Padded Undershirts: Clothes With Muscles

Newcomer is offering a collection of padded undershirts.

First, founder Alexandru Carazanu, a self-prescribed “skinny guy”, created some padded clothing so he could look more muscular and feel more confident.

Next, he then created some padded items for his friend, who was on the heavy side.

He wanted to mask his man boobs and to make him more ripped.

As a result, Clothes With Muscles was born.

Padded Undershirts by Clothes with Muscles

Here are more details about these muscle-enhancing padded undershirts:

  • Website (link) – Bucharest, Romania
  • Price: $30 – $34
  • Style options: Half sleeve (long), Muscle (Sleeveless)
  • Colors: White, Black, Heather Grey
  • Fabric Blend: Unknown (appearance of cotton)
  • Shipping: To USA/Canada $14, To Europe $10, Rest of the world $16

There are also other items of padded underclothing sold by the same company. The site also sells padded underwear ($24), padded thighs ($32), and padded legs (calf, $28)

Padded T-Shirt Photos

Check out the pads on the pectorals, the biceps, and the triceps as well as the nicely shaped shoulder muscles on these white padded undershirts:


A front view of the padded undershirt from Clothes with Muscles.

Since there is some creasing, I wonder whether you could wear it under thinner clothing.

The crease lines may see through another cotton top worn on top of this one.

front padded undershirt with chest muscles from clothes with muscles

Here is the similar padded undershirt in grey and without sleeves. This sleeveless model would work well under shorter sleeves.

In addition, it would fit better fit guys with bulkier arms who only want some more mass on their chest.


In case you are not a fan of working out, these padded undershirts could do the job perfectly. At least until you take one off!

Have you tried wearing them?

If so, let us know how they worked for you in the comments!

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