Are There Plain White Abercrombie and Fitch Muscle Fit T-shirts? A Discussion About Sueded Cotton.

Have you ever worn a sueded cotton t-shirt? You just might have if you’ve owned any t-shirts from Abercrombie & Fitch or Life Is Good.

Here’s a question from a reader, in search of a plain white A&F Muscle Fit T-Shirt:

Hey Tug!

I need help with the following:

“I love the feel, the weight, the look and the wear of Abercrombie and Fitch muscle fit t-shirt, but I don’t like stuff on my shirts(designs and pics and stuff).

I want this same t-shirt in plain white and prefer v-neck. Can you help? BTW I wear them by themselves w/jeans.”


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Stacy M.

My Response

hey stacy,

good to hear from you and thanks for sending over your question!

by looking at it, you would think the “muscle fit t-shirt” is a just plain crew neck t-shirt. however, there may be a little detail here that provides some insight into why the person below is looking for it.

now, i did a little searching and some product listings show that tee as made with “sueded cotton”.

this is a special type of cotton fabric that has gone through a brushing process to raise the nap and give the fabric (t-shirt) a very soft hand.

from my searching, there appears to be very few companies offering sueded cotton t-shirts, and trying to find one that in a v-neck would be even more challenging.

“sueded cotton” is also referred to as “peached cotton” and  “brushed cotton”, but the process is also referred to as “sanding” as I’m told from one my readers who also is in the fabric making business.

other soft-handed fabrics include acid wash ones, but that’s not the same as sueded cotton.

since i’m not really a t-shirt guy, and more focused on undershirts, i really couldn’t tell you if there are any companies making v-neck sueded cotton t-shirts.

i can tell you that no companies that i know of are making a sueded cotton plain white v-neck undershirt. maybe if your friend does some targeted googling, he might find something?

i which i could be of more help, but i hope the above helps in some way.

Sueded Cotton V-Neck Tee from Covington. Available at

Do You Know Where To Get One?

I did find a Covington brand sueded white v-neck tee over at, but not sure if it’s comparable to the ones from A&F or Life is Good.

If you know of a company offering plain white sueded cotton t-shirts, please let us know about it in the comments below.



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9 thoughts on “Are There Plain White Abercrombie and Fitch Muscle Fit T-shirts? A Discussion About Sueded Cotton.”

  1. After looking around I found the perfect Abercrombie basic look and feel tee. Turns out they are on amazon for 8.99 branded as muscle fit basics.
    Hope this helps

  2. Hi Tug,

    long time no see . sueded cotton T-shirt is not a new item in China. sueded cotton fabric is more soft touch and nice than tradisional cotton T-shirt . but it is more hairy in sight . now consumers like carbonized ( peached) cotton T-shirt more and more. the effect with this finished is no hairy in sight but you can feel it is hairy when you touch the fabric.

    • hi qiuyong!! good to hear from you (:

      is there a difference between “sueded” cotton and “peached” cotton from a fabric manufacturing point of view?

      more specifically, what is the difference between how “sueding” is done, compared to how “peaching” is done?


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