Picky About Your Muscle Shirts? Try This Reader’s Recommendation.

Structure Stretch Muscle

Here’s a great and welcome muscle undershirt recommendation from a reader who happens to be rather particular:

I’m a guy who is very particular about his undershirts.

I like a cotton sleeveless undershirt with a crew neck and no ribs.

Gap made them and then stopped.

Champion/C9 made them and then stopped.

I finally found something after searching for months and wanted to share.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Sears has two new ones (see links).

The dockers one fits nice but a little thick (more outer wear), but the structure shirt is perfect! 95% cotton, 5% spandex, the perfect blend, just the right thickness and fit, I grabbed up 6 of them.

Hope this can help someone else.

Structure Stretch Muscle

Dockers Prostyle Muscle Shirt ($14.00/each)


How to wear undershirts

17 thoughts on “Picky About Your Muscle Shirts? Try This Reader’s Recommendation.”

  1. For the past 4 months I have been going in person to sears calling and checking online on their website. And have no luck in finding the structure Muscle shirts. Any guidance to where I can find them? I’d really appreciate it. My boyfriend has had no luck in finding them anymore.

    • hey carolina – it’s possible that structure is not making them anymore.

      so, you may have to find different muscle shirts for your boyfriend.

      this may sound like a silly idea, but since a muscle undershirt is nothing more than a crew neck undershirt without sleeves, you *could* consider finding another good crew neck undershirt and simply removing the sleeves.

      seems like a pain, but if you can’t find any other muscle shirts that your boyfriend likes to wear as his undershirt, than you may be left with no other choice.

  2. THIS IS GREAT! I had the C9 shirts like so many others on here. I got lucky and bought 8 before they stopped making them. Now years later they are all dead!!!!

    I went to the sears website and BAM, ordered the Structure shirts today. This website is great and it’s awesome to see people who are just as picky as I am. My wife thought I was crazy!

    Between this and getting a white undershirt that has a tight neck I was driving her insane.

      • Well I’m back 2 years later…and struggling again. The Structure shirts worked out great, but I went to buy more today and they are done for!!!! Clearance Item at Sears with no hope of getting them online.

        The struggle is real!

      • oh man, that sucks chuck.

        have you checked amazon for muscle shirts?

        i just did a search and a bunch of options popped up.

      • Hi Chuck! :)

        Have you had any luck in finding structure muscle shirts? Been struggling for the past 4 Months in finding them for my boyfriend.

  3. The Sears link to the Structure shirts appears to be broken, or they are no longer selling those shirts. Any leads, guys, or an update? I love the same style of shirts as Reader, and can’t find them anywhere. Help me, undershirtguy!

    • They are still on Sear’s website. I just bought some yesterday. I used their webite to see what was in stcok. There are plenty. I do like them they are as nice as the C9 onces if not better. They do run long though, whcih is good.

      Just dona search on Sears website.

  4. OH thanks you so much! I was buying the C9 ones from Target, loved them, but Champion stopped making all the C9 undershirts no matter what style. Which, I think was a horrible move. C9 were the best undershirts I’ve ever worn.

    I use the muscle undershirt under my dress shirts. I find it more comfortable in the arms. I need more and have been searching for a month. I never though to try sears!

    You are correct all the brands have stopped making muscle undershirts.

  5. nn undershirt for my father who is 89 yrs old and wants an undershirt muscle type nylon or cotton/spandex to be used under his t-shirts..will appreciate your answer………..

  6. This is exactly the post I have been looking for. Champion stopped selling the undershirt I liked and I needed a comparable replacement. Thank you Reader!


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