Pelham And Strutt Posture Improving Undershirts

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Pelham and Strutt aims to help you stand taller and eliminate your back pain with their line of compression-wear undershirts and shapers for men and women.

Although not new on the shapewear scene, I recently learned about the UK-based company via a DailyMail article about the company’s posture improving gear.

On the surface, the gear looks similar to other popular men’s shapewear gear, but instead focusing on the slimming/shaping aspect, Pelham and Strutt’s upper-wear items (tops) have a technical design aimed at posture improvement.

Pelham and Strutt Product Line


The line consists of items for Men and Women:


  • Undershirts: Vest (Tank, $60.96), T-Shirt (Crew, USD $76.20), and Long Sleeve (Crew, USD $91.43)
  • Underwear: Trunks (Boxer Briefs, $41.91)


  • Shaping Dress (USD $68.58)
  • Shaping Vest (USD $57.15)
  • Body Shaper (USD $74.67)
  • Shaper Brief (USD $38.10)
  • High Waist Shaping Short (USD $53.34)
  • Bum and Tum Shaping Tights (USD $44.19)

Product Photos

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Rules to wearing undershirts

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Pelham and Strutt Press Release

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4 thoughts on “Pelham And Strutt Posture Improving Undershirts”

    • heya t — good to hear from you and thanks for your question!

      yes, i tried the pelham & strutt posture improving compression/shapewear undershirt a long time ago.

      can’t really say that it improved my posture, but it performed reasonably well in the shaping area.

      if i recall correctly, i believe equmen had slightly better control and pulled my shoulders back some, but again, that was many years ago when i first wrote this article.

      since then, equmen went out of business due to the death of the founder, and pelham & strutt may have improved their product since then.

      though, in looking at the pelham & strutt website, they are discounting their women’s products by 80% and their men’s selection is rather limited.

      maybe they’re restocking — or maybe they are winding their operations down. i really couldn’t tell you.

      are you looking for posture improving undershirts, or simply men’s shapewear?

      • A combination of both would be nice but primarily back support.

        I’m an ER nurse so very busy at work and a back brace is just too bulky.

      • for posture, your best bet is checking out posture shirts/undershirts like the ones from evidence based apparel (eba) & intelliskin.

        you can do the following search on my site to learn more:

        i have both eba and intelliskin and they’re pretty much identical in function.

        that doesn’t really surprise me because one of the original doctors from eba left and created intelliskin (:

        you do get a little smoothing too which is kinda nice.

        outside of that, if you really want to focus on posture, there are some low-profile posture bands on amazon that you may want to take a look at:

        hope that helps!

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