Alignment Posture Shirt Review

I’ve been slacking a little bit on my reviews as of late, but I wanted to take a few moments to talk about the Posture Shirt from Evidence Based Apparel.

For those of you in a hurry to find out what I think, take a look at the title of this post, and the following comment I made last month in the comments section of the initial article I wrote about the Posture shirt:

mark, i totally agree with you here and i’m so glad that you stopped by to provide your feedback on the eba posture shirt.

it is not very often where a product completely lives up to it’s claims, but without a doubt the posture shirt does with flying colors. when i wear it, my shoulders sit back, i stand up more upright, and walk around with much better posture.

The Good

  • Bottom line: It works. Yes, the Posture Shirt will immediately pull your shoulders back once you put it on and keep your shoulders in a slightly pulled back position throughout the day. Of course your shoulders are allowed to fall forward a bit, but the active straps (neuro-bands) that keep your shoulders back actively remind you where your proper shoulder position should be. I’m really bad with slouching forward or not standing up straight pretty much all day long, but every time I wear the Posture Shirt, the neuro-bands help pull my shoulders back and I sit, stand, or walk in a more upright position. In fact, I’m wearing it now as I write this post!
  • For the purpose it serves, it’s affordable and worth the $99.95 investment
  • It can be worn under a variety of clothing and is comfortable enough to wear all day long
  • It doesn’t make you warmer when wearing it. I wore it several times throughout the summer, and stayed pretty comfortable regardless of the outside temperature
  • It’s not difficult to put on or take off
  • It looks cool. In fact, I’ve worn the Posture shirt by itself to the gym several times over my Ardyss Abdomen compression tank
  • You get a little chest flattening. No compression in the midsection, so don’t buy this thinking you’re getting a slimming undershirt, because it’s not, nor is it designed for that purpose.
  • They offer a poly/spandex version for active wear and a cotton/spandex for daily wear. Of course you can wear the poly/spandex for daily wear too
  • The product is offered in a Men’s style as well as a Women’s style
  • It’s made in the USA
  • Mrs. Tug notices my improved posture *wink*

The Not So Good

  • The garment can pinch slightly in the front armpit area. You can size up to minimize this, but you won’t get the full posture improvement effect
  • The bottom hem is a wee bit tight, and will roll-up from time to time
  • Because the bottom hem is a little tight, I find it’s best for me to tuck the Posture Shirt into my underwear. Otherwise, my underwear would bunch or get pulled up some
  • The polyester version of the Posture Shirt has a vague rubbery smell to it. Not good or bad, but just an observation

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a posture improving shirt for daily wear or active wear, buy a Posture Shirt from Evidence Based Apparel/AlignMed. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it.

Oh, and you can get discounts when you purchase a bunch. Check with the company for further details.


Sweat Proof Undershirts


Sweat Proof Undershirts

9 thoughts on “Alignment Posture Shirt Review”

  1. Hey Tug,

    Following your review, I jumped on the EB site to order a shirt. On top of the $99 price, they want $50 to ship internationally, making it a $150 t-shirt!

    Are you aware of any other suppliers that would ship internationally?


    • hey rewey, $50 to ship one posture shirt is surely too expensive. a 1 pound package shouldn’t cost too much more than $30, if being sent via a service that has tracking.

      i think you could try two things:
      1. check out intelliskin’s posture shirt and see if they have any better shipping options. the founder of intelliskin was the creator/co-creator of the posture shirt from eba, and the intelliskin products are very similar to eba. the fabric is different, but you get good posture support.
      2. think about signing up for a package/parcel forwarding service like viaddress (, myus (, bongus, shipito, or borderlinx. They’ll give you a u.s. address to use at checkout, then forward your package to you in australia.

      or, you could find a friend in the u.s., have the package sent to them, and then ask them to forward it to you via dhl, usps priority, fedex, ups, or whatever is least expensive.

      let me know what you wind up doing. ok?

      • Hey,

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

        Your comment below says the posture shirt is more pronounced than the EBA shirts, so I’ll see if I can find a shipping service that will help me out. Thanks again for the help – I’ll let you know how I go…


  2. Tug, can you compare the postural effect of this shirt to the Equmen shirts? It sounds like the Posture Shirt has a more pronounced effect, but could you give us a sense of how much more?

    Also, in your tests of the Equmen shirts, did you feel more of a pull from the v-neck vs. the tank top, or was the effect about the same? It seems to me that you’d get more from something with sleeves, but not sure if that’s true.

    • hey py! in complete fairness, the postural effect on the posture shirt is significantly more pronounced. enough to be noticed, but not enough to feel weird or uncomfortable.

      equmen shirts do pull back my shoulders, moreso than compared to wearing other slimming undershirts, but not as much as the posture shirt.

      i just threw on my equmen crew neck and tank top shirts, and can’t tell a significant difference between their postural support. if anything the crew has a tiny hair more shoulder pull back then the tank, but it’s not a significant difference.

      if you’re primarily looking for posture support, i’d recommend the posture shirt. if you’re looking for a combination of posture improvement and slimming/compression, i’d recommend equmen.


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