P3 Men’s Bamboo Undershirt

p3-bamboo-v-neck-undershirtHere’s a rather new find for those of you who like clothing made from Bamboo.

P3 is offering a 100% (not blended) line of bamboo undershirts, as well as other bamboo clothing items:

The original 100% Bamboo T-shirt. 100% Organic and Natural.

The softest most comfortable undershirt you will ever wear – guaranteed! Naturally Anti-Bacterial. Wicks away sweat and moisture from the body. Will not discolor like a cotton shirt. Highly breathable. Softer than even the finest cottons.

Many Bamboo t-shirts on the market are blended with cotton or spandex. We only offer 100% Bamboo, creating the softest t-shirt imaginable. We guarantee it!!

P3 Bamboo Undershirt Details

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