Nylon Copper Odor Free Gym T-Shirt

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with stinky gym clothes, you may be interested in this new product.

Buffer has created a new odor-free gym t-shirt that utilizes the anti-bacterial properties of copper as well as anti-odor technology to keep the Buffer athletic tee stink free.

What makes our shirts special is that our fabric is electroplated with copper nanoparticles.

When copper oxidizes, it emits copper ions which destroy bacteria. Copper is so efficient in eliminating bacteria that even hospitals use it.

The young entrepreneur’s Kickstarter campaign (link) has raised nearly 62% of their $17,000 goal, with about 14 days left as of the writing of this article.


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Buffer Odor Free Gym T-Shirt

  • Kickstarter Campaign (link)
  • Website (link)
  • Retail Price: $55 (Kickstarter Price: Starting at $34)
  • Color: Black
  • Fabric Blend: 35% Copper Nylon, 50% Nylon, 15% Spandex
  • Fabric Weight: 170gsm
  • Style: Crew Neck
  • Made in: China

buffer-odor-free-gym-t-shirt buffer-odor-free-gym-t-shirt-front

Buffer: Background & Info

Gotta say, I really respect the maturity & tenacity of these 20-something year old entrepreneurs.

After reading through their email, Kickstarter, and watching their initial videos on YouTube, I sent over some questions as well as some constructive advice — which they handled amazingly well.

Here’s the reply I received:

Thanks for the reply! Glad you’re interested in what we’ve got going on.

And seriously, thank you so much for your constructive opinion regarding our Youtube channel. We are just two young dudes doing what we know, so whenever we get feedback, we take it seriously!

I think you point out some very easy to implement changes than can help take that project to the next level.

It didn’t really occur to us how much of sailor mouths’ we have, or how disorganized our office is. As raw and authentic as we want to be, tidying up both a bit could definitely improve the amount of people who take us more seriously.

So thanks again for your feedback!

To answer your questions:

Where Do You Get Your Fabric?

Texolilini was a preliminary option, but we decided to go with a contact that our factory had pre-established. This allowed us to get a more affordable price on the technical fabric, which allows us ultimately to give our backers/customers the best price.

But we agree, the people at Texollini are superb.

Where is Buffer Made?

Again, to give our backers/customers the best price, we are manufacturing our clothing in China. We found them while sourcing fabric actually, and when we found a fabric we really felt strongly about, we asked if they had any recommendations of factories they work with and they suggested our current partners.

We’ve established a great relationship with the folks over there, and they’ve shared lots of photos of their facilities and working conditions, ensuring that they are conducting business ethically and with high quality.

We did however, have the entire design process take place with our pattern/design team in San Francisco.

How Long Did the Process Take?

The entire design/prototype process took us about 3 months. We spent the first two months sourcing fabric and factories, while getting our patterns/designs made simultaneously. We had 3 different iterations of our pattern before we were completely satisfied.

When we finally found a fabric that was tested by SGS, a trusted quality control company, and returned with great results, we moved forward with getting the prototype made which was completed in the final month.

How Did You Guys Come To Start Buffer?

Steven and I (Ryan) met through Craigslist actually. I was working on my own personal entrepreneurship project (a techwear travel apparel company), but I realized I needed some income to 1. survive, and 2. to help fund my project. So I searched for a part-time job with any local e-commerce companies.

I found Steven, who founded MyPrecisePack, his own fitness/supplement/online personal training company, and we clicked immediately. After countless hours, weeks, and months discussing our projects, Steven mentioned the idea of taking some of the technology I was applying to my travel apparel project to a fitness clothing, and that’s how Buffer was incepted.

Other than trying to start our own business, we support and encourage all other entrepreneurs in their endeavors. We’ve both been inspired by other entrepreneurs, which is why we’ve created our youtube channel to hopefully help inspire other “wantrepreneurs”, and to show others you don’t need to be some kind of genius to start your own business.

Thanks again for your feedback and support, Tug! If you have any questions or need something clarified further, just let us know.

Even though there are other copper-infused athletic tees on the market, such as Copper Wear, Tommie Copper, and Copper Fit, I do hope Ryan and Steven reach their campaign goal and wish them the very best in success.

Good luck guys!


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