Men Should You Be Positioning Your Package In Public? (Video)

My pals over at Tommy John have just released a new promotional video.

It addresses the “package positioning” or “sack shuffle” many of us men do when we’re not properly situated in our underwear.

tommy-john-no-adjustment-needed-campaign-weather-man-positioning-his-packageIn reality, if you wear the right underwear, that fits you properly, this shouldn’t be a real issue.

But the fact is that many men still care more about cost than fit, and deal with ill-fitting and feeling underwear.

I no longer settle for wearing sub-par underwear, and I’m glad there are underwear brands out there that are challenging the status quo, by making underwear that feel, fit and function better. This holds true for undershirts as well.

Yes, they may come at a higher price, but I’d rather pay a little extra and be a lot more comfortable, than have to continually re-position my package in public.


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