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Co-founded by Ashton Kutcher, Angel investor Ryan Donahue (was linkedin.com/in/ryandonahue), and Technology wiz Matt Rowe (was linkedin.com/in/mattrowe9), Pickwick & Weller (orginally on pickwickweller.com) wants to change the T-shirt shopping experience.

Made in Los Angeles California, USA, the modern work-wear line from P&W was launched last August.

Their goal: To make luxury t-shirts for men and women, and make them super simple to try on and buy.

The online retailer has a FREE Home Try-On program — yes you heard that right – FREE.  It works like this:

  1. Pick up to 3 different size, style, and color options
  2. P&W will send them to your door step free of charge, for you to try-on.
  3. Keep what you like, and return the rest
  4. Your credit card is required at order time, but you’re not charged until you decide what you want to keep

Men’s T-Shirt Product Details

  1. The Samuel: Slim & Classic Fit options. Crew & V-Neck. Long Sleeve. 100% American grown cotton. $32
  2. The Weller: Slim & Classic Fit options. V-Neck. Short Sleeve.  100% American grown cotton. $26
  3. The Pickwick: Slim & Classic Fit options. Crew Neck. Short Sleeve.  100% American grown cotton. $26

Visit the Men’s Section of their online store to learn more. They have a really nice, clean, and simple online shopping experience too.


Rules to wearing undershirts

They also have a pretty cool Men’s Survey Tool that walks you through selecting your preferred t-shirt style, but you have to register to see their recommendations. I bet they’re collecting lots of great data metrics with that thing.



Sweat Proof Undershirts

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