The Quest To Find the Original Towncraft Undershirts

JCPenny discontinues the Towncraft undershirts. But, the brand’s 50/50 undershirts have a huge fan-following. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering where you can get some of those original tees.

Keep reading because you just might find what you’re looking for below!

Looking for an undershirt just like the Towncraft 50/50?

Check out the Retro Fit undershirt line from RibbedTee.

These original Towncraft undershirts were great, but for some reasons JCP stopped making them. From time to time, you may be able to find some on eBay, where they normally sell for $20 – $35 USD.

If you want a little more background on these tees, read below.

— Original Article on Towncraft Undershirts–

Holy moly!

Ever since I mentioned the TownCraft undershirts, I’ve gotten about 50-75 emails from readers who are in search of these undershirts.

While I don’t have any direct personal experience with wearing them, it’s pretty obvious that they must be good!

So, in true Tug form — I’ve begun the quest — the quest to find the last remaining TownCraft undershirts on earth!

If there are any available, I’ll find them.

I’ve emailed friends in the undershirt company business and they have started emailing folks.

I’ve emailed fabric manufacturers, JC Penny headquarters, hell — I’ve even emailed some overseas garment manufacturers in hopes of tracking them down.

I did find some on eBay recently, and the last auction for a package of TownCraft XXL undershirts ends in about 20 minutes!

Now, I could use some help from you.

If you know ANYONE who knows ANYONE who can get their hands on some of the original TownCraft undershirts (not Stafford), please let me know immediately.

They could be left overs from flea markets, extra unsold inventory, etc. I’m sure the folks who have emailed me would greatly appreciate it.

Also, if you used to wear TownCraft, but now have found a suitable alternative, please let us know what you found, by way of posting a comment here.

I’ve got some feelers out in this area as well.

Check back here often (or subscribe to the RSS) on our progress.

I’ll post updates as I receive them!

Update #1 on Towncraft 50/50 Undershirts:

I sent an email out to the folks at Wellman Inc., the company that manufactures the Fortrel® polyester present in the TownCraft undershirt 50/50 blend.

Receiving such a prompt response from the folks there was impressive.

Unfortunately no luck with tracking down TownCraft, but their recommendation was to try out the Fruit of the Loom 50/50 tees which contains the same Fortrel® polyester fabric as the TownCraft.

They also said that they weren’t going to be available very much longer due to a recent announcement that the company is exiting the polyester staple fiber business.

I did a quick scan, and I found some Fruit of the Loom 50/50 tees on Amazon.

Thanks to the folks at Wellman for the information and the quick reply!

Update #2:

Mrs. Tug located a package of TownCraft v-neck medium undershirts.

Details here: Towncraft Update: Towncraft Men’s V-Neck Tagless T Shirts NEW white set available on eBay

Update #3:

This is kind of lame, but expected.

A friend of mine received an email from the JCPenney Stafford Brand Director who said the following:

The Towncraft underwear has been updated and improved… known as Stafford® Essentials Cotton/Poly.

You can find this underwear in stores or online.

Duh, we knew that already.

My friend emailed him back with some additional questions on Monday (10/06) but has not yet heard back from him yet (nearly two days later).

Update #4:

Got an email from a reader who shared the following:

JCPENNY is now selling a new line of Stafford Essential undershirts that have the same 60-40 blend that the much sought after but discontinued Towncraft blend once had.

They are awesome!

I’ve been searching for a long time for a replacement for the Towncraft shirts.

This is it– and quite affordable. I bought 8 v-necks on sale for 25 bucks yesterday.

Pass it on!

Note: This is awesome news, but I have heard from other readers that they have also tried the Stafford Essential undershirts in the past and haven’t found them to be an equivalent replacement to the original Towncraft undershirts.

However, I really couldn’t say if they were talking about the former 100% cotton Towncraft undershirts or their 60/40 cotton/poly blend undershirts.

So for those former 60/40 Towncraft undershirt wearers, if you have also tried the new Stafford blend, please let us know if you are as satisfied with them as this reader!


Confirmed. The new Stafford 60/40 are not a suitable alternative.

I now have some vintage towncraft 50/50 and stafford 60/40 in my possession and they are definitely not the same.

The Towncraft 50/50 is far more comfortable.

Update #5:

A reader might have gotten a line on one of the original 50/50 Towncraft undershirts that is in near new condition – only washed once.

Here’s a picture. Look familiar anyone?

Towncraft 50/50 Undershirts

223 thoughts on “The Quest To Find the Original Towncraft Undershirts”

  1. I found this site about 13 years ago when I had a few extra bucks to increase my Towncraft stack and returning home with what I thought were my usual JCP white undershirts, only to learn that fateful news. I didn’t comment back then. Mostly because I still had about two dozen or so in the active rotation. I immediately quarantined half of them. There was absolutely no price I would have accepted for them. I’m still wearing them from 15+ years ago. They are just now starting to tear out in the armpits and thinning too much to hang on much longer. I have exactly 9 of them left. All in active rotation for many years now.

    I’m admit, along the way, I’ve sampled some others with Haynes Comfort Flex Fit crews being about as close comfort wise as I’ve been able to find.

    Obviously, I’ve returned here for a reason. I’m losing something akin to my oldest friend and it’s like trying to replace your families 15yo Labrador that just passed with a stuffed animal. I would be ok with a new puppy of a similar breed but so far it feels as if no one makes puppies anymore.

    I’m losing hope.

  2. Don’t know where this 60/40, or50/50 came from.
    I’m from 60s Huntington Beach.
    It was 100% cotton Towncraft T-Shirts period. Tight neck heavy tees. When it got cooler we threw on a Pendleton shirt over it.

  3. So I tried to order my husband some of those ribbed tees posted at the top of this article, it seems they are sold out in all sizes with no plan to restock. Has anyone found any other suitable replacement or have word from this ribbedtee company as to whether they will indeed be brining this shirt back?

  4. I purchased a towncraft t-shirt from Etsy without knowing it. It was a striped shirt but the thick collar is what attracted me to it. Well, once I tried it on and saw how the sleeves fit differently than any Tshirt I’d ever worn (they are kinda long, cover just about the entire bicep) I was I love. So I began searching all over, your best bet is probably eBay, I ordered one that 100% cotton and I just ordered a 3 pack cotton/polyester blend minutes ago. Of course a lot of these sellers jack up the prices but you can find some reasonable prices.

  5. Oh Boy, I never knew so many others had this thing about Towncraft Tees. I’m part of the club too. For me the 100% thick cotton was the only Tee period. The blends were/are undershirts and not suitable for outerwear. As pointed out by someone else the Kirkland Signature 100% Cotton is the next best choice. It has the same heavy feel and the thick one-inch wide crew neck. Some others like Carhartt, LL Bean and Lands End have similar heavy fabric but all have a 1/2 inch neck band and perhaps a bigger neck opening. The heavy 100% Cotton fabric plus the one-inch and thick neck band is the winning feature of the original.
    About the lighter weight blends, as mentioned they are best as undershirts if you have on a dress shirt and a suit or sport coat and tie. A thick 100% Cotton shirt in that situation is just too hot. So, both have a place.

  6. Hey everyone, please allow me to share my experience with these amazing TownCraft “wife beaters” aka “a-shirts” or “tank tops”. I know this is a politically incorrect name, but this is what we call them and I’m too old to give a f#€£: I’ll add that I have a problem with clothing and own far more than anyone man should. Wife beaters are a personal favorite garment of mine. I have over a hundred of them.

    So… One day in 2001, my girlfriend and I were shopping at the mall. I casually mentioned that I needed some wife beaters. She got excited and said, OH! Have I got just the thing for you! She then led me in to JC Penny. I was a little bit resistant, because my parents always forced me to shop at JCPenney and Mervyns as a child, and I absolutely hated almost all of the clothing they got me from these places. But I followed her in there anyway. She then proceeds to show me the TownCraft undershirts.

    I was shocked when I saw that they weren’t even 100% cotton. I explained that I only wear 100% cotton, whenever possible. I do not wear polyester. Especially for undergarments. She was adamant that these undershirts were unlike any other. Note the considerably higher than average price. Especially inside JCPenney, a store known for its value. I gave in and we bought two 3 packs of TownCraft 50/50 A-shirts. When I first wore one, I immediately noticed the unique feeling of the material and liked it a lot. What happened over time is the moist impressive part, and what has separated these shirts from any other.

    The more you wash them, the softer they get. They do not break down like cotton, or any other clothing I’ve ever owned for that matter. I only have one left at this time, 22 years later. It is my favorite wife beater by far. It’s still exists! I always wash my clothes on gentle, in cold water, using as little detergent as possible. In a conscious effort to maintain my garments and extend their life as best I can. I also dry them on low, for as little time as possible, or lay them on a large clean towel or hang them to dry. Whatever I can do to take care of it and get it to last.

    Can you imagine a little wife beater being one of the nicest pieces of clothing I own? I have tons of North Face, Gucci, Louis V, Polo, Nike, Jordan and real Levi’s 501s. Even some other brands you may or may not know like Black Scale, Diamond Supply Co. and Cult of Individuality. Point being, a lot of these garments are ridiculously expensive and of exceptionally high-quality. Yet this simple little wife beater is my favorite, mostly for how the material feels, not to mention how it has held up for over two decades!

    Another unique and important feature of this undershirt is that it is a regular size 2X, not even a 2X tall. Yet it comes down well past my waist halfway down my thigh. I am 6 foot 4. Finding clothing that fits can be impossible. Especially in the length. When you go from Large to XL to 2XL, garments mostly only get wider, not longer. That’s when sizes like 2X Tall become very useful.

    This wife beater is super long and has not shrunk. It hasn’t shrunk in any way, that I can tell. That in and of itself is like a winning lottery ticket. That’s one of the main reasons I can’t live without the thing and I’m desperate to find more. I read this entire article but only got to read a couple of the comments so far. I sure hope there’s some more info on where to find these discontinued shirts, or a good replacement.

    Thanks for posting this article. I signed up at almost 10 years ago to be notified when this item comes back into stock. Needless to say, no notification ever came. And from time to time it comes to mind. And so does the sadness… LOL

  7. Tug, Interesting posts, however……You all have missed the true “Towncraft T Shirt”.

    There were a few differences between the true “Towncraft” and the “Towncraft” your speaking of. The ones I wore as a kid in the 60s & 70s in the Beach cities of southern California were 100% cotton, brushed or combed cotton.

    Thick heavy cotton with a tight crew neck, not V-neck. That’s what made them so special. As soon as I got them home from “J.C.Pennys” I would throw them in the washer with a little “Tide” and then the dryer. they were so soft and felt so good.

    In those days I never seen 60/40 or 50/50 it was the real deal. I lost track of “Towncraft” when I joined the army in 72. After I came home I wasn’t able to locate them again. I remember that my drawer at home was full of “Towncraft”. As time went on and I needed T-Shirts there were no “Towncrafts” around, only Staffords.

    I’ve looked for “Towncraft” for almost 40 years. Same Damned thing with 501s. Made in Mexico and not worth a shit.

    You can still buy the original 501s from Levi in San Francisco but there $350.00 bucks. Glen Beck has started a company that makes identical, down to the rivets, 501s. Buys all the ingredients, cloth,thread,rivets and whatever else is needed to make “Levi” 501s, from the same people that “LEVI” buys there parts from, so that he can replicate “Levi” 501s, like they use to be. The cost is still $200.00 a pair. Not bad for the quality.

    Nothing comes close to “Towncraft”. Heavy Duty T-shirts are the best I’ve found.

    • heya kelsey — thanks for stopping by and posting your thoughts.

      towncraft was simply a house brand under jcpenney, and they made several different products under the towncraft brand.

      but, as many people here know, the undershirts that they were making at the time were really amazing products. most people here were looking for the thin 50/50 blend vintage towncraft undershirts, but of course, towncraft made other options as well, like your 100% cotton thick crew neck undershirt.

      as the old saying goes “they don’t make them like they used to” — this holds true with some of these very well made vintage undershirts.

      jcpenney decided to “sunset” (get rid of) the towncraft brand for some reason, and then tried to quietly migrate customers to the stafford brand of undershirts, a new house brand of penneys.

      if my memory serves me right, they started changing the product line up based on customer demand, but that left folks who loved the old style undershirts in the dark, and without a product.

      anyway, there are some companies making thick tight crew neck undershirts/t-shirts. i’ve got a handful of articles here on my site about it.

      here’s one of the articles:

      hope it helps! keep me posted on your search!

    • Kelsey, you are absolutely right. Growing up in Southern California, one of the great pleasures in life was throwing on a clean, thick tight necked 100% cotton Towncraft tee shirt after a day at the beach.

      The ONLY substitute that I have found in the “Kirkland Signature” from Costco & Amazon, but still a distant second to the original Towncraft.

    • Kelsey I was born and raised in beautiful Southern California (Hunting Beach) I would not wear a “T” shirt unless it was a TOWNCRAFT thick as all get out with a pocket bright white 501 Levi’s and Wallabies for shoes the fashion for most of the seventies.
      I had a slight argument with a nice gentlemen at the mall in a T shirt store who tried to convince me that Stafford where and are just as quality oriented ….hhhmmm I beg to differ I told him and if he was to find and wear a Towncraft T shirt he would have to agree with me.

    • Absolutely true. The Towncraft tee’s in Southern California in the 60’s – 70’s were all 100% cotton with a nice tight neck. I seem to remember 2 versions, one with a breast pocket, and one without. The closest I have seen are the Kirkwood brand, sold through Costco & Amazon…… but still not the same.

    • Wow! Brings back some good memories. I’m 63 now. There was no feeling like preparing my 501’s, my white Towncraft, and my Converse for a day. Felt like I could take on the world. I ironed my Towncraft until no wrinkle could be seen! And that beautiful high collar felt so good!

    • I am still not satisfied as to why they decided to retire Towncraft? Everyone I know including my husband and four boys never wore anything else and Stafford are just a cheap version that will never measure up. Poor business decision

      • heya loretta — thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about stafford undershirts (they still call them t-shirts, ugh).

        if you’re looking for something that is close to the original (thin) towncraft undershirts, checkout the retro fit undershirts from ribbedtee.

        jump on their waitlist if get to the site and can’t buy any right now.

    • I too loved towncraft 100% cottoT-shirts, I joined the Army/Marines in 76. JC penny’s was never the same in there products and clothing lines either. To find anything close to Towncraft will cost you🤬and that’s anything close, so in other words….there’s nothing out there to compare.
      Same goes for jeans, everything being replicated cheaper to profit from it. But that’s life people so get used to plugging in that car, self checkouts, no more fuel stations anywhere social technology exploding even bigger….oh!!…and most biggest game changer….Crypto Currency!!!
      By By all credit, debit and gift cards.

    • I’m 74 and from Huntington Beach. We wore 100% cotton Towncraft Tees. Don’t know where this 50-60 crap is coming from.
      Didn’t wear jackets either. When it got cooler out we’d throw on a Pendleton shirt over it.

  8. I too love the Towncraft T shirts that were 60% Combed Cotton 40% Fortrel Polyester. I am down to only one now and nothing that I have found has the soft comfortable feel of this shirt. I am heartbroken that someone made the unwise decision to discontinue these wonderful shirts!

    • Tug, With the amount of people looking for these shirts, maybe you should have these shirts manufactured & sold under your own brand! Looks like you have a ready market!

      • I think the problem is with the Fortrel material. I’m under the impression that it’s no longer made. Isn’t or wasn’t Fortrel a trademark?

    • you guys should scan through the commemnts (:

      there are some brands that are making something similar to the lightweight towncraft undershirts.

      but, fortrel polyester is no longer available so you won’t find something that is identical.

      for those looking for the heavier weight items, you may want to check out the 60/40 from next level apparel you can buy on amazon.

  9. My husband has loved these Towncraft shirts since we were engaged back in the ’90s. I bought him the Stafford ones but they are NOT at all the same as the Towncraft. His old Towncraft shirts are so thin from all the wearings and washings, but I hate to take them away for rags until I find a decent replacement for them. Le Sigh.

    Maybe we’ll try some of the ones recommended here.

    • hey lynn, yeah definitely try some of the recommendations. if i come across anything else similar to the original towncraft undershirts, i’ll certainly mention it here (:

  10. After reading the unsuccessful attempts at finding Towncraft T’s or a close substitute all I can say is “I’m glad I’m not the only one looking”. I’ve held onto a few I bought years ago hoping to buy new but Since I only wear them under dress shirts & cannot buy new Towncraft T’s anywhere I’ll have to keep these good ole boys until they’re rags!

    • no doubt rick. there’s 196 comments here from people interested in those vintage towncraft tees (undershirts), and tens of thousands of people have read this article.

      so, you’re not alone.

      the closest comparable tees/undershirts i’ve come across are listed here throughout the comments. scan through them all and you’ll see some viable options.

      good luck (:

  11. I found this site after googling towncraft 60/40 replacement.

    Towncraft 60/40s are the only undershirt I’ve ever worn, going all the way back to freshmen year of high school (1998). I’ve tried others but nothing ever compared to towncraft. Luckily, I ordered a couple packs of them in 2010 or 2011 before they stopped selling them, but those shirts are now starting to wear out and need to be replaced.

    I read through the suggestions here and it seemed like no one could agree on a suitable replacement, but I think I found one. I ordered a couple different brands of plain white t-shirts on Amazon (one was a 50/50 and the other a 60/40). While the 50/50 was “ok”, it just didn’t feel right. The 60/40 arrived last weekend and I was pleasantly surprised by it’s look and feel.

    I think it’s on par with towncraft, but maybe I’m not as picky as others.

    Anyway, here’s the link to the 60/40 I like. I’m going to order 10 more.

    • heya brian,

      thanks for stopping by and posting the info on the next level apparel 60/40 t-shirt. very cool find indeed!

      i’ve always been a pretty big fan of next level apparel, but it’s mostly been available only available to “businesses” looking to buy them wholesale. i have noticed recently though that they’ve been making them available on amazon, so that’s pretty cool.

      if the 4.3oz is square yard weight, that would bring the shirt in at 145gsm (or gms), which in my opinion is ok, but it’s not really quite as light as the earlier generation towncraft 50/50 undershirts. 150gsm or higher is about t-shirt weight, so 145 isn’t too bad.

      the 60/40 towncraft came in a few different generations, the oldest being the thinnest/lightest and then getting progressively heavier throughout the years.

      i’m definitely gonna pick-up some of these and see what they’re like.

      thanks again for letting us all know (:

      • No problem! Post an update after you try them, I’m curious how they measure up.

        On a side note, the prices have gone up since I posted that this morning. The white shirts were approximately $6.50 each + free shipping, but now they’re $8.95 + $6.99 shipping.

        I should’ve ordered the others already! (I was going to wait until after I washed it to make sure it didn’t shrink). Bummer.

  12. LOL…..there is a large fortune to be made here …..someone get the d…. FORTREL material and cotton and get RICH…what is wrong with the jcp stock holders……..I would be furious!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  13. I would strongly suggest not getting the Retro fit (50/50 and tri-blend) from Ribbedtee. What they DONT tell you is this will shrink about 2 full sizes. I ordered one of these overpriced shirts and regretted it. They are also WAY too transparent.

    • heya mark, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      i don’t know when you got your retro fit tees last, but i’ve had some 50/50 and the new tri blend undershirts, and have not experienced any shrinkage like that.

      did you contact the company about the issue? as far as i have heard, they have always offered refunds or will replace any bad items for free.

      do you want me to forward your comment to the company?

  14. I stumbled upon this website by searching for towncraft shirts. I have both the 50/50 and the 60/40. Ive had mine for about 18 years or more I bought my shirts sometime while in high-school, I am 33 years old and graduated in ’99. I am still wearing the same TC undershirts. I will not wear anything else my family buys me for Christmas or birthdays and have refused any alternatives because they don’t measure up! Its just funny to me that my 60/40s have lasted this long and I need more of them because they are just now starting to show their age. These shirts have outlasted my memory.

    I am astounded that JCP stopped making these shirts. The 60/40’s are more durable than the 50/50 blend but no other undershirt that JCP or Dillards sells can even come close. These are wonderful shirts, comfortable enough to wear under a regular tee shirt, comfortable to sleep in and comfortable enough to lounge around in. I find it hard to believe a shirt like the original tc are so sparse.

    Any way, I remember seeing a pesky ad on my facebook page for Mack Weldon, they have a 47.5/47.5 long staple cotton modal to a 5% lycra blended undershirt. I have no idea how comfortable it is but the search continues. I am uncertain of a single undershirt costing $32. It is just asinine. Even a pack of two shirts for $30 is ridiculous. I’m not made of money! I miss the 3 pack for $18 TownCraft, what a steal!

    Any way, I havent found another shirt close to this and its been sad to watch my shirts degrade little by little knowing there are no more out there like it. The search continues, I was just at JCP and am disappointed. I have already been down that road with stafford, hanes, whatever else there is to buy in a store just isnt the same. They feel like cardboard compared to TC.

    • heya taylor, good to hear from you buddy and thanks for stopping by my site!

      the closest comparable undershirts too the towncraft 50/50 undershirt are the ones i’ve mentioned here before in the comments.

      the only brands that can sell undershirts for really cheap are those that mass produce.

      who knows, maybe one day one of the big guys will introduce an undershirt that’ll compare to the once great towncraft 50/50

    • I googled 60/40 blend undershirts and came across your site.
      I seemed to be having bad luck in the 60/40 undershirt quest.
      I was devastated when Town Craft went away and was somewhat comfortable with the Stafford Essentials classic fit, but lately I’ve noticed that 60/40 blend is now going away and being replaced with a 100% cotton undershirt…
      I was wondering if the 60/40 blend is at least available online? Does anyone have any idea where I can get those?

      • heya luis, good to hear from you buddy!

        jcpenney has been regularly making their stafford cotton blend undershirts, but doesn’t normally advertise its fabric blend. i’m pretty sure those undershirts are 60/40 and they are the later generation ones that are a bit heavier than the early generation ones back in 70s & 80s.

        if you visit, and use their search function to search for ‘stafford cotton blended‘ you will find some options there.

        if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, i do know there are other companies making 50/50 shirts in a similar weight, like the 50/50 white t-shirt from american apparel, and the 50/50 comfortblend from hanes.

        good luck and let me know how it goes (:

      • I finally found a T-shirt that’s the closest to the Towncraft 60/40 blend. I found it at Nordstrom rack in the women’s department. The brand name is Abound and it’s a 6040 blend also. It’s as lightweight as the Towncraft, as long as the Towncraft and is also a V-neck.I purchased it in the extra-large and I typically take a small female teeshirt. It works for me because I use it as a nightshirt and like it loose. I don’t know if this will work for anyone else but I absolutely love the T-shirt. It’s soft and very comfortable. I purchased two and love them both so much I’m going to go back and see if they have another one because it was almost impossible to find one like the 60/40 Towncraft.

      • hey ali, thanks for the intel on the abound 60/40 women’s t-shirt!

        the only bad news about that, is if those tees are at nordstrom rack, they are most likely being discontinued and won’t be available for very much longer.

        if you’re looking for a super lightweight tee/undershirt for a night shirt, you may want to take a look at:
        1. some of the tees from american apparel that have a gauze/mesh weave that are slightly transparent
        2. the 50/50s bdgs from urban outfitters
        3. shirtless undershirts from
        4. retro fit (50/50 and tri-blend) from ribbedtee

        check those out and let me know how they compare to the abound 60/40 (:

        sound good?

      • I have already checked them all out except for the undershirt less and those look like they are not a blend. The others simply do not compare to the abound T-shirt. They’re not as comfortable. I just bought mine a couple of weeks ago so I will return this weekend to see if they have anymore. I still have the old Towncraft so now I have three tees that I can rotate. The aboundare so similar to Towncraft it’s unbelievable. Thanks for your prompt response.

    • heya mark! thanks for stopping by and posting your comment/question!

      word on the street is that the company did a few rounds of prototyping and consumer testing and wound up introducing an improved retro 50/50 fabric starting around june.

      if you want more specific details, my recommendation would be to contact ribbedtee and ask the company to provide additional details and find out if it’s been deployed across all of the line.

  15. I too have been in search for the towncraft…nothing compares too them of course….It doesn’t bother me to say this at all …that JC Penny must have a idiot for it’s CEO….Yes that made me feel better. LOL.

    • heya mitch — have you tried out the american apparel 50/50, bdg 50/50 from urban outfitters, or the retro fit 50/50 from ribbedtee?

      they are all fairly similar to the early generation towncraft 50/50.

    • oh, and yes – i agree. it wasn’t the smartest move by jcp to sunset that legacy line.

      of course they’ll recommend their newer stafford brand undershirts, but the 60/40 blend stafford is really heavy and not at all like the super lightweight 50/50 towncraft of yester-year.

    • I looked and nothing compares to the Towncraft brand I resorted to Dickies poly cotton blend from sears for my husband. JCP is too far away from where I live in BK NYC.

  16. I’m on a vacation trip right now, but took a moment to check on what had happened to my favorite Towncraft undershirts from Penny’s, and found out that I was not alone. I’ll be following through on this more when I’ve returned home. In the meantime, I’ve got a burning question. Has anyone gotten an answer from somebody at Penny’s as to what possessed them to discontinue a highly popular, and I would assume, profitable product? Further, has anyone asked when they might regain their senses, and restore the original Towncraft undershirts back into their stores again? There’s an old saying, “don’t fix something that’s not broken”, and in this specific case, why did they replace a popular and profitable product with, in my opinion, an obviously unpopular and inferior product? However, realizing that anyone and any company can make a mistake, I would hope that they would “see the light” and get the original Towncraft undershirts back in their stores. Otherwise, I wish they would give another company permission to manufacture and put them back on the market. I’ll be watching for some response to my comments.

    • heya doug, thanks for stopping by my site and posting a comment — especially when you’re on vacation! that’s just totally awesome.

      over the years, i’ve had a handful of email exchanges with the folks over at jcp, and when i’ve asked them about the vintage towncraft items, they simply refer me to the new stafford products even though we (and they) know are not the same. in checking through some of the emails from back 3 years ago, my contact there did say they still got requests for them, but didn’t say much more.

      what’s unfortunate is that i never got more clarity than that. i do think they would reach out to me if they had any plans to bring them back, but alas i have not heard from my good friends at jcp recently, with exception to a quick email exchange in january about something completely unrelated. very nice people over there!

      i don’t think they need to give any other company permission to make those vintage 50/50 undershirts, unless of course the company wanted to release them under the former towncraft brand name. since that trademark is still in force and currently owned by jcpenney, i would highly doubt that jcp will give permission to any other company to use the trademark, unless of course that company paid some sort of licensing fee to do so.

      that said, if you scroll through the comments here on this post, you’ll see that some other companies are making comparable products. none of them can use the fortrel polyester that was used in the towncraft 50/50 because fortrel doesn’t exist anymore, but at least 3 or 4 of them regularly stock a similar 50/50 or 60/40.

      if you have any other questions, please ask away. if not, enjoy your vaca buddy and please stay in touch! thanks again for stopping by!!

    • I’m not sure if anyone remembers what the jcpenneys polo undershirt was. Nota tee, not a strap undershirt. I have a couple left but would like to buy more. I can provide pics if anyone is interested.o

  17. I came across a Towncraft tee v-neck. DO NOT know where it came from, but it was in my drawer. May have been from X-husband. Anyway, I gave it to my son and he loves it. Wanted to find more as he loved the length. I did not realize til after we bought other tee’s what brand it was. After doing this research I too am in search of the 50/50 blend. 100% cotton in ANY brand always shrinks. Will keep this website a favorite for further updates. THANKS.

  18. I remember Towncraft 100% cotton T-shirts as being very thick and having a neck him that would never loosen or get stretched out. It was so thick in fact that we used to wear them to high school as our only shirt. They were also great under our button downs!

    • Yes. All this talk about blends and “lightweight” and V-neck is missing the mark of the classic 70s JCP Towncraft tee entirely.

    • heya matthew! have you tried bdg from urban outfitters, retro fit from ribbedtee, or the canvas 3402 distressed? they are all similar to the vintage towncraft 50/50 undershirts.

      let me know if you wind up trying any of those and what you think of them!

  19. Just got a pack of retrofit crew necks from ribbedtee. I have been holding onto about 5 or 6 towncrafts from the early 2000’s (they must have a hundred washes each with no signs of wear, amazing shirts). The retrofit’s are pretty much exactly the same cut as the towncrafts with maybe a little more length which is fine. The fabric is equally as stretchy and comfortable, but unfortunately the retrofit is about 2/3 the thickness of the towncrafts. It appears almost sheer with a more skin tone showing through. I use my undershirts in military uniform where the crew neck is showing so the additional sheer in the fabric is a no go. I can say that if you don’t mind the slightly thinner material, they are very very close to original towncrafts. So close for me but the search continues. Maybe ribbedtee can up the thickness slightly.

    • good stuff eric! yeah, i did hear something similar from one other reader about the retro fit items being thinner than the towncraft 50/50. but i will say that i also learned that there were many generations of the towncraft 50/50 undershirts that ranged in fabric density.

      some of the late-model towncraft 50/50 were pretty thick, and similar to the 60/40 stafford brand undershirts jcp currently makes. some of the vintage towncraft 50/50 undershirts i’ve seen are super-duper thin, and in many cases even thinner than the 50/50 retro fit undershirts.

      then, i’ve also heard of yet other generations of towncraft 50/50 undershirts that were somewhere in between the two thicknesses. based on your description, it sounds like these are the ones you’ve had.

      from a durability point of view, i heard from another reader that the retro fit undershirts will show signs of pilling after about a year of use. while pilling doesn’t physically affect the function of the undershirt, it does so from an appearance point of view. the weird thing about pilling is that i’ve seen pilling on loads of different blended undershirts, from nearly every manufacturer, even the really expensive micromodal ones. but from all accounts, some of these vintage blended undershirts, like your 50/50 towncraft, seem to be fairly indestructible.

      i’d love to know what makes these similar fabric blends so vastly different in durability. i know the vintage towncraft 50/50 undershirts were made with fortrel polyester, which was supposed to be pretty durable and had a softer-hand similar to cotton. i just don’t know exactly why that particular polyester was so much more durable than other types. maybe it’s the way the thread is spun/twisted or something like that.

      for what it’s worth, my guess is that if there’s a way improve the retro fit over time, ribbedtee will do it.

      thanks again for dropping by and posting your feedback!

      • Absolutely love the Towncraft t-shirt. I wear it to bed every night and it’s the only material I can bear to have next to my skin when sleeping. Please keep me posted if anything comes close in quality. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve washed this and the fabric doesn’t have any holes and the seams have help up. Amazing for a t-shirt that is probably a decade old. I might try the JC Penney Stafford blend tee. If I do, I will let you know how it compares to the Towncraft. Btw, my Towncraft looks exactly like the one in the post above.

      • ali, there are different generations of towncraft undershirts. some are a 50/50 blend, others are 60/40 blend, and yes there were some 100% cotton too.

        to make matters more complicated, within each of those blend mixtures, there were different generations. the earliest versions were very lightweight and semi-see through. then some later ones were a bit thicker, then the latest generations were much heavier and similar to the current stafford-brand undershirts.

        through all of my searching, i found a small handful of lightweight blended undershirts that were most similar to the original vintage fairly thin / semi-see through towncraft undershirts. they include:
        1. bdg from urban outfitters 50/50 blend
        2. 50/50 from american apparel
        3. 50/50 retro fit from ribbedtee
        4. canvas 3402, which is a 60/40 blend

        one of my readers was in search of a replacement for his old screenstars vintage undershirt, which was kinda like a middle generation towncraft 60/40 and he said that out of all the undershirts he tried, he liked #2 (the 50/50 from american apparel) the best. but his focus was a combination of comfort and a high/tight crew neck collar.

        my recommendation would be to start with the list above and see which one fits your needs the best.

        good luck and keep me posted!!

      • Thank you for your suggestions. I went online for the Stafford undershirt at JC Penney and they didn’t have it in my size. The Towncraft that I have is the 50/50 blend so I will try one you suggested and let you know how I like it. I read Michelle’s comment below on the pilling. Fortrel polyester must have been the strongest polyester at the time b/c Towncraft has never pilled in over 10 years. I did a quick search on Fortrel polyester and it says that it’s a spun polyester whatever that means. Anyway, it looks like there is a similar polyester around “Cottunique” (trademark name) and it is used in table linens. When you think about it, look how many times tabel linens are washed. Also as far as the pilling I believe I’ve read somewhere that pilling is caused when low quality threads are used.

      • P.S. I noticed that the American apparel tee is the only one that says combed cotton which was also used in the 50/50 Towncraft tee.

      • good stuff ali!

        yeah, i’m thinking that fortrel polyester was the cat’s meow.

        i have seen some 50/50 and 60/40 vintage towncraft undershirts with pilling. but they are also very old undershirts, so for them to look as good as they do after all this time, there is definitely something unique about the materials used in them.

        combed cotton is pretty common so i would assume it’s used in the lion share of undershirts that contain cotton. maybe not in the cheapo-cheap undershirts or t-shirts though.

        do you have an urban outfitters near you? they usually carry the bdg 50/50 in store. maybe you can go check it out in person??

      • I do have an Urban Outfitter near me, but after taking a look at the tee online I don’t really care for it and it’s imported. Ribbed Tee and AA are made in the U.S. Hopefully that still means something these days. I’m looking for a tee that’s long. My Towncraft is around 29 or 30″ long and the only one that seems similar is the American Apparel one.

      • I also just purchased the retrofit crew from ribbed tee for my fiance, who has been holding on to his towncraft shirts for forever. He really liked the feel and comfort and length of the retrofit crew until a few washes, and the retrofit started to pill really bad. So much for finding a replacement for some old, yellowed towncrafts!

      • heya michelle, good to hear from you and thanks for the deets on the retro pilling. i heard that from another reader as well.

        i’m super glad you mentioned it though because i am aware that there is a lot of product development work being done on that product to minimize the pilling. from what i’ve been told, the pilling is a result of the combination of the polyester content and the loose knit weave used in the undershirt. the company is in search of a polyester replacement yarn that is either low or non-pilling. word is that if something can’t be found in polyester, an alternate yarn may be substituted. so stay tuned.

        i’m not a big fan of how a pilled garment looks, but my personal experience has been that i haven’t noticed any fit or feel difference because of it. two of my favorite underwear are pilling like crazy, but i still love the way they feel on me. some of my sock are pilling badly too!

        of course i wish they didn’t pill at all, but it’s something that i’ve noticed a lot lately, in fabrics like micromodal, modal, and viscose from bamboo.

        thanks again for stopping by!!

  20. I need help!!! I am looking for Town Craft V-neck t-shirts. They are the best, they don’t shrink!!!! I am in NV. I have looked everywhere, I used to get them at jcp. They don’t carry anymore.

    Please HELP!!

    • andrew, if you’re looking for the vintage, no longer made, loose-knit weave 50/50 towncraft undershirts – i’m sorry to say they don’t exist anymore.

      jcp did away with the towncraft brand, transitioned it into the stafford brand, but stopped making those super lightweight 50/50 undershirts a while back.

      the closest comparable undershirts today include bdg 50/50 from urban outfitters, retro fit from ribbedtee, canvas 5401 60/40 distressed, and a 50/50 or triblend from american apparel.

      the first two (bdg, retro) are the closest to the vintage towncrafts. good luck man, let me know what you wind up doing.

  21. This blog was an awesome find. Been looking for Towncraft underwear for my dad with no luck. This info. will be a big help. Amazing to see how many customers are in the same boat. Thanks for the tips.

  22. Tug, what is the latest? I have been looking for these tees for no less than 4 years with little success. I have about 20 from 15 years ago and that’s all that I can wear. Are the 50/50 Hanes blends at Target the next best thing that you have found?

    • hey ken, if you’re looking for an undershirt that is a close comparable to the vintage loose-knit weave towncraft 50/50, you ought to check out the bdg from urban outfitters, the canvas 3402 distressed tee, or the retro fit undershirt from ribbedtee.

      the hanes 50/50 is pretty nice, but it doesn’t quite fit and feel like the vintage 50/50 from towncraft.

  23. I’ve tried several alternatives. Nothing replaces Towncraft. JCP destroyed a great brand. The Stafford Essential doesn’t come close to Towncraft. I assure you the decision was made to cut cost. I’ll just deal with the bacon collar. Hopefully they’ll decide to listen to the customer.

  24. My boyfriend has been wearing the same Towncraft 60/40 shirts from when JCP used to make them. He refuses to give them up despite stains and worn collars and holes. He swears that nothing else can compare. If anyone can get their hands on a pack of medium crew necks that would be great. Otherwise, if anyone has found a good alternative, please letme know.

    • hey ms! are the 60/40 towncraft undershirts the loose knit weave ones, or the tight knit. if you email me a close-up photo of the your bf’s undershirt, i can probably recommend a replacement.

    • MS,
      I was shopping in Target and Hanes has new premium t-shirts that are 50/50. My husband loves them that we had to go purchase more because he feels they will stop making
      50 cotton 50 polyester
      I hope your boyfriend will feel the same when he tries them.

      • hey debra! thanks for the note and gotta tell you that i agree with you about the 50/50 undershirt from hanes. i was also at target not too long ago, picked some of those up and find them really comfy and they breathe pretty well too.

        i have to wear mine a little bit more to formulate my full opinion, but i got a very good first impression from them.

        there are definitely some other blend undershirts that may be a suitable alternative for what ms’ boyfriend is looking for, but wanted to hear back from her first about the weave to see if i can narrow down the list for her.

  25. Covington Crew T-Shirt, 6 pack, $19.98 Value Pack

    Sold by Sears Rating 4 (2 Written Reviews | Create a Review ) Create a Reviewclose

    My husband tried the underwear with the 60/40 blend and so far so good.We are now going to try the undershirts. Pass it on to other towncraft customers.

    •60% Cotton/40% Polyester
    •Seamless Collar for Comfort
    •Contoured Armholes provide free and easy movement
    •Non-roll double needle coverstitch construction
    •Shrinkage controlled for lasting fit

  26. I’m really surprised I found this blog. I’ve gone through 9 Towncraft Medium tall 60/40 cotton/poly undershirts. I last found a six pack online a few years ago for $35, but have not been able to locate anymore. I think it was on JCPenny. Mine says Made in Canada. The fabric on them is really interesting. Very tight weave and soft. They are the perfect shirt… and they stopped making them. How is that possible!

    • hey andy, off hand the only other 60/40 blend undershirt that i know of is the stafford (jcpenney) brand. i’m not sure how similar they are to the towncraft 60/40 tight weave undershirts you currently have, but it might be worth a visit to jcp!

      give it a shot and let me know how they compare.

  27. Thanks. I have been looking a long time. I have a few Towncraft 50/50 left, but they are deteriorating fast.

    Please keep me posted

  28. I can’t believe I found a blog about the Towncraft 60/40 blend t-shirts.

    I am a 6′ 2″ tall guy and mostly torso and rather skinny. Through the years undershirts have ALWAYS been a problem for me. They never stay tucked in and I have yet to find a “tall” t-shirt that comes in medium. So I have taken to buying a large and drying the hell out of it then tucking it into my underwear. (which is irritating)

    Anyway, I have signed up to get updates and I hope the comments and helpful pointers keep coming in… this is so great!


  29. I would definitely be interested in round neck XL t-shirts like the Towncraft that Penney’s had. They always quit making them when they last
    long like those t-shirts did.

  30. Looking for the towncraft white t-shirt. We are interested when they become avail. in his size which would be Large-Tall. Not v-neck, just the reg. ones. Can’t believe they are no longer being made, have tried others and just don’t like them as well as these. They weren’t too expensive, from JC Penney.

  31. Have been looking for Towncraft undershirts for about a year. Thanks for the research and please contact me when the clones are available.

  32. I am interested in buying the Penny’s towncraft under shorts with the legs that come down about 4″. These numbers appear on the Towncraft label. D-4400-8 WPL #11935. Where can these be purchased? Thanks, TH

  33. Please let me know when this undershirt becomes available. I got some undershirts from JCPenney, the stafford one, and they are crap. Taking them back.

  34. i am also looking for town craft jockey brief and undershirts. Bought then for almost 4 decades and nothing else holds up like these products!

  35. My husband has worn these for about 30 years! He will be so sad to know he can no longer get Stafford. Hope the news ones being released in 2011 are as nice!

  36. Please let me know when these replacement undershirts are available. The JCP Towncraft brand undershirt is all my hubby wears. I bought him some a few Christmas’s ago, and they are starting to get pretty thin!

  37. Please keep me posted about the clones, I always knew I liked these shirts I never realized that there was such a following or scarcity.

  38. My husband has 2 very, VERY old Towncraft shirts that are so thin I can literally see through them. He won’t stop wearing them because I can’t find anything similar. He wears big and tall sizes and I have to get the tall size. 100% cotton shirts shrink and become too short. I need the 50/50 blend!!!

  39. I need added to the list of seekers of the crewneck, towncraft undershirt-size large. My father has only wore this brand and is in need.

  40. My husband has worn towncraft underwear for 40 years. The last time I ordered them, I ordered several packages. Now he is freaking out. I mistakenly ordered the stafford brand once, and he hated them. I am hoping the new blended staffords will suffice, but I am not holding my breath.

  41. My friend loves these t-shirts and wants them as his Christmas present. Please let me know when they become available. Towncraft t-shirts!!!

  42. I too am looving for Towncraft v-neck white tees & wife beaters for my husband. He has worn them for years & won’t wear any other brand. Any ideas for a 50/50 brand we would try?


  44. Tug, I can’t believe this site. I was born in Laguna Beach Ca. All we ever wore were town craft tee shirts, but not the vee neck. White and blue colored with blue vans. The high collar has never been duplicated. That was back in the late 60’s and 70’s. I have no idea what the material was, but if you ever find any Please let me know! Surf’s up!!

  45. I am amazed at this, recently in NYC, I went to the new jc penneys, to buy my yearly supply and I could not find them, to my horror was told we don’t carry them any more and I told the clerk that I have been wearing these t-shirts since forever and now to hear you say the same thing, totally amazing. Please put me on the list.
    Thanks so much!!

  46. My husband has lost weight and we’ve been going through his clothes to sort out the ones which are too large. We found an unopened package of Towncraft 50/50 white undershirts size 3XL. I believe there are 3 shirts in the package. What are they worth on the market?

    • thanks for stopping by my site and posting your comment! if you’re wondering what your towncraft 50/50 undershirts would sell for, your best bet would be to check out ebay to see what the going rate is for vintage towncraft undershirts in good/new condition. i’ve seen them range from $18 per undershirt upwards toward $40 per. being that the size is 3xl, you might find people willing to spend more for them. best place to sell them would likely be on ebay though.

  47. I have been wearing TownCraft white Tee shirts forever. After JC Penney quit having them, I have tried both Jockey and Hanes crew neck, but both feel like I’m being choked to death. Plus they are heavy material. My next attempts will be Fruit of the Loom and Dockers, If the come in crew neck.

  48. ….opened my last pkg. of Towncraft tees about a month ago…been squirreling them away ’til my current ones were beyond wearable. Please add me to your list.

  49. I am here, because I too am in search of one of those Tee’s. My husband has 2, so ratty, yet refuses to get rid of them. He loves them….uh. Insists on saving them to just sleep in. So comfortable, he says.
    No replacement?, well keep me posted if you find one that comes close.

  50. So, I am in the search for Town Craft tee shirts among the rest of you. My husband’s tee shirts were getting old and I had noticed that he wasn’t wearing any of the new ones that I had bought him recently…Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. I decided to buy some more this weekend and ask him first which ones he preferred, he said the Town Craft ones. Of course, I didn’t find them in any of the stores and that is how I ended up here. He hardly ever asks for anything specifically, so these must be the best. Please keep me informed on what you find out. I would love to keep him some more.

  51. The tight neck on the Towncraft was the best of the best. It didn’t roll down like a piece of limp bacon. They wore “forever”!!! I just wonder why they ever left that design or supplier. If there are any JCP marketeers out there that can answer that, I’d like to hear from them.

  52. I also went looking for these as it is all I will wear. Now seeing I cannot buy them sickens me as I don’t know what to do. I have a few that are pretty thin and old and about 3 that are in pretty good shape. I was hoping to order more from JCPenny but to my surprise… Please add me if anyone can find these or anything just like them. Thank you

  53. Well I am glad to see that I am not alone. I am looking for the town craft a frame/ tank top under shirts. I ask ed my wife to check the stors last month and thought they were just not looking hard enough. I think I have 1 left and it is see through now. i will try the fruit of the loom 50/50 if I can find them.

  54. Please let me know if you find an alternative. Also, has anyone tried these 50/50 Fruit of the Loom shirts? Are they at all comparable?

  55. Please add me to your list, I have one of these that showed up when my laundry got mixed up with an old roommate and I ended up with it. It is by far my favorite undershirt!

  56. Hey, wow what a service you are providing! Not interested in the shirts, but the TownCraft boxer briefs! My husbands are so thin, I think the last ones I bought for him was about 6 years ago. He LOVES them, anyone have any luck finding these. The Stafford that they replaced them with are inferior!

  57. I have 20+ towncrafts from my grandfather but like everyone here they are getting really ratty.  Just bought some of the stafford and will see.  Not getting my hopes up and refuse to throw away the tc’s…

    Add me to the list if you find anything else.  

  58. I have 3 sons and a husband and I need to know if there is a comparable replacement for the Towncraft undershirts as well.

  59. Please add my name to the list as well. My husband loves these shirts and is in need and REFUSES to quit wearing the old ones, which now have holes. He said it doesn’t matter noone can see them. PLEASE HELP !!

  60. Add me to the list. I sure hope you find a replacement. everytime I need new tshirts it seems the company goes out of business or stops making the one I like. I agree the old towncraft 50/50 is the best.

  61. My husband is in love with these shirts. We have soooo many and purchased a few right before they stopped making them, but now he is going crazy trying to find more or a replacement! Please let me know if you ever find any!!

  62. It’s great that you have a site dedicated to this. Undershirts are the most unappreciated aspect of men’s clothing. I’m almost glad I never had any towncraft shirts before since all of these posts really seem to suggest they were irreplaceable. Regardless, I’d love to hear updates for what you recommend.

  63. I am a service member and wore these undershirts and loved them. Stumbled here in a search for more. I sadly must report that I have not found a suitable replacement nor any remaining inventory. I wear XL if you find some please!!! Lets all E-mail JCPenny Corporate and tell them they have made a sad mistake! Maybe a new deal with JCPenny will keep Wellman from leaving the business???

  64. please let me know when you find a replacement for the towncrafts. i just ordered a couple of the Stafford essentials. ill know they are not the same but i will let you know how they are.

  65. Looking for XLXT vee neck towncraft for husband. I cannot find a t-shirt that compares or makes him happy. His are worn out but he persists in wearing them. Also towncraft summer pullover’s in the same size.

  66. I am searching for the Towncraft 50/50 crew neck for my 80 year old Father, this is all he has ever worn, his shirts are falling apart they are so old. I am upset in hearing they are not sold any longer. I will get him the American Apparrel to try, but if you hear of any others put me on your list.

  67. I have one and I wear it all the time…it’s so soft and molds to my body perfectly. It’s my favorite undershirt.
    Please put me on the list as well!

  68. I look so good in towncraft v-neck… i am down to my last one that is getting thin/sheer. I have been praying to God for a good alternative, if not the original.

  69. Add me to your list. My family loves these t-shirts. I’ve been searching for Towncraft t-shirts for months. I cut off a tag and keep it in my wallet to remind me of my search!

  70. please add me to that list….I am down to my last 2 towncraft undershirts and they don’t seem to have much life left in them.

  71. please add me to list i have also unsuccessfully found replacements and am still searching. i am down to my last 2 towncraft undershirts and they kinda have stains on them that don’t seem to be going away only fading lightly. The wear and tear is also another issue, wish JC Penny would make them again. I had been wearing for over 20 years.

  72. My husband somehow came in possession of one t-craft undershirt a few years ago and has begged me to get him some. I looked everywhere. Glad I found your site. Can’t believe they would quit making something that is so popular! Hope you have success helping us find an alternative.

  73. as I sit here in my vintage towncraft 50/50 undershirt writing this comment, todate I have only found two 50/50 undershirts that are decent enough to mention. the problem is that they really don’t have the same cut as the vintage towncraft undershirts.

    the closest match is the 50/50 bdg undershirt/t-shirt from urban outfitters. I have a v-neck from them, but think they might come in crew neck as well. the body width is roughly the same between the medium bdg and medium vintage towncraft I’m wearing, but the sleeves on the bdg are 1.5″ longer and the overall length of the bdg is 3″ longer than on the vintage towncraft. the price of the bdg is $15 each.

    there is also the american apparel 50/50 which has a similar lightweight feel to it, but the cut is very different (and much more generous) than the vintage towncraft undershirts.

    i’ll keep looking everyone, but in the mean time, if you’re interested in being notified when i find a suitable replacement for the original 50/50 towncraft, post a comment here (make sure you put your email address in the field provided) and i’ll put you on my email notification list!!!

  74. Add me to the list of people searching for Towncraft t-shirts for my husband! After many years of wearing them, he has requested some new ones and I am unable to find them. I can’t believe such a great and desired product would be discontinued. Too bad, I will keep looking!

  75. The “Stafford” brand is not the same as Towncraft. I love the Towncraft v-neck tees and my husband loved the Towncraft underwear! The Stafford brand does not hold up as long or as well! Shoot, I still have t-shirts from 15 years ago that are still in freat shape! I was so srry to see that Towncraft discontinued it line of underclothes for men!

  76. I just discovered today that Towncraft tees have been discontinued. I’m devastated! I love these tees, I’ve been wearing them for 20 years. I have six that I rotate through on a weekly basis. I’ve had these particular shirts for at least a three or four years. The pits are badly stained now, but they hold their shape and never tear. Two weeks ago, I came home and found my two daughters wearing them as paint smocks! I decided to go out today to replace them, and I couldn’t find them. I’m really bummed, because it looks like from your site that they are irreplaceable. Can’t JC Penney see the pent up demand? Why don’t they go back into production? Were they too good a product? I made the mistake of buying Stafford once, they’re crap!

  77. Bought a few Towncraft tshirts at Ebay. The 1st t shirt, I paid $19.99 followed by the second at $9.99 It s excellent made. A real vintage tshirt. Nicely snuggled and very thin. Tried it at my local gym and
    been asked where did I get them. Of course being very thin t shirt is like wearing just your skin. My pink peperonies are quite visible to anyone who looks at my chest. In spite of that, love em.
    Still searching for more at Ebay.

  78. Add me to the list of town craft lovers. There 2XL Tall T-shirts can’t be beat. I have 4 left but they are full of holes, but I still wear them.

  79. I am desperately looking for the Towncraft undershirts. the A shirt is what i’m specifically looking for. Can anyone tell me where I may find them… Nothing again I say nothing has compared to the original towncraft shirts

  80. I only have one Towncraft crew neck tee left and wear it on the most important days. Sometimes I just grab a tee shirt to go work out in without looking at it and as soon as I put it on I know it is the Towncraft and instantly take it off so i don’t waste one of its last wears on a workout. I had no idea until today that they weren’t made anymore but I believe it because I have been trying to find them in stores and have tried many stretch fabric new tee’s and haven’t been satisfied yet. Adidas makes the best I have found. years ago my Grandma shopped at JC Penny’s for me for Christmas so that is where I must have gotten a package from. I am shocked this much demand is out there without someone coming up with a comparable product.

  81. My poor husband has been searching with no luck. His are almost translucent! But he will not wear any other brand. If it would help I can send one of his old ones? I’d have to do it when he’s not looking and even then he might notice that one of his prized tank tops are missing.

    My email is: [email protected]

    • hey adalina! there are a couple other posts here on the site (look at the top of this article) that provide a couple leads for folks who have some vintage towncraft undershirts for sale. you should check there first, then if those leads turn up dry, you should keep an eye out on eBay and search for “vintage towncraft shirt” there. i was browsing just now and noticed there are some 70’s and 80’s plain vintage undershirts for sale right now. although, i don’t see any tanks there at the moment.

      thanks for the offer of sending in your husband’s undershirts, but i actually have access to a few of them already and have worn them a couple times. man, do i know what people are talking about when they say how comfortable they are!

  82. Wow, it’s amazing to find out that you are not alone when it comes to the towncraft Tshirts! I have only one crew size 46 left. These are the best Tshirts I’ve ever had!!!
    I like everyone who’d replied would love to recieve the originals if found or duplicated!!! Someone please contact me when and if these Tshirts ever become available at [email protected]

  83. Ha! I finally got around to doing my own search for Towncraft, as they were the most comfortable tees I have ever worn, and stumbled upon this post. I am not alone. :)

  84. I have just been reading through the comments on the towncraft t’s and boxer briefs and I can very well remeber how comfortable the are as I was in a jc penny’s store that had just been remodeled and stumbled upon a 3 pair pack of size 34 boxer brief’s needless to say I picked them up and ran to the checkout immediatly as they were marked as closeout for 5.00 I am wearing them as I speak. If you have ever had a pair of these on you will know what the feeling is like. By the way I am 66 years old and very well know what they were like. I have tried several Pennys stores that were remodeling hoping to find some more like these but no such luck. I have told penny’s clerks that I hate the new and improved stratford brand is the worst fitting, feeling and uncomfortable crap that I have seen. I have tried several other kinds and nothing yet compares to the towncraft brand. IT WAS WONDERFUL.

  85. — tug posted on behalf of a reader —

    Hi Tug,

    I don’t have any 20 year old Towncraft undershirts to use as a pattern! That would be a miracle.

    I have recollection on Towncraft undershirts though because I wore them for years as kid and a teen in the 60’s and 70’s. Most guys wore undershirts, but never as outerwear. The only shirts we could wear to school were collared shirts. It’s amazing to think that the T shirt as outerwear did not exist until the mid 70’s. At that time undershirts were thought of as part of our underwear so we always had one under our collar shirt. For teens white crew neck was the only acceptable choice, that was our own rule, A shirts were never worn at the risk of great teasing.

    Towncraft undershirts were sold by chest size 36, 38, 40 etc. JC Penney must have sold a lot of them since all guys wore them, having all those sizes was economical. I recall only white crew neck, I don’t remember ever seeing V necks or colors. Towncraft also sold what they called the” Polo Shirt”. It was a heavier version. I think this is the shirt that people are thinking they liked so much. It was a very solid shirt, fit snug and the neck did not stretch.

    Eventually T shirts in color came to be common and finally the most comfortable shirt, the T shirt could be worn as outerwear. I think the JC Penney “Polo Shirt” was one of the first T shirts which did become acceptable as outerwear though it took a few years for it to become acceptable. In the late 70’s I started wearing colored T’s, less collared shirts. Towncraft started making the “Polo” in color and with a pocket. I wore a lot of those as outerwear.

    The last Towncraft T’s I had seemed like were losing the original fit. If you do find some vintage Towncraft don’t assume it is the pattern that everyone liked. I’m not sure but what Penney started outsourcing or whatever happens to things like that. I also suspect that people remember them as being more comfortable than they would feel now with all the nice fabric choices we have now.


  86. So, if we send you a sample or piece of the towncraft undershirt you can have it sent in and possibly analyzed and remade??? My boyfriend is pretty attached to his 3 that he has left, but I could try to snag a piece of it. Would that be helpful? I would love to get my hands on some more, because these are really falling apart.

  87. I agree with Richard, I lived in my levi’s 501 and Towncraft 100% cotton crewneck T-Shirts and I have not found anything that compare’s to them yet, I always went to the La Mirada Swapmeet to get my t-Shirts.

  88. Wow! I thought I was the only guy that loved Towncraft T-shirts. It’s good to know I’m not the only one. But what do we do now? One of the notes up the page said that the Fruit of the Loom 60/40 might be similar. Does anyone know anything about that one? Please let me know if you ever get that other company to get something started. Thanks

  89. I’ve read these comments by others about the TownCraft T-shirts and shorts. I agree wholeheartedly with their feelings. I just cannot imagine that anybody producing such a quality product then taking it off the market. So many of us wish to buy this product. Some entrepreneur should wake up and produce it. I have not been able to find anything to take the place of the TownCraft products. The Stafford stuff is really bad news!!!

    • hey edwin, thanks for stopping by the site and posting your comment. based on what I’ve heard, totally agree with you about towncraft. actually, there is a company interested in re-making them, but they need samples of the original towncraft undershirts (unworn and unlaundered) to ensure they can make something similar.

      any idea where they can get some?

  90. I bought the Stafford 60/40 Crew Neck blends and am not satisfied. They are thicker than the Towncraft shirts I bought years ago. I’m still wearing my TC’s religiously to the point that they are begining to be see-through undershirts. JCP screwed this one up.

  91. I bought my son-in-law Town Craft T’s and underwear 2 years ago because that was what I bought my husband for years. I noticed then there was only a small section of them left. I have went everywhere and looked at many different brands of t’s and all are very thin and cheap. So I have decided I can buy a cheap t-shirt anywhere. I might as well buy them at the cheapest price and that won’t be JC Penneys! I am here to tell you the Stafford brand is not even close to quality of TownCraft. I wish I have the email address for the CEO of JC Penneys! I’d give him a piece of my mind! Angry in IL.

  92. Wow i thought i was the only nut who cant find anything as good as Townsend brand underwear. Bring them back please! I only have a few left.

  93. I have been buying Towncraft for my husband and son for 40 years. Now I don’t know what to buy as I brought some last year for them from JCPenny’s and they did not like them. You find something that is good and what do they do to us but dispose of them!!!?!?!?!?! I certainly won’t go back to Penny’s again. Not unless they bring back Towncraft Underwear!!?!?!?!!?

    • hey mreen, it is true that jcp reintroduced the towncraft undershirts as stafford undershirts, but unfortunately their new undershirts aren’t the same as the original towncraft. i’ve never personally seen the original towncraft, but from all the feedback i’ve heard about them, they were really nice undershirts that were soft and held their shape really well. i’m going to make it a personal mission to find a set of original towncraft and see if i can find a manufacturer who will bring them back!

  94. Man, I thought I was the only in distress. I’m looking for Towncraft boxers and Towncraft tank top under shirts. Best shirts ever.

  95. Me too! I have been looking for a replacement for my Pennys Town Craft T shirts. I have looked in several states and even out of the USA. I am currently wearing a Pennys Stafford Tall XL combed cotten made in Pakistan. It is the closest I could find, but it is a distant second to te original. I also remember the Levi jeans and Pendleton shirt. My moter bought me and my brother 7 Town Craft T shirts at the start of each school year The only thing missing is my old pair of Purcell sneakers and I could skate board my way to work at the pier in Redondo Beach again. I can’t imagine someone hasn’t cloned the Town Craft t shirts by now. If not cloned, I can’t imagine why a smart business person hasn’t seen the niche and filled it.

  96. I’m a huge fan of the Towncraft medium T. I bought new ones every two years because of discoloration. Great snug fit, and they don’t presume the same one-size-fits all belly that some t-shirts do, so you end up wearing a muu muu. Really sad to see them go.

  97. Hi, My son and husband also are hooked on the towncraft t-shirts crew neck. My husband has adapted to the new Stafford blended ones that took over towncraft.
    My son however does not like them and will not wear them. I have tried getting other brands to know avail. Now all his t-shirts are digusting grayish I keep cutting them up for rags. I am at my wits end on how to get some of these before he does not have any. If you find any please let me know I would greatly appreciate it…..


  98. Man, there must be something wrong with me. I am posting about underwear. I am looking for Towncraft Boxer briefs. I was very dissappointed to see that JCP discontinued selling them. They have always sold Towncraft, they don’t even come close. I’ve tried Hanes, BVD, Fruit of the Loom, several designer ones. All of them stretch out while wearing to where they feel like regular boxers, that’s not what I personally like. Towncrafts hold there shape and never get loose, I have probably 15 pairs, some as old as 8 years, they don’t strecth out like other boxer briefs. I just would like to start rotating some new ones in. If anyone has a line on them (I need larges), please let me know..

    • hey fishF1, have you ever tried the 2(x)ist brand evolve underwear from target? Or the Jockey 3d underwear? I’ve been wearing both of those pretty regularly lately and have to say i’m pretty impressed. they don’t stretch out and they are very comfortable. not to say they are as comfortable as those good old towncraft boxers (we know how good that brand was), but you might consider them. also, if you haven’t already visited his site, you might want to visit the Men’s Underwear Blog as he seems to be the authority on the internet for underwear – the tug of underwear – although he started his blog before i started mine :)

  99. LB’s description is my memory of the original Towncraft. It was the high-end Penny’s undershirt- 100% cotton, thick, snug crew neck, longer short sleeves, wore like iron. This was the “uniform” in Southern California during the 50’s and 60’s for surfers and hodaddies alike. You wore your plain white Towncraft T and Levi’s, carried your Pendleton (mostly to drape over your girl in the evening cool.) Anyone serious about restarting this brand or commissioning a small quantity please contact me. I’m in. Thanks.

    • hey rich (or anyone else), who has new, unwashed original towncraft undershirts they’d be willing to send me? maybe i can find some company that would be interested in duplicating them and bring back the towncraft undershirts that are loved by so many people!

  100. These are the best shirt I ever had. One day I decided to buy 1, and never stop.(there A–SHIRT WAS THE BEST AND I MISS BUYING NEW ONE’S) Now I had to cause they don’t have them no more. To the guy that want to make them. Would a used one work not willing to give up a new the other guy said I’m going to wear them out. New one’s only coming out on special occasion. (gotta make them last as long as I can). O’yea those stanford are not even close! DISAPOINTED :(

  101. Hello… I am looking for some source to purchase the old style towncrat 50/50 boxer breifs. prodused and sold at Pennys since 1927. A great product. The new Pennys Stafford brand is nothing but garbage. They craw up your hinny, pull to the sides, and the legs crawl up your legs. What a terrible product. Where can we still find the old Towncraft boxer breifs. Please Help….Anyone can reach me at [email protected] with any information on sources for the old towncraft 50/50 blend of boxer breifs. The new Penny’s brand is junkkkkk…..


  102. Hi Craftcrazy! Man, I would love to get my hands on at least ONE of the original towncraft undershirts so I could send it to a fabric company and have them sample it so we can find out what’s in that miracle fabric. Once we find out, we can make some of our own! Anybody have a Towncaft they want to send me?

  103. O.K… I have rebelled against JCpenny’s ever since I was informed that the franchise quit selling the most comfortable tee on earth… I have 5 pitted crafts still in possession that in my opinion are in mint condition… they are about to become fine tie dyed specimens that I will wear till the threads break apart n fall off my body… Please bring back the craft so I can live in comfort n peace the rest of my life… If town craft made every article of clothing I would wear nothing but their apparel… 100% serious…these tees are the absolutely most comfortable flippin tees on the planet…

  104. I grew up wearing Towncraft T shirts crewneck style. Most guys wore white T shirts under their shirts. You kinda had to wear one. The Towncraft Polo was a sturdy thing , it was pretty heavy fabric,the sleeves were really long, the neck stayed good for a long time. I had some lighter Towncraft T shirts too. They were for wearing in warmer weather, those had polyester collars, shorter sleeves, They were pretty tough too and I wore them a lot. Towncraft is long gone.
    Now I usually wear 2xist crew neck. The tight neck band looks good under a shirt, few or no buttons undone though, crew is high on the neck. No doubt by anyone seeing you that you are wearing a good undershirt. Looks and feels really confident with the snug collar sleeves tight on arms and snug fit under my shirt. The 2xist are cotton and light fabric. The ones made in Thailand are the best.

    The Ribbed Tees are pretty good too for a less visible collar. I have some of the crew neck style. They really fit snug, great for sweat absorption in the pits. I wear it under a polo and because of the snug fit the collar is in the same place on my neck all day and not very visible under the polo. Because of the ribs they are warm though and I got a little too hot in it last summer, went back to the 2xist for hotter weather.

  105. My husband wants the Towncraft cotton/poly undershirt, & I found you while
    googling. We don’t shop online, so need a location. Live in a metro area & are able to shop a lot of places, but have found nothing but 100% cotton even in the Stafford brand by JC Penney. He settled for a Fruit of the Loom, but there again, we say nothing that was a “blend”.


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