Product Details:

  • POWER BODY Crew Neck T-Shirt (RP22M011) & Tank (RP22M013)
  • Price: $25 (Crew), $22 (Tank)
  • Colors: White, Black
  • Fabric: 90% cotton, 10% spandex
  • Long length stays tucked
  • Soft, breathable stretch cotton fabric

The POWER BODY Crew Neck T-Shirt is a sculpting undershirt that gives your upper body a slimmer, more toned appearance. A discreet, double layer panel wraps around your abs, sides and back to smooth over any lumps and bumps.

It reduces love handles, improves posture and turns your beer belly into a six pack (at least that’s how it looks). Tuck it in for a slimmer waistline and your pants will fit better. The soft cotton fabric is breathable for long lasting comfort and the whole design is smooth, so it won’t show up under clothes. Ideal for special occasions, comfortable enough for everyday.

Try the POWER BODY Crew Neck T-Shirt and see the difference between a good body and a power body. Also try the tank version, the POWER BODY Tank RP22M013

Product Photos:

Product Sheet

[Removed by request of Freshpair. I guess the image was for internal use only]


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8 thoughts on “New Power Body Sculpting Undershirt from Freshpair Offers Affordable Compression”

  1. I purchased one of these a waste of money after wearing a couple of times it lost elasticity and didn’t do what was promised, I can’t even see a difference when wearing it.

    • sorry to hear that pete, but thanks for taking the time to post your comments here!

      i have one and it’s worked reasonably well for me, but for sure doesn’t offer the higher compression/smoothing that other slimming undershirts do.

  2. Jcp also had a discount code to get 10% off. Got one of these for $19 shipped. The shirt is interesting. I would say it works as well as shirt that are way more expensive. Provides light to moderate shaping. being mostly cotton, it tends to stick to itself. Definitely easier to take off by pulling it up from the back of the neck.

  3. Re: Powerbody undershirt.
    I bought the undershirt as well and was pleased that it actually preformed better than the more expensive version. I read up about the company and found out that they manufacture for all the top underwear brands, Calvin, Hugo, Tommy. I’m so glad that they are putting out a product that works and is affordable. Not everybody can afford the original at $80.
    A Happy customer :)

    • thanks for the info jersey guy. looks like i’m going to have to pick one up and give it a try. like you said, if it really does work just as good, based on the price, it would be a great value!


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