Polarmax Performance Cotton & XGO Tactical Undershirts. Made in the USA.

When I first heard about the launch of Under Armour’s “Charged Cotton” performance line, I was under the impression that they were the first company to create a product line using Cotton Inc’s TransDRY moisture wicking cotton product.

Suffice it to say, I was dead wrong. A short while ago I was contacted by product rep from Longworth Industries, a North Carolina based company that manufactures made-in-the-USA performance clothing and tactical gear:

Subject: Polarmax & AYG – buzz on Under Armour Charged Cotton and Nike Dri FIt Cotton…

Hey Tug,

Just wanted to chime in on the buzz regarding performance cotton. Longworth Industries, home of the Polarmax, XGO, and AYG brands, is a small, Made in the USA, North Carolina based underwear and base layer company. We have been working in conjuction with Cotton Inc. for over 3 years during the development TransDry Cotton and have different iterations of TransDry cotton available in winter baselayer (Polarmax) and everyday underwear (AYG) for almost 2 years.

We have questioned test results and marketing claims from various companies launching new performance cotton products and feel our TransDry cotton products have the best hand and performance characteristics of any other cotton products in the marketplace to date. We also know we were unquestionably the first to launch this product; however, unlike our competitors, we do not have the marketing horsepower.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Please let me know of your size, as we would love to send you samples of our products and be listed as one of your brands/suppliers.

Thanks for your consideration, and we look forward to your feedback in starting this dialog.


About Longworth Industries

Unlike our competitors (that outsource their processes overseas), all of our designs, sources, production, shipping, marketing and management are handled within a 15-mile radius of West End, NC. As proud as we are of that fact, it also allows us to maintain “hands-on” quality control—ensuring that we continue to deliver the best possible products and value to our most important asset—our customers.

I’m definitely looking forward to trying out some of their stuff. So stay tuned here for more info!


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3 thoughts on “Polarmax Performance Cotton & XGO Tactical Undershirts. Made in the USA.”

  1. They are the BEST. You WILL NOT find a finer group of people than that North Carolina team. I cannot say enough about them or their product.

    Truthfully, when I’m sweating hard, I want XGO next to my skin or I want nothing at all, it’s THAT GOOD !

  2. You will DEFINITELY LOVE IT. I fell in LOVE with XGO when I was first introduced to it at the Modern Day Marine Trade Show several years ago.

    Since the very first time I had it next to my skin, it has been ALL I want to wear when I’m working out, running, or even just working hard in the yard.

    It’s FABULOUS !

    • thanks tom! now that i just wrapped up my munsingwear review, it’s time to look at the polarmax and xgo products! i might even sport one today and give it a test drive!!

      let me say first-off, the folks at longworth industries (makers of polarmax & xgo) seem super great. the person who sent me my samples included a very lovely had written note. very, very thoughtful.


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