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Slimming/compression undershirts have gained mass popularity over the last few years and each company offering these types products tout a laundry list of end-consumer features.

Features like; firms/flattens chest, flattens stomach, eliminates love handles, supports lower back, and of course improves posture.

If I’m being totally honest, I’d have to say that out of all the slimming undershirts I’ve tried, at best, only a couple have offered a slight posture improvement.

So, when I came across this posture under shirt product from Alignmed’s Evidence Based Apparel by way of this The Lab Rat: Can the Right Shirt Improve Your Posture? article, it definitely peaked my interest.

Based on the design, the Posture Shirt looks more like athletic wear, but I don’t see any reason it couldn’t be worn as your traditional undershirt base layer as well. The company offers posture shirt lines for men, women, boys, and girls.

I sent an inquiry out to Alignmed a few days ago to see if they have any other information they’d like to share, but I haven’t yet heard back from them. Stay tuned for more info.


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6/22/11 Update: Wanted to let everyone know that I did indeed hear back from Alignmed very quickly and they have been super responsive! In fact, they offered a sample product, shipped it overnight, and I’ve already had the chance to try it out! Gotta tell you, this thing is the real deal. I put it on and the shirt immediately pulled back my shoulders – even Mrs. Tug noticed! The full review to come soon, so stay tuned.

Posture Shirt Description:

The Evidence Based Apparel compression garments create a whole new technology that we call “Anatomic Garments” – making the other compression garments on the market obsolete.We know of no other clothing with clinical evidence showing that an anatomical change is triggered when you put on the garment.

It has taken years of research, trial and discovery to come up with a base material that has a specific four way stretch material, containing a combination of Nylon, Polyester, and Lycra. Sewn into this 4-way stretch material are strategically placed strips of non-stretch material called Neuro-bands. These bands start at your chest above your pectorals at the clavicle junction, move over your shoulders, traverse the top and bottom of your shoulder blades and connect to a panel that runs down the length of your spine.

This banding creates two things:
a) a mechanical pull on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons and
b) neurological signals to the brain

The combination of mechanical and neurological triggers create an assist to your bodies natural desire to balance itself. All the aspects of the most sophisticated compression garments claims are incorporated into the EBA Posture Shirt, including moisture wicking and anti-microbial treatments; the difference is we are the only garment that has proven a change in anatomy takes place when worn.

We encourage you to research the other compression or performance apparel companies that exist today. Alignmed has spent years researching and we welcome the challenge.

Product Photos

Posture Shirt Line Details

In an attempt to structure the Posture Shirt ($99.95/each) line product information provided on the company’s website, I pulled the information into a spreadsheet so that it was a little easier to read. See information below.

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13 thoughts on “Posture Under Shirt”

  1. My son plays quarterback, the doctor told me to buy a posture shirt because his shoulders roll forward, is any one shirt better for that then another?

    • hey brian, good to hear from you and thanks for your question! i only have personal experience with the posture shirt from alignmed/evidence based apparel, and it really does work well.

      here’s my review of the posture shirt from evidence based apparel:

      that said, in looking at the intelliskin posture shirt products, they look very similar to the ones from eba so i would suspect that they are just as effective.

      there’s only a small price difference.
      eba: $99.95
      intelliskin: $95

      i also noticed some other posture products when i search for “posture shirt” on some of the other products are not actually shirt products, but devices to wear that pull your shoulders back. something to consider because you can wear those devices with any shirt, but for simplicity purposes, i think you’d be happy with either eba or intelliskin.

      let me know what you wind up purchasing and what you think of it!

    • hey sandra, i haven’t tried intelliskin yet, but it looks very close to eba’s posture shirt/symmetry product line. to be honest, it’s either a copy-cat product, or it’s actually a secondary product line from eba, but done under a different brand name and website altogether. i’ve seen many companies do stuff like that.

      if they are not from the same company, considering the similarity in design, my guess would be that the intelliskin “foundation” shirt lines probably perform very similar to eba’s product

      i’m going to try and find out more deets.

    • hey sandra, i just did a quick check and discovered that intelliskin is (or appears to be) a separate company. the founder of itelliskin, dr. tim brown, actually used to work for alignmed (makers of the evidence-based apparel posture shirt/symmetry line that i tried last year.

      still, i’m surprised of how similar the two products from eba and intelliskin look. not sure what the story is behind all that, but based on everything i know at this point, my guess is that you’ll find similar performance in both products.

  2. Hey all,

    Sorry for bringing up an older topic!

    I was wondering how much slimming effect these shirts offer? If I have a beer belly, will the shirt help hold it in a bit?


    • hey amit, thanks for your question!

      you get about the same amount of slimming with the posture shirt as you would with any other athletic shirt similar to under armour. it’s really more shaping and flattening than slimming, but you do get some benefits.

      if you’re looking for a compression/slimming undershirt that offers some posture improvement, you should take a look at equmen. the posture support is not nearly as good as what you get with the posture shirt, but you do get belly slimming with equmen.

      • thanks for the quick reply!

        I’m actually going to grab the Equmen tank top. Funny enough, they are cheaper to buy in the UK and have em shipped over.

        I’ll let you all know how it goes.

  3. Tug,
    I tried this t-shirt due to my posture problems and found this to be the best “support” undershirt I have ever tried (and I have tried several).
    To let your readers know. EBA will give you a DISCOUNT for multiple purchases (discount increases for larger orders). I just ordered 8 shirts and they gave me 37% off the price ($62 each, regularly $99).
    Thanks for bringing this company to my attention.

    • mark, i totally agree with you here and i’m so glad that you stopped by to provide your feedback on the eba posture shirt.

      it is not very often where a product completely lives up to it’s claims, but without a doubt the posture shirt does with flying colors. when i wear it, my shoulders sit back, i stand up more upright, and walk around with much better posture.

      i was actually just planning on writing a quick review of this product and provide a few more specifics. maybe i can write something up today.

      thanks so much for providing the information about the huge 37% off discount. that’s great information that i’ll include in the review.

  4. I just got 2 shirts from Posture Apparel. If you call them they will give you 20% off, those guys rock. They are the only west coast distributor of the Alignmed Posture Shirt. Go to to get your posture shirt.

  5. My husband got me 2 of these for Christmas and I try to wear them about twice a week. He was always telling me to “stand up straight”. The shirts give me a silent reminder to stand (or sit) up straight. The effect is most noticable when standing and walking. I think I slouch most often when sitting and though it’s still fairly easy to do with the posture shirt on, I don’t because I’m conscious of the shirt and the tension of it when I do slouch.

    The twice a week wearing of them makes me more conscious of my posture when I’m not wearing them. I find them very comfortable overall. The only exception is that the bottom of the short sleeves are a bit tight on my upper arms by the end of the day. I lift weights and sometimes have a problem with other fitted sleeves being too tight too.

    The shirts aren’t cheap, but I think they are very well made and worth the price.

    • hi suzanne! thanks for stopping by and posting your thoughts about the posture shirt. i’m hoping to pick-up one of these soon too and check them out.

      they do sound very interesting! thanks again!


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