Patented Padded Undershirt Inventor Seeks Licensing Deal from Undershirt Manufacturer

Padded Undershirt for Men
Padded Undershirt for Men from inventory Dorothy Axler

If you work at an undershirt manufacturing company, or work for a department store that has an in-house brand of undershirts, you just might be interested in this patented padded undershirt product.

Inventor Dorothy Axler has successfully patented her padded undershirt and is looking for a partner to help bring it to market.

This product is not to be confused with the Greg Cross “Pump You Up” undershirt I discovered back in 2009, but the premise and concept of Dorothy’s invention is very similar – plus she’s got the idea patented.

Here’s an excerpt from the Padded Undershirt (was website:

While women endeavor to be thin, men strive to look muscular. For some men, this is accomplished more easily than others. For those who have difficulty toning up, or those who simply desire a quick and easy fix, the development of the Padded Undershirt for Men will prove to be an invaluable article of clothing.

Inventor Dorothy S. Axler of North Massapequa, NY has developed an undershirt with padded sections to provide a more muscular look.


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This clever innovation features permanent padding and is adaptable to numerous styles. It not only enhances appearance, but is poised to become a large trendsetter in men’s fashion, filling a missing sector of the market. The use of the Padded Undershirt for Men provides men of all sizes and shapes with a unique method of improving their physique in a manner which is subtle and easy-to-use.

The Padded Undershirt for Men – Patent: US D630,819 S – Patent: US D630,819 S – Patent: US D630,819 S

It goes without saying I was pretty intrigued about the padded undershirt, so I got in touch with Dorothy to find out a bit more information:

Thank you for your interest in my undershirt. It’s always nice when others recognize the merits of one’s ideas.

Three years ago, I began looking for a padded undershirt for men and was surprised to learn that none existed. Eventually I decided to create one and recently received a patent for it. I have specific ideas on how the shirt should be made, but only have the virtual prototype at this point.

Recognizing the many variables that can be applied to create different versions of this type of undershirt (sizes, thickness of padding, styles, materials, etc.), I feel it best to look for a company with the resources to fully develop this concept and bring it to market. I am interested in hearing all offers for licensing my patent. I would like any arrangement to enable me to continue involvement with the development of a product line.

Women have so many options for building up or slimming down their figures, and men so few. I want to create more choices for men. That is why I fervently believe in a padded undershirt for men.

I am encouraged to learn of a site such as yours, and will visit it regularly. I am interested to know what your followers think of my idea.


For those folks interested in getting connected with Dorothy, feel free to email her at [email protected].

Here’s a virtual prototype video of Dorothy’s padded undershirt.


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  1. Hi,

    Did this end up getting manufactured? I’ve been trying to purchase some shirts from Funkybod to resell but can’t get a reply from them. I’d be interested in purchasing some of these if possible. Cheers

    • heya jm — good to hear from you buddy!

      nope, it did not get manufactured.

      have you checked out

      that could be another option to consider if you never hear back from the folks at funkybod.


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