Percko Posture Correcting Shirt (Kickstarter)

Posture correcting is become a very popular subject matter.

Nearly every profession I can think of requires people to be in a physical position that can negatively affect their posture, and thus negatively affect their health.

Take for example me sitting here at this keyboard typing this article. Shoulders forward, slightly slouched forward, with one leg up on my chair in an indian style-like position. I clearly am not sitting properly or optimally, and that my friends could likely contribute to some longer-term back problems if don’t take some action.

Enter posture improving products like Percko, which is currently over on Kickstarter.

In just a few days, the new Posture Shirt maker has raised nearly $90,000 (almost 3x their goal).

The Percko is an undershirt lined with tensors in the shape of your back with the idea of good posture in mind.

When you’re sitting up straight, you don’t feel a thing. But when you hunch, slouch or move in any way that’s bad for your back, you’ll feel a slight stimulation in the right direction, letting you know you’ve got to re-adjust.

It does this all without any electronics, you don’t even need a mobile app.

The sleek design aligns to the natural shape of the back, which prevents restriction but allows users to move around as they would throughout the day.

The best thing about The Percko is that it is designed for you to continue to maintain your already existing life style.

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Percko Product Details

One fairly obscure term the company refers to as a key feature in their product are Tensors.

I did a little investigation about exactly what Tensors were, and I’ll have to admit that I was left very confused. So I reached out to the company asking for some specifics as to the make-up of the Tensors and the purpose of the bottom-side “attachment system”.

Here’s their response:


Percko is made of a very thin and breathable fabric, with elastic laminated tensors that cross your fifth lumbar and apply pressure when you slouch.

Not only there are some tensor located on your back and elbows, which when stretched they open your thorax, but also we developed an innovative fabric that is not deformable and vertically emphases your thorax movement.

Thus, Percko second skins are purely mechanical. It is a combination of tensors, which stimulate the posture of its user. No power is needed to make Percko work.

Attachment System

We have developed a user-friendly attachment system that is very modern and allows you to choose the strength of Percko’s stimulation.

Thus, you only have to choose the standard market size you normally wear and once you have your Percko, you can adapt it to perfectly fit you.

It’s much more efficient when you have the attachment system because you can really personalize your Percko to perfectly fits you and provide the best posture.

Additional Product Info

We conducted a clinical study showing that Percko reduces muscle fatigue as they work the right way. You can find all the results here:

Percko can be used everywhere, whenever you feel like using it. So if you feel that wearing it outside might be a problem for you, you can wear it only inside when you are at home. And still, you will improve your back posture.

Percko is made of a very thin and breathable fabric, we can assure you that it is very confortable even for wearing it at home or for playing sports.

Through the development of Percko, we have done a lot of tests to be sure we have the best product possible.

To certify that the elastic and fabric are meant to last, we did more than 300 washing cycles and still Percko was in perfect conditions. We only use very high quality fabric that is produced in France, to ensure you the high possible quality of Percko.

Percko is available in standard sizes, which are the normal sizes. It’s made of very thin fabric so it can easily be hidden. We have very large sizes and there are not any tensors on the stomach.

Posture Correcting Shirts

Percko is not the only player in this field, but they suggest in their Kickstarter that they offer a different (better) solution than some of the posture improving shirts.

There are also products like Lumo and Prana that are offering a different solution to posture improvement.

Those devices use haptics to let you know if you’re slouching.

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