A Man’s Guide to Undershirts

Hey folks, just ran across this blog article that lays one author’s five basic rules about when and why a man should wear an undershirt. Rule 1: Always, always, always wear an undershirt. No one wants to see your man hair sticking out of the top of your shirt. No matter how good you think … Read more

Undershirt Review – Day 8

Sorry for the radio silence over the last couple of days folks. “Mrs. Undershirt Guy” and I were traveling meeting with some more undershirt companies that I’ll be reviewing here in the next couple of weeks. Upon our arrival back to home base, I was pleased to find that all three packages (Tommy John, Vdri, … Read more

Welcome UndershirtGuy.com!

Hi there and thanks for visiting! This blog will be the world’s first and only blog dedicated to the topic of undershirts (and anything related). Sure, there’s information about these topics scattered all over the internet, but why not have all that information in one central place? I think it’s a good idea too. We’re … Read more