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Newcomer NVSBL is attacking the visible undershirt issue, similar to long-timer Collected Threads along with other newer players like Albert Kreuz, Mr. Davis, Sloane Men, Sizable, STOKSSON, and any other brands that are offering body-toned undershirts.

The primary concept of an invisible undershirt is that an undershirt that matches your skin tone will be less visible than a white undershirt.

Side Note: While this can be true in many cases, it’s not unequivocally true. There was a recent occasion where I needed to wear a white dress shirt, and I had the opportunity to wear a body-colored undershirt. In my specific case, the body-tone colored undershirt showed through more than a white undershirt. So, I wound up wearing the white undershirt.

The second part of undershirt invisibility is that of the depth of the v-neck. In other words, a v-neck collar deep enough that won’t be visible with one and ideally two buttons undone on your button up shirt.

Neutral colored undershirts do appeal to some, so kudos to the folks at NVSBL who decided to create their product and make it easily accessible to people in that part of the world.


  • Site: NVSBL Undershirts.com.au (link)
  • Price: $23.89 USD
  • Fabric: 94% Modal, 6% Spandex
  • Style: V-Neck (Deeper / Wider, 6″ deep)
  • Color: Tan/Beige
  • Made in: China

I’ve personally tried NVSBL and can say that’s it’s a very nice undershirt, with a good fit, good feel, nice neutral color, and a deep v-neck.


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Couple that with an affordable $24 price point and you get one good-value undershirt.

About the Product:

The product is perfect for all men who have a key interest in fashion – particularly corporates, or lads who like going to the races in the stinking hot summer.

They are designed with premium modal fabrics to be softer, extra breathable and 50% more absorbent than cotton.

They stay out of sight, so we’re pretty comfortable calling them invisible – they’re nude/beige, have a deep v-neck and shorter sleeves, they’re fitted and longer than a normal shirt to make sure that they stay tucked in.

NVSBL Undershirts Photos

NVSBL v-neck undershirts NVSBL body-tone colored v-neck undershirts


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